Building the world's first 'breathing' PC


  1. DIY Perks

    DIY Perks

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    Thanks for all the support everyone! It makes all the effort worth it, and I'm excited to see where the channel is going! If you'd like to support the my work on Patreon you can do so at - and an extra BIG thanks to those giving on there! If you have any questions about this build ask them here and I'll edit this comment with some FAQs!

    • Thirsty


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      Make it inhale and then scream!!!!!

    • TheOrganicartist


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      @alysdexia who shat on your breakfast today?

    • Bobby B

      Bobby B

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      @alysdexia OK grammar nazi, you have fun now.

    • alysdexia


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      @Bobby B nothing to do with grammar, a barbarism of ghrammatics, another word for composition as in handwriting, font, format, spacing, the looks but with lecsis/diction as vocabulary, register, spelling, declension, placement, the meaning, nor with nationalism nor socialism.

    • Bobby B

      Bobby B

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      @alysdexia Really? And here I thought grammar Nazis were out of fashion.

  2. DreamTitanGames


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    top notch

  3. Thirsty


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    Make it inhale and then scream :,')

  4. Rodrigo C

    Rodrigo C

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    this is so cool

  5. omerpk100


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    you forgot wo mention heating before and after system implementation . can you please run PC with out this system so that we can see the difference . thanks

  6. Team Captain

    Team Captain

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    Linus need to see this!

  7. Curlyful


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  8. daisnow sn

    daisnow sn

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    tern this into a product.

  9. Team oRbz

    Team oRbz

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    I've never watched this channel before nor do I know anything about this guy, but his reaction to seeing his masterpiece finally being turned on was priceless

  10. magnum0121984


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    10:19 forbidden cordial

  11. Namy


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    Linus be like: POG Face

  12. black plague exe

    black plague exe

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    all it needs is a efficient and effective air filter into the lungs

  13. black plague exe

    black plague exe

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    W O W

  14. Ario Togama

    Ario Togama

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    I was wondering, a water-cooling system for a breathing system seems good but what if you instead put some passive cooling system for CPU (and maybe GPU) it could had some temp controle on high quick pick performance and be cooled also for high endurance perf. Though it would look way more chunky and be way heavier dude to the massive radiator but it also reduces the sound of the hydrolic pump used in the PC (this is a proposition i'm open to discussion)

  15. Nelvengun


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    I don't know if it's intended or not but the shape is kinda SUS

  16. Dylan M

    Dylan M

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    you could also try shrinking the tubing with heat

  17. Gunbardo


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    I’m just really surprised that this works… 60deg at max loads???? Wtf

  18. C.J.Dingus


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    i wish i could do science experiments with that much presision and elimination of variables, holy crap. good freaking job dude

  19. shoobyskooby


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    This is probably the coolest thing i've seen on the internet

  20. TeslaTech


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    use neoprene for the gaskets

  21. Neill Wylie

    Neill Wylie

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    Youve made something really special thrte. Congrats!

  22. sasquach18


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    I'd be interested to see how long it would take for something like this to wear out when compared to a fan.

  23. FaithfulCoyote 9

    FaithfulCoyote 9

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    Stick it in the wall put some air vents on the wall, and bam. A breathing built in home computer. And if you really wanted to you could have air from the house flow into it and be able to regulate pc temps with the house thermostat. Hahaha. Great video very interesting and extremely creative.

  24. Brandonlm2010


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    i clapped

  25. B S

    B S

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    Maybe im not understanding the concept behind this build but you have liquid cooled the cpu and gpu therefore the 60 degrees is normal underload... making airflow null any gains. Maybe you could of tested the mb temp or ram temp

    • James Thompson

      James Thompson

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      wow, I didn't even realize that until I read your comment. This video kinda sucks now.

  26. Abdullrahman Alghamdi

    Abdullrahman Alghamdi

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    This guy is a living Dr.stone

  27. Brian Howard

    Brian Howard

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    I'm amazed.

  28. Lys


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    this guy is a genius

  29. AvantGardeMC


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    What planet are you from? I'm tryna visit there ASAP!!!!

    • AvantGardeMC


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      Also patent this immediately.

  30. Wiwi GT

    Wiwi GT

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    why not use some duct tape to make the magnet bigger ?? rather than plating the magnet

    • James Thompson

      James Thompson

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      won't last as long, and this project was more about esthetics than anything.

  31. Twigspeaker


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    Now I wanna see how dusty it gets after running for a few years.

  32. snapihansen


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    wait what? he used aluminium instead of brass? i thought i have seen everything :-)

  33. Brennan Guernsey

    Brennan Guernsey

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    Im curious to see what happens if you turn on PBO. My 5950x doesnt produce much heat at all stock, but when you remove the limits and manually tune the PBO settings to get higher clocks, the heat output is nearly double.

  34. Amine hl

    Amine hl

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    this pc breathes even better than my lungs

  35. BluSpykz


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    The fact that it's impractical, but you can and likely will hide it eventually in the wall or floor or something, is just as incredible as the build itself.

  36. Hygino Souza

    Hygino Souza

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    Fantastic! I was thinking, if you in a future improve that with a metallic structure instead wood and put some LEDs to, your PC could be more COOL²!

  37. Benjamin llic Lenin

    Benjamin llic Lenin

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    very nice, but you need a anti dust filter for the inside the mainboard.

  38. M B

    M B

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    Please build a pc with a big slow moving fan (1m diameter) next!

  39. Polocatfan


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    ok thats pretty rad

  40. Zero (or Azure)

    Zero (or Azure)

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    Door pc

  41. Matthew


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    Magets constantly moving inside a PC... I can't help but worry about the hard drive being affected, at the very least. Okay, I spoke too soon. Beautiful and creative.

  42. Zorzi


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    Wow, this is an amazing proof of concept!! Well done!!

  43. New Warehouse

    New Warehouse

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    how to make a breathing pc: no 1: watch diy perks no 2: make it

  44. Fort


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    My laptop going 54° C on CPU (i5 8300H) just watching the video.

  45. Cozmo77837 B.K

    Cozmo77837 B.K

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    i wonder if it is possible to build a 3d printer using the same magnetic system as the "Fan"

  46. Haider Qureshi

    Haider Qureshi

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  47. rehelm3


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    Your name is Reek.

  48. Creepyslacker boy

    Creepyslacker boy

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  49. Joo-foh


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    60 degrees c isn't great tbh. I've put waterblocks on a number of GPU's over the years, including overclocked, crossfire 290X's. All of them have been no more than about 5 or 6 degrees C above the ambient room temperature, when under load. Radiator size and area play a big part in this.

  50. Nartey Music

    Nartey Music

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    buy the m1 bro

  51. Stone Mason Jar

    Stone Mason Jar

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    Electroplating the magnet was a genius move

  52. Abel Levario Jr

    Abel Levario Jr

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    this so cool

  53. Kristian Sonnenberg

    Kristian Sonnenberg

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    Dude, so many great ideas in this! I'll recommend you to the last three people living on an original iron lung needing some spare parts custom-made.

  54. letter foryou

    letter foryou

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    I would love to build something like this but i feel like i would not be able to

  55. kold_fyre


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    OMG duuuuuude.. did u ever skip a science class????

  56. kold_fyre


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    OMG duuuuuude.. did u ever skip a science class????

  57. Your Average White Guy

    Your Average White Guy

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    If you wanted, you could probably attach a monitor to the frame and then add a desk area to it as well. Make the computer the desk itself.

  58. jesús Alarcón

    jesús Alarcón

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    It looks really awesome...but the heat naturally go it will overheat the radiator and won't cool the water good 🤔🤔 perhaps you can put the radiator down and it will be cooled more efficiently

  59. User Unfriendly

    User Unfriendly

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    the great thing about that is that there is no backflow

  60. Nils Cederberg

    Nils Cederberg

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    so would this at all be a practical solution for servers, which can be very loud? perhaps a hybrid solution relying mostly on this breathing system and a fan for the drops in air flow

  61. Yidders


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    i want linus or jay to react to this video so bad

  62. Jean Touaro

    Jean Touaro

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    Can I buy this please.

  63. Mr na

    Mr na

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    Never ceases to amaze



    2 dagar sedan

    The only slight issue is a fly could get in it's mouth and find its way to the brain.

  65. Iakona Sisler

    Iakona Sisler

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    Normal people: man gpu's are so hard to get and they're super expensive Content creators making 1000x more money: so yea they sent this gpu to me

  66. Алексей


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    не рентабельно, пыль попадает все равно проще поставит серверные вентиляторы или радиатор побольше

  67. CheeseBurger Apocalypse

    CheeseBurger Apocalypse

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    would it work if we have the whole system dipped in mineral oil?! and move the mineral oil instead of air to cool down the pc?!

  68. A A

    A A

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    You good man

  69. Nathan Parker

    Nathan Parker

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    Right. I know what my next pc computer is going to look like.

  70. aytuğ bolcan

    aytuğ bolcan

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    PC : i am your father…

  71. Willem De Boer

    Willem De Boer

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    Wow 60c and 62c for cpu and gpu respectively is insane with these components. Bravo sir!!!!

  72. eioshen boboi

    eioshen boboi

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    They've already started breathing and there's still no sign of John Connor yet, I just pray he's alive.

  73. Assassin Tassos

    Assassin Tassos

    2 dagar sedan

    Pleeeease build a diy eGPU dock

    • eioshen boboi

      eioshen boboi

      2 dagar sedan

      has completely and utterly left me in total awe.

  74. Shoyun


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    You are crazy... but in a good way :)

  75. SaStrixS


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    yea thats cool i guess but can it run crysis

    • Musteycraft


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      A 16 core processor won't play it

  76. Christopher Spotts

    Christopher Spotts

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    I desperately want one of these for my own build. It's not terribly practical but wow! What a conversation piece and you can't argue with those performance metrics. Once my situation is a bit more permanent (student at the moment so nothing is static) I'll definitely be emulating this build, albeit with different materials (I've got a different aesthetic going).

  77. SlowPCGaming


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    You can have the exact type of tubing you want made to your specifications from materials far more robust than fragile acrylic that breaks so easily.

  78. Darnel McClary

    Darnel McClary

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    Im sorry but whoever gave this a thumbs down you dumb as hell seriously this is freaking amazing Great job on this build man i please get a build from you this is freaking awesome i really appreciate all your work just freak amazing

  79. Doch


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    I honestly wouldn’t mind having a pc like this if I ever have my own home

  80. John Osam

    John Osam

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    Just Subbed, this is the second video I watched on your channel and I never thought this would be the build video that I would like, it is very experimental, scientific and artistic in a sense that this huge prototype looks beautiful, and aesthetically pleasing. I could see this on my setup.

  81. steamingpileofspaghetti


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    Holy, shit. You need to figure out how to sell this QUICK.

  82. Ryan Joseph

    Ryan Joseph

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    You should open up the psu and remove the fan

  83. Ryan Joseph

    Ryan Joseph

    2 dagar sedan

    Its basically water cooled

  84. Hollow Shun

    Hollow Shun

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    The iron PC!

  85. Solace


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    what if your pc gets asthma?

  86. Nicolás Muñoz

    Nicolás Muñoz

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    What a awesome job mate! greetings from Chile

  87. Anthony Ortega

    Anthony Ortega

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    this is the first time in a few years since I have actually been excited to see something like this. I am learning Cybersecurity science and am also into everything else PC so this has completely and utterly left me in total awe.

  88. Erik Mm

    Erik Mm

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    I wonder how much the micro mobos power delivery helped cpu thermals

  89. Trexadecimal


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    “Hang on, my computer’s lungs aren’t working, I need to fix it”

  90. xpeterCZ


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    It's good, but as a proud PC gamer I think it lacks RGB, I'd add atleast 10 rgb strips. Just put them around... everything, the whole case, the opening air covers, the whole breathing glass thing. If im not blinded by rainbow lights as it turns on its not a real good pc.

  91. Kaley Goode

    Kaley Goode

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    Sounds like a breast pump... Just sayin'😅

  92. Jonathan Osterman

    Jonathan Osterman

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    They've already started breathing and there's still no sign of John Connor yet, I just pray he's alive.

  93. C. Music

    C. Music

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    You Sir have an amazingly well practiced brain. I am in awe!

  94. Kyle Rogers

    Kyle Rogers

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    This was amazing to watch. I enjoyed the nickel issue the most. Let's see what needs servicing first!

  95. Lesswanted


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    You are one step closer to became a supervillain

  96. Timmy


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    What is a 'graphics card'?

  97. JustKeith


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    You can clearly tell how much knowledge and experience this person has. It's astounding how his creativity coalesce with his scientific and life knowledge/experience.

  98. Blaueparteiböse


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    This is such a cool build i really wanna have it :D

  99. Devin N

    Devin N

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    I just stumbled upon this channel and couldn’t be happier

  100. XaviaFH


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    Now I wanna make one of these