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  1. Joe Archuleta

    Joe Archuleta

    2 timmar sedan

    Never seen a turtle move so fast, like his wife called and told him to get his ass home she herd about the other 🐢

  2. Joe Archuleta

    Joe Archuleta

    2 timmar sedan

    The hula whooping dog part was so cool.

  3. DimentionArt


    2 timmar sedan

    The fuc**** cat kill me 🤣

  4. hugojack2005


    3 timmar sedan

    Man! When that guy chopped on his foot! I had chills.

  5. nickname192837465


    6 timmar sedan

    So cool how jeannie was playing darude sandstorm in the end

  6. RblxTV Wilson

    RblxTV Wilson

    7 timmar sedan

    Grocery stores we rotate stock so the freshest stock is in the back and the stuff that expires sooner is in the front so food isn’t wasted

  7. Reactor Raptor

    Reactor Raptor

    7 timmar sedan

    11:24 autobots roll out

  8. LewdGeek


    8 timmar sedan

    That dog Orgie will get demonitized lol

  9. stitches1110


    9 timmar sedan

    I don’t think they realized both buckets of chicken were cake

  10. MarioKart94


    9 timmar sedan

    Didn't know what the song was until Jeannie said the lyrics but I will LIKE ANYWAYS!!! FOR THE PANDA QUEEN!! 🐼

  11. Nadim DaGreat

    Nadim DaGreat

    10 timmar sedan

    Waitup.... That wasn't Johnny had a little lamp?

  12. Jacob Warners

    Jacob Warners

    11 timmar sedan

    When Henry makes a "That's Pane" pun and glances at the cam ;)

  13. Viceroy D

    Viceroy D

    11 timmar sedan

    6:39 Man was trying to go to the nether.

  14. Pablo Hernandez

    Pablo Hernandez

    11 timmar sedan

    The guy at the last video at the end was lucky she didn't take off her shirt I think it would have been game over.

  15. Sumponeigh KnotYew

    Sumponeigh KnotYew

    11 timmar sedan

    I broke up with my fiance because she sat on the hood of my car. Now I'm old and alone; bestest decision ever.

  16. Fluffy Bunny

    Fluffy Bunny

    12 timmar sedan

    It's the "I want Ice creamy, NOW!" song

  17. phantom wolf

    phantom wolf

    13 timmar sedan

    I know both songs

  18. Baron Ashfield

    Baron Ashfield

    16 timmar sedan

    Sit down version of Thunderblades had a real flight mode. Quickest waste of a buck in quarters in my life.

  19. Willy Martinez

    Willy Martinez

    16 timmar sedan

    14:30 was it Pan's Labyrinth Lullaby?

  20. Tobi Won Kanogy

    Tobi Won Kanogy

    17 timmar sedan

    Doggo was just putting the fry back so hooman can eat and bulk up for the doggo's eventual takeover

  21. MRSketch09


    18 timmar sedan

    05:03 What happened? You had a dumb ass who thought "Hey, cutting firewood, looks super easy, it obviously requires no skill!" Kinda like the guy 08:28.. "Hey VR looks easy, anyone can do this.. " *Heads into TV* 12:35 If it'd been a black mans car, he'd probably came out and cold cocked her, for doing that... Getting yelled at for doing something stupid like that, is well not the worst reaction you could get.

  22. adam fisher

    adam fisher

    18 timmar sedan

    I thought my screen was broke around 4:50 lmao

  23. Christian Adams

    Christian Adams

    19 timmar sedan

    If you put a disclaimer before your videos this might help from SE-one messing with you like “this video contains graphic content parent supervision is recommended “ or “ Henry is selling his body “ jk don’t put the second one but still you get it.

  24. Vyn Ashe

    Vyn Ashe

    21 timme sedan

    the american police just pull their gun and unload into the man and the crowd around him.

  25. No Bob

    No Bob

    21 timme sedan

    1:25 I'm with Henry on this one. Henry is a red pill, that is doing his best to tolerate his blue pill girlfriend, cuz he still loves her, despite her being retarded.

  26. raelik777


    22 timmar sedan

    Preeeetty sure whoever bit that hemp soap is a Super Troopers fan. "Bite the soap! Make him look like a dick!"

  27. Superbob Tendo

    Superbob Tendo

    22 timmar sedan

    "Helicopter Jeannie!!!!" lmfao.... instant classic!!

  28. Jay Xhuit

    Jay Xhuit

    23 timmar sedan

    We do “re-staple” the best before dates in groceries stores. “Best before” is a gimmick. Sorry mates.

  29. Adlan Kacak

    Adlan Kacak

    23 timmar sedan

    i wish there`s video of jeannie making music cover by using that music instrument =D

  30. Anthony Carpenter

    Anthony Carpenter

    23 timmar sedan

    Why do they alwasy steal from dollar genera, like of all the places to steal from you pick a discount store? so its pretty rare that an actual arrest is made in a shoplifting incident usually they just get issued a tresspass and told not to come back.

  31. franz supan

    franz supan

    23 timmar sedan

    d-did she just rick roll all of us?

  32. Himiko


    Dag sedan

    I mean in our stores most expiration dates are already printed on the packaging itself and it’s still always like 3 days on stuff that expires quickly.

  33. Van


    Dag sedan

    No idea what the song was

  34. timothy williams

    timothy williams

    Dag sedan

    Oh please I liked the video before the opening was done

  35. eschelar


    Dag sedan

    The orange cat is a "wobble cat". They have a neurological disorder that makes them walk like that. Also hard to exercise. Orange cats are often chubby, so he's chonkers, and when he ATTACKUs, he can't control it properly.

  36. Adrien Lee

    Adrien Lee

    Dag sedan

    6:23 I didn't know there is a 29th month of the year. Wonder what it's called.

  37. STOGIE


    Dag sedan

    4:03 does anyone know the name of this song

  38. Samuru


    Dag sedan

    13:58 Pull out the "business card"

  39. Birki gts

    Birki gts

    Dag sedan

    The paint of that Rolls Royce alone is probably worth around $10-20k. She has the gall to sit on it while she probably doesn't even make that much in a year.

  40. Bryant Velez

    Bryant Velez

    Dag sedan

    The reason why I keep coming back to this channel and love this channel is as follows 1. They leave all controversial topics out 2. They are humble ASF 3. No where near the levels of cringe other couple channels are at 4. Henry is a fucking boss man who loves and cares for Jeannie 5. They are not over the top 6. None of these TikTok challenges or dance moves 7. They live in Seattle 8. Fuck SE-one 9. Certified drama free

  41. Meet Jain

    Meet Jain

    Dag sedan

    I just laugh my ass of when henry looks at the camera after saying something weird or horny😭😂😂😂

  42. corro202


    Dag sedan

    Great video.

  43. Matt M

    Matt M

    Dag sedan

    - Mum, can we have John Wick? - We have John Wick at home John Wick at home: 5:40

  44. Fredrik Thorsen

    Fredrik Thorsen

    Dag sedan

    That's pain... window pain...

  45. ian long

    ian long

    Dag sedan

    My mom got a little bag of blue, decorative soaps because her coworker was having a baby boy. She brought them home and, for some unknown reason, thought they were blue colored chocolates and took a bite. This was some strong soap and I could smell it as soon as I entered the room, how she could put it under her nose without noticing is beyond me. She claimed to still taste soap 3 days later

  46. Leon Ziemer

    Leon Ziemer

    Dag sedan

    HA! i left a like but i dont know which song it is

  47. John Doh

    John Doh

    Dag sedan

    Cat sumo..... i would watch that

  48. K D

    K D

    Dag sedan

    Why do i always get that creepy domineering / subservient vibe off this channel..... like its so full of inequality. he just shuts her up whenever he feels like it. Is it just me??

  49. Nhoyo


    Dag sedan

    sad fact, the girl who stopped the robber at the begging of the video probably received some kind of punishment for doing so in the way she did due to how the us law system is in place the man could sue Walmart fairly successfully for damages to him self since see was representing their will at that point and if not Walmart directly her. As such many large stores have a no resistance policy as they would rather call the police and lose some stock than go through losing money to the legal fees

  50. Jordan Moller

    Jordan Moller

    Dag sedan

    OMG! I DID that stump chop thing when I was a kid! Missed the stump and the hatchet went into my shin....blood everywhere.

  51. Pushpak


    Dag sedan

    But he missed the chance to smash bruh!!!

  52. Munromok


    Dag sedan


  53. Matthew Sykes

    Matthew Sykes

    Dag sedan

    Feck me, that lass in the red undies...... I think I broke something.....

  54. Danny Videos

    Danny Videos

    Dag sedan

    Mther f 1:46 I thought it was a kids channel

  55. Kai has Źəřø Motivation~

    Kai has Źəřø Motivation~

    Dag sedan


  56. darkamsiaaaa


    Dag sedan

    That was bud he was trying to run off with yo.

  57. super magnus

    super magnus

    Dag sedan

    6:26 the top one expires on my b-day

  58. Kurt


    Dag sedan

    They should make it so cars can eject razor sharp spikes so when people go to sit on them you can stab them in the ass

  59. Silver


    Dag sedan

    2:29 It pains me that you didn't recognize that both are cakes

  60. Gabriel Johnson

    Gabriel Johnson

    Dag sedan

    There was an attempt to not say goodbye

  61. Bryan Findlay

    Bryan Findlay

    Dag sedan


  62. Aidan McElligott

    Aidan McElligott

    Dag sedan

    Those kids ain’t miiiiiiiine!!! 11:03

  63. Aidan McElligott

    Aidan McElligott

    Dag sedan

    Bruh everyone knows by now that Aether portals never work smh 6:38

  64. Stephen Hudson

    Stephen Hudson

    Dag sedan

    It would probably help if I can hear the tune

  65. M.C. Turnt House of Tech

    M.C. Turnt House of Tech

    Dag sedan

    5:12 It's times like these I hate being white. I would be visibly red.....like really bad sunburn red.

  66. Mike Louis

    Mike Louis

    Dag sedan

    Axe or Sledgehammer, who's the biggest fail?

  67. Genasis Fusion

    Genasis Fusion

    Dag sedan

    5:38 My theory? Those are young child-sized bite marks. I don't have a good reference for the size but given the personal experience of; A.) Dealing with a bar of soap before B.) Being bitten twice by two different children (little brother when he was teething and a random kid in pre-school) I would say I have a pretty good idea of the size of the soap vs the size of those baby teeth.

  68. Spencer Harmon

    Spencer Harmon

    Dag sedan

    I guess Jenny has never seen a dog chase its tail.

  69. Chris Ward

    Chris Ward

    Dag sedan

    06:45 "That's pain" Yeah, window pane... I'll get my coat

  70. exemida


    Dag sedan

    That failed backflip had to hurt even before he hit the water Ive done one of those on a trampoline before and hurt my back. Ooof.



    Dag sedan

    Stockholm t-shirt Nice några svenska här

  72. The Den

    The Den

    Dag sedan

    Sledgehammers are probably heavier cuz of the offset weight (I think that's the term) its the same thing with a broadsword the way you hold it by the handle makes it a few times heavier (I'm smort boi now apparently)

  73. Phanuell Demarre

    Phanuell Demarre

    Dag sedan

    The first Song Jeannie played on the Kalimba is from one of the Most Traumatic movies Ever made since Watership Down.... It’s the Lullaby from Pans Labyrinth !!!! se-one.info/cycle/Zp6XdqurnG2ibcw/video Credit to @hakarthemage for putting a title to it!!!

  74. Albrat Gaming

    Albrat Gaming

    Dag sedan

    The Sledge hammer... That was funny.. I have had the largest of sledge hammers and the first thing anyone will 1. Tell you and 2. advise against ... is to take it over your head. Always place them over shoulder as you can not control it over your head. Oh also a note... I was the skinniest small looking guy when i was younger. I did not look like I could lift a sledge hammer, let alone swing one. But there is a technique to it and never hold it over your head is one of the most important things. (it the head goes behind you.. it best be part of your swing.) Also You use a sledge hammer a bit like a golf club. Swing, hit and keep swinging. Seen so many people swing and try to stop the hammer at the object you are hitting. Swing to follow through or you waste the point of the hammer. :P

  75. janeiro301


    Dag sedan

    what is the name oof that instrument on gidy's hand at the end? Btw love the vids, they make my day :D



    Dag sedan

    The first song Jeannie played was from the theme song from the anime Vivy Fluorite Song

  77. devon browne

    devon browne

    Dag sedan

    That was Budweiser not coke a cola

  78. Jairyoku


    Dag sedan

    Was that Zackray in the smash clip though? XD he’s a master at his craft hahaha

  79. Michael Lewis

    Michael Lewis

    Dag sedan

    Axe guy was so lucky. Millimeters from losing half his toes.

  80. Ted Powles

    Ted Powles

    Dag sedan


  81. Phanuell Demarre

    Phanuell Demarre

    Dag sedan

    This is absolutely Killing me I DO know that song!!!!!!

  82. Kuichio


    Dag sedan

    In 23 hours, this video made 319k views and 41k likes. The like to dislike ratio is also good. You continue to get video sponsorships. And some how, SE-one keeps giving me ads that feature cursing and half naked women, which apparently would make your videos demonitized... I don't really like seeing these particular ads, often rap music videos, but many of them are much worse than anything in your videos. At the very least, if the ad is smutty/dirty, there is no reason they can't run those type of ads on your videos they demonitized. The ads are proof enough that you two don't deserve that treatment, as they continue to approve such ads. SE-one is obviously eager for the money from such ads, and they are missing out on the revenue from your videos as well. It is bad business. Also, I have to assume that the people at SE-one approving these ads, though in different departments, are higher up than the ones demonitizing videos, or at least understand the regulations better. If they think your channel is a bad influence for their overall ad revenue, what does that say for the ads they decide to run? Ads influence other ads, as well.

  83. rewar


    Dag sedan

    @1:18 DG sells beers, it was a beer run

  84. Mandeep


    Dag sedan

    This was pretty good 😂. I didn’t know Jeannie played the Kalimba👌🏼, would be open to seeing videos on it 👍🏼

  85. Thisisasupersayin3


    Dag sedan

    They're finally putting the subreddit names in the video titles and I appreciate it

  86. Chomp Chomp

    Chomp Chomp

    Dag sedan

    Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up

  87. Ej West

    Ej West

    Dag sedan

    I'm really sorry to hear about the bullshit guys, hang in there you'll pull thru just keep putting vids out, we'll keep watching. A quick tip tho, your new intros are too long and reveal too much IMO. COULD BE CUT DOWN TO LIKE 3-5 SECONDS AND SORRY FOR CAPS.

  88. esajaan


    Dag sedan

    I don't like the spoiler at the start, I usually skip it.

  89. Tawhidul Islam

    Tawhidul Islam

    Dag sedan

    Can you guys make more cooking videos pls

  90. Carter Reed

    Carter Reed

    Dag sedan

    4:08 snorcat used heavy slam

  91. Lawrence Gillespie

    Lawrence Gillespie

    Dag sedan

    I realized that I'll never tire of animals doing cute things.

  92. Alan NS

    Alan NS

    Dag sedan

    14:30 for a moment I thought it was the beggining of faun labyrinth lullaby

  93. HydraTiger


    Dag sedan


  94. Fireoman Gaming

    Fireoman Gaming

    Dag sedan

    Given the state of the world, I'm surprised she didnt get sued for attempted injury to the thief. sad world.

  95. Roy Collins

    Roy Collins

    Dag sedan

    To hit it and quit it. Truly. The turtles.

  96. Marshall Lee Morningstar

    Marshall Lee Morningstar

    Dag sedan

    13:31 he isnt worthy ⚡🔨

  97. Marco Valera mora

    Marco Valera mora

    Dag sedan

    Do you guys remember the “I’m going to jail” button?

  98. Rex JRD

    Rex JRD

    Dag sedan

    Mission failed, we lost one.

  99. Karel Grymonprez

    Karel Grymonprez

    Dag sedan

    04:53 awww, my right eye