The Electrek Uncar is a Goofy Electric Car Built Entirely in Colorado

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  1. Larry Ashmore

    Larry Ashmore

    25 minuter sedan

    Well that was interesting!

  2. Mark Bonenfant

    Mark Bonenfant

    2 timmar sedan


  3. Joseph Soliman

    Joseph Soliman

    2 timmar sedan

    Talk to @100percentjake about his manual Insight!

  4. نادیا نوری

    نادیا نوری

    4 timmar sedan

    I want a manual electric, should I use the sheer unlimited power of The Secret to make that manifest? 🤔👽🙌🏼

    • نادیا نوری

      نادیا نوری

      4 timmar sedan

  5. Hugh Alton

    Hugh Alton

    4 timmar sedan

    Where do folks think the electricity comes from? Duhhh!

  6. Hugh Alton

    Hugh Alton

    4 timmar sedan

    Will people please quit saying electric car create no pollution. It requires more energy per hp to generate the power needed to propell than if you just used an internal combustion engine. People are such morons. You can quote me on that.

  7. Raw Data

    Raw Data

    11 timmar sedan

    It's a strange murican mix of visionary things like regeneration and scrapyardish realization, like the misused hair dryer, the gearbox and the massive wasted space (to get the battery secure and centered!) and so on. I like the car.

  8. PockyFiend


    12 timmar sedan

    I'm thinking of buying one of these pre-Tesla electric cars, and replacing the old motor and lead-acid batteries with one or two modern motors and lithium-ion batteries. I wonder how fast or far it would go.

  9. Welfz Twingo Furs

    Welfz Twingo Furs

    15 timmar sedan

    What an awesome car! For an electric car this old, it seems actually pretty good, minus the bad use of space, The design is quirky but mostly really good looking, and the improvised solutions and re-using parts from other cars, I can't help but think it's lovely

    • Welfz Twingo Furs

      Welfz Twingo Furs

      15 timmar sedan


  10. Nicholas Barton

    Nicholas Barton

    16 timmar sedan


  11. captainjerk


    23 timmar sedan

    I love midcentury toys! :D

  12. Arthran


    Dag sedan

    How difficult would it be to retrofit the car with modern electric car tech?

  13. IIGrayfoxII


    Dag sedan

    Looks like the owner added LED Headlights. The only thing that urks me is the crooked let headlight

  14. Old man

    Old man

    Dag sedan


  15. Justin Reidy

    Justin Reidy

    Dag sedan

    Found this video randomly and immediately noticed that you were in the parking lot of the HS that I lived a few miles from when I was younger, and where I first started to learn to drove. Miss that area 😢

  16. Atari the avali

    Atari the avali

    Dag sedan

    I'll be damned.. a real life cloudy with a chance of meatballs car..

  17. David Joyce

    David Joyce

    Dag sedan

    Is that actual real car behind you yours?

  18. Gibby06MTB


    Dag sedan

    your intro music is really a vibe, keep it forever

  19. John's Technical Channel

    John's Technical Channel

    Dag sedan

    Also known as the birth control car.

  20. J D

    J D

    Dag sedan

    Thats crazy the company that made this went on to sell brushless electric motors prettu recently to rolls royce, boeing, audi, bmw etc... Just gos to show if you keep trying, youll get better

  21. J D

    J D

    Dag sedan

    Manual electric cars are the future for people who truly love driving. The mustang Mach E is so far the only manual electric in recent history. Im excited for more.

  22. Dvieman Gaming

    Dvieman Gaming

    Dag sedan

    Okay now Tesla swap it

  23. Andre Grass

    Andre Grass

    Dag sedan

    A Segway might do better!

  24. Swordopolis


    Dag sedan

    13:45 to see a cat licking itself on national television

  25. Sean Thomas Stewart

    Sean Thomas Stewart

    Dag sedan

    Man Doug got scooped bad on this one 😂

  26. Gerard Gallagher

    Gerard Gallagher

    2 dagar sedan

    I think my hot water pump at home was built by Danfos...

  27. Mike Lamb

    Mike Lamb

    2 dagar sedan

    That thing just goes to show us how desperate the first oil crisis was for the people living back then. Going to that much "engineering" for such a POS is mind boggling to me. I worked with guys who attempted to make dangerous trash like that in school. Total waste of time as far as automotive things go. Makes a funny video for today.

  28. Tommy Lamm

    Tommy Lamm

    2 dagar sedan

    Thank you for making great, entertaining videos, and thank you for not being insufferable like Doug DeMuro.

  29. Mitch D

    Mitch D

    2 dagar sedan

    Sure, it's a little slow, but you can head to work earlier each morning due to the fact that you can leave the house with wet hair and dry it during your commute.

  30. Keith B

    Keith B

    2 dagar sedan

    New Triumph parts are easy to find at a few companies. You could build an entire car with new parts if you wanted to.

  31. Degrelle Holt

    Degrelle Holt

    2 dagar sedan

    I'm rather ignorant about electric vehicles, but does an electric car need a transmission or gear box? I would have thought, in my ignorance, that an electric car wouldn't.

  32. SasquatchMelee


    2 dagar sedan

    When there's only one example of a car that works, it's pretty appropriate that it's called "Unique"...

  33. Lee Gray

    Lee Gray

    2 dagar sedan

    I didn't think the Pacer could get any uglier , i was wrong !

  34. SeaJay Oceans

    SeaJay Oceans

    2 dagar sedan

    A bit of a tech update and some fuzzy dice, and you have an all new Car from USA to take the world by storm ! :-)

  35. Jon VB

    Jon VB

    2 dagar sedan

    I wonder why the owner upgraded to SLAs but never upgraded it to LiFePO4. I mean, that 100 mile range would probably be very easy and you'd drop like 50lbs. I can understand not adding batteries to that waisted space for the sake of keeping the vehicle itself stock... but the batteries.

  36. Gerrad Reynolds

    Gerrad Reynolds

    2 dagar sedan

    the Carn't

  37. wildman510


    2 dagar sedan

    How do you learn about cars like this, I can't find anything about this car that isn't about this specific car

  38. Nicolás Alemán Buendía

    Nicolás Alemán Buendía

    2 dagar sedan

    the hair dryer killed me

  39. Larry Lentini

    Larry Lentini

    3 dagar sedan

    "This might be the first purpose built electric car" The 1800's have entered the chat

  40. Buggin


    3 dagar sedan

    Neat Car wow love the 1974 Camaro Tail lights .can you imagine the poor service manager after thirty of those went out on the road it would be a slight headache .

  41. DeadKoby


    3 dagar sedan

    They tried.... they really tried.

  42. Operat Chick

    Operat Chick

    3 dagar sedan

    This isn't what I was expecting. Why don't car manufacturers give us what we really want, a car specifically for uncles? That's the UnCar I want.

  43. marty west

    marty west

    3 dagar sedan

    Should sell it to Jay Leno

  44. AusWolf1


    3 dagar sedan

    "A lot of electric car companies started with existing cars." - That's how Tesla made their (so far) only interesting car out of the Lotus Elise.

  45. Allen Atkins

    Allen Atkins

    3 dagar sedan

    The all-new Golf Cart!

  46. Seth Bourne

    Seth Bourne

    3 dagar sedan

    AMC Pacer 2.0?

  47. CK's channel.

    CK's channel.

    3 dagar sedan

    Dear Gods, that thing is hideous..... I LOVE IT!!

  48. Matthew Turner

    Matthew Turner

    3 dagar sedan

    Lol can anyone smell them brushes wearing out .

  49. Kenny


    3 dagar sedan

    Every time he said it was designed from the ground up I kept thinking that it looks like they just modified a Pacer

  50. Adam Wishneusky

    Adam Wishneusky

    3 dagar sedan

    This car is AMAZING

  51. Walter Neese

    Walter Neese

    3 dagar sedan

    Kermit the frog here with the electrek uncar. Had to pick a little bit great review man.

  52. B - rad

    B - rad

    3 dagar sedan

    Tesla swap it so that the hairdryer be cranking !

  53. Christian Hansen

    Christian Hansen

    3 dagar sedan


  54. G's up, hoes down!

    G's up, hoes down!

    3 dagar sedan

    Great channel just hope you dont turn like every other pocket change " youtuber" putting ads on the videos

    • G's up, hoes down!

      G's up, hoes down!

      3 dagar sedan

      Nevermind just had an annoying add while typing so this channel sucks as well, enjoy the pocket change revenue

  55. Philip Dubuque

    Philip Dubuque

    4 dagar sedan

    Love that you were so proud of yourself for actually shifting! For a while I actually believed that there is a (theoretical) limit to the supply of bizarre, off kilter, off brand "what were they thinking?!" road vehicles. This video presentation has handily disabused me of such a foolish notion. Well done Robert!

  56. Frankodragon1


    4 dagar sedan

    Wayne: I think we'll go with a little "Bohemian Rhapsody. " gentlemen? Garth: Good call!

  57. SnooPartTwo


    4 dagar sedan

    I have been asking for a car made in Colorado. Well, I guess I got what I asked for.

  58. FantomLightning


    4 dagar sedan

    Uhm... Is Declan single... 😏

  59. prsmccarty01


    4 dagar sedan

    One of my favorite aging wheels episodes so far. Keep on!

  60. Midloran


    4 dagar sedan

    This looks like a car for a cool 90s guy who loves adventure

  61. Jonathan Kaufold

    Jonathan Kaufold

    4 dagar sedan

    I love it . Could you imagine putting 2021 technology in it.

  62. Paul Reyher

    Paul Reyher

    4 dagar sedan

    I know of one more Electric car with a Manual Gearbox, the Opel Manta GSe ElectroMod. It too has a four speed manual, but the car is just an experimental design sadly.

  63. Luca Blight

    Luca Blight

    4 dagar sedan

    It looks like something out of a top gear episode... But hey! it have racing decal!

  64. Mr DeathScrn

    Mr DeathScrn

    4 dagar sedan

    Reminds me of the time Homer simpson designed a car! Just epic!

  65. Nigel Draycott

    Nigel Draycott

    4 dagar sedan

    Consider for a moment that hairdryer, it's 40 years old and still working. Try that with a modern appliance.

  66. Sailing Hexe

    Sailing Hexe

    4 dagar sedan

    uglier than an AMC Pacer

  67. Randall Huston

    Randall Huston

    4 dagar sedan

    More like the Pacervan or the Gremlinvan

  68. nacoran


    4 dagar sedan

    Is that one of the old hair driers that had asbestos? I remember the recall, but I was a kid so I don't remember which brands.

  69. Jeff Yates

    Jeff Yates

    4 dagar sedan

    There can’t be too many Pacers to convert, where’s Mike Myers when you need him…….

  70. richard konsky

    richard konsky

    4 dagar sedan

    I have a yamaha g3 electric golf cart that reminds me of the citi car just a little bit

  71. Paul Blackman

    Paul Blackman

    5 dagar sedan

    al gore rhythm

  72. Bjarni Kwiecien

    Bjarni Kwiecien

    5 dagar sedan


  73. HA_VE


    5 dagar sedan

    Is there a chance you could do a video on a old Skoda? like the 120 or 100. Last i heard, they were quite popular with collectors in the USA, and it was a period competitor to the trabant, but just.. more expensive and less shit. Also more czech.

  74. ArrZarr


    5 dagar sedan

    Watching this, my instinct is to try and work out what a quick change system for the batteries would look like so you could run this at a 24h of Lemons race.

  75. mrnickbig1


    5 dagar sedan


  76. Dave Cruickshank

    Dave Cruickshank

    5 dagar sedan

    It's just a delicious storm of hideously beautiful disaster.

  77. Spriggen 1337

    Spriggen 1337

    5 dagar sedan

    i wonder if u could convert this to newer electric tech?

  78. vapid223


    5 dagar sedan

    Aging DeMuro?

  79. Patrick Brady

    Patrick Brady

    5 dagar sedan

    Maybe stop being a knob, the car is older that you are and has a bit of wear and tear. Do a proper review.

  80. Eric Beltrami

    Eric Beltrami

    5 dagar sedan

    Dude! Tone your voice down. All high pitched like bitch. It's annoying, despite that, I still watch.

  81. Jeebus Christos

    Jeebus Christos

    5 dagar sedan

    13:47 Cat not impressed with youtube channel presenter...

  82. sean DB7

    sean DB7

    5 dagar sedan

    We made an electric 5 speed chevy S10 in college and I can say first gear is amazing for burnouts

  83. CNCmachiningisfun


    5 dagar sedan

    This car is kinda cool, in a scary and ugly sort of way :) .

  84. Student Stunt Driver

    Student Stunt Driver

    5 dagar sedan

    10:40 I just about LOST IT when you turned on and then panned down to the Gillette hair dryer that passed for a windshield defroster. After seeing that, there is just no way that you could convince me that this car was approved for use on US roads, NEVER MIND anyone being the least bit interested in OWNING one of these rolling electric chairs.

  85. Paul Suquet

    Paul Suquet

    5 dagar sedan

    I'm sure someone else has pointed it out already, but wasn't the Honda CR-Z / insight initially an electric car with a manual transmission? There's some of those around.

  86. egn83b


    5 dagar sedan

    Interesting how ev's have come and gone but now everyone wants an ev. Gm cant build a proper ev since they destroyed the ev1 which is suspect. There must of been a patent infringement or some kinda cover up. Makes no sense we dont have two transportation option tell 2012.

  87. Goran Jovanovski

    Goran Jovanovski

    5 dagar sedan

    Had ThatchinesecompanywhosenameIdontknow(causeIdontgiveashitreally) that made the ghastly Mini copy did AMC Pacer copy, this would've been it. This has to be, if not the worst by all standards, car...vehicle...thing both living and dead of all times, then it's in my top.3 for sure! Great review, as usual, and keep'em comin' them reviews of those weird horrid four wheeled things no one ever knew about (and no one knows about'em today)!

  88. Randy Kumpf

    Randy Kumpf

    5 dagar sedan

    Pretty impressive future for the company who has made motors for concept cars such as the Audi A1 e-tron, Rolls-Royce 102EX Electric Phantom and Porsche 911 electric version eRuf Model A.

  89. Brian Meskanen

    Brian Meskanen

    6 dagar sedan

    An AMC Pacer described badly over the phone, with some windows left out and built from junkyard parts. Perfect. Description. 👏 👏 👏 Mic drop moment right there

  90. deltavee2


    6 dagar sedan

    Good to see GrayRace Cat adding what it knows best

  91. erich84502ify


    6 dagar sedan


  92. Will Shepherd

    Will Shepherd

    6 dagar sedan

    hellishly UGLY

  93. Aeon Helendale

    Aeon Helendale

    6 dagar sedan

    I love it.

  94. Skipster04


    6 dagar sedan

    "More throttle, Less hair dryer!"

  95. Turing Eret

    Turing Eret

    6 dagar sedan

    I want to take an Electrek and put modern components in it for funsies.

  96. Evil Foller

    Evil Foller

    6 dagar sedan


  97. DemoScottGaming Lounge

    DemoScottGaming Lounge

    6 dagar sedan

    We sure that’s just not secreatly a electrified gremlin with the back half being the first cargo van

  98. Manny DelaCruz

    Manny DelaCruz

    6 dagar sedan

    This looks like an AMC Pacer screwed a Pinto… and then ate a Pontiac Aztec.

  99. wrangler Dave

    wrangler Dave

    6 dagar sedan

    looks like a amc gremlin on crack