NEW Hyundai Ioniq 5 Review: Tesla FINALLY Meets Its Match? | 4K

Rory's back with a review of the new Hyundai Ioniq 5, an electric car with quirky looks, loads of space inside and some of the most clever tech you'll find on any vehicle. Is it a Tesla killer?

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  1. APT 69

    APT 69

    11 minuter sedan

    Come on man! How can you even dare to say that parking wit you forced to be on a side of the car is like a Tesla? I'm not going to tell you how it sounds hearing you say that, but you should review your script, unless you are a salesman paid by Hyundai...

  2. Martin Jones

    Martin Jones

    13 minuter sedan

    This car looks weird to me. Oddly out of scale proportions. From the thumbnail, it looks cross between a Fiat Ritmo and an Austin Allegro. in other photos, it looks like the Giugiaro Golf of the 70s. Then there's the Espace4 interior details. Don't get me wrong, i love all those cars I mentioned, but here it looks contrived and oddly interpreted.

  3. Timbo Tim

    Timbo Tim

    2 timmar sedan

    I cant wait to be on the market for a new car. This right here is at the front of the line. Homerun Hyndai!

  4. Martin Busler

    Martin Busler

    2 timmar sedan

    Tesla killer, LOL

  5. Indoor Cycling Revolution

    Indoor Cycling Revolution

    3 timmar sedan

    So, you can easily get your car into a tight parking space, making it difficult for everyone else to get in their cars. Brilliant.

  6. David Anderson

    David Anderson

    4 timmar sedan

    If only Mazda would do this.

  7. rlb2444


    4 timmar sedan

    Tesla is still the most dependable source in the market. Made in America is a big deal to me.

  8. SCP Database

    SCP Database

    5 timmar sedan

    When you have to compare it to Tesla rather than Tesla compared to it, then it isn’t an anything killer…

  9. Varr James

    Varr James

    5 timmar sedan

    There's a footrest and it's massive, maybe that's the consequence of having a massive.....

  10. RobertLidstroem


    5 timmar sedan

    Is it only mewho think its a Lancia Delta Integrale in 2021? I want one!

  11. Rudy Nathan

    Rudy Nathan

    6 timmar sedan

    Im sold.

  12. Clearphish


    6 timmar sedan

    Appear to be a very fine vehicle. Thanks for the review. For Tesla to be matched the availability and manufacturing costs also have to be similar. I hope Hyundai is not impeded by low battery supply. In my part of the world the Ionic 5 won't arrive before December and it doesn't appear that very many will be available.

  13. Rjano


    7 timmar sedan

    Saw a black one on the Road in Norway yesterday, think I like the silver better but it was a really good looking car in person.

  14. Moenippus


    8 timmar sedan

    *Nice little car!* I would like to test drive one whenever they are in the USA.

  15. vuaeco


    11 timmar sedan

    I'm in love, mate. I'd buy this over any Tesla.

  16. 0 IQ Noob

    0 IQ Noob

    14 timmar sedan

    0:00 , The intro, lol.......

  17. John Morelli

    John Morelli

    15 timmar sedan

    great car!

  18. Faloo


    16 timmar sedan

    Another electric car I can't afford. Why can't we just get a bare bones simple Electric car.

  19. Frank Ogbonna

    Frank Ogbonna

    18 timmar sedan

    Best Review ever, Thank you for your beautiful analysis. Nice voice

  20. Ronald Garrison

    Ronald Garrison

    18 timmar sedan

    Plus and minus icons. Nice to see they have a sense of humor. But a bit loopy IMO. I don't think even Elon would do that.

  21. Ronald Garrison

    Ronald Garrison

    18 timmar sedan

    Oh, I do love the look of that display. Would have to live with it to see how well it works in practice. OTOH still too many buttons near the display, that they should just suck into that display.

  22. Phycher Karma

    Phycher Karma

    19 timmar sedan

    I was ready to skip when I heard Hyundai pronounced "hai-un-die", but I have to admit this review was pretty solid and actually touched on features I didn't know about. Not too shabby at all.

  23. Prateek Kumar

    Prateek Kumar

    21 timme sedan

    This is some other Hyundai 😱

  24. Haawser


    22 timmar sedan

    'Prepare to want one'... They were spot on. I do now :)

  25. Rene


    23 timmar sedan

    Till now I was against EV.. like I said.. till now! I like it! A lot!

  26. Richard


    23 timmar sedan

    Rory has done by far the best review on this car. Great!



    Dag sedan

    "And even a solar roof that isn't available in the UK, for obvious reasons" I'm not from the UK. Is this a joke about you guys not getting any sun there, or is there something else that I'm just out of the loop on because I'm not from there?

    • Adam N

      Adam N

      6 timmar sedan

      Aye, obvious reasons not so obvious to Australian. Lack of sunny days joke or something?

    • spavatch


      12 timmar sedan

      I second that, I have no idea what these obvious reasons are and I love to learn what stands in the way.

  28. Ashish Ng

    Ashish Ng

    Dag sedan

    The looks of the car steals your heart

  29. R Barnard

    R Barnard

    Dag sedan

    "Tesla Killer" is so 2010's. Lol But I like the innovations in this car. The seat's adjustability, the ability to supply power (even charging another siphoning gas to help someone out).

  30. Ana Maria

    Ana Maria

    Dag sedan

    it looks like a grown up honda e

  31. Tom Smith

    Tom Smith

    Dag sedan

    Cute but not in the same class as Tesla. Range, nationwide charging network, service, etc.

  32. Mo Bey

    Mo Bey

    Dag sedan

    Just wish it had 7 seats

  33. Osa Cha

    Osa Cha

    Dag sedan




    Dag sedan

    Hello there May I know the name of the music playing at the end of your review?

  35. F1Barry


    Dag sedan

    Another over expensive vehicle that only the rich can afford. Just wait for the Chinese EVs which will be much cheaper and better.

  36. Een google gebruiker

    Een google gebruiker

    Dag sedan

    This car is so much better than a Tesla! And who would have thought Hyundai would ever make a Tesla killer.

  37. Mark C

    Mark C

    Dag sedan

    All car reviews should mention the price...£36,995 - £49,640 !

  38. LM


    Dag sedan

    A DeLorean for mum! Zorro...look it up! lol!

  39. Palm Beach Ketoers

    Palm Beach Ketoers

    Dag sedan


  40. Jai Rum

    Jai Rum

    Dag sedan

    Fluorescent lime green shoes. Yeck.

    • Jai Rum

      Jai Rum

      Dag sedan

      Why blacks like neon shoes?

  41. William Bradshaw

    William Bradshaw

    Dag sedan

    Tesla meets its match? ROFL

  42. Ish TheFish

    Ish TheFish

    Dag sedan

    Imagine cracking your windshield make sure you get that extended warranty lmao

  43. Sam Mirza

    Sam Mirza

    Dag sedan

    apart from the interior, I think it's nice and different!

  44. Cory Elliott Burke

    Cory Elliott Burke

    Dag sedan

    Great review! Enthusiastic presentation and overall just a very nice job providing details with a few splashes of humor as well. Laughed at the hedging the neighbors bit. I love the design of this car and have watched numerous videos on it already. Can't wait to test drive one myself! Cheers

  45. Jason Garrett

    Jason Garrett

    Dag sedan

    Oh no not another Tesla killer. Every time EV company comes out it’s about it being a Tesla killer. Tesla is the standard and the standard is high...

    • Celeste Celeste

      Celeste Celeste

      Dag sedan

      Saying Tesla is the standard for EVs is like saying Iphones are the standard for phones. It's simply stupid or fanboy talk. I'm happy that the EV market is now big enough for competition and innovation. Trying things and being different is a very good sign of an healthy market. Can't we all agree that people have different needs and tastes without shitting on others ?

  46. dougie miller

    dougie miller

    Dag sedan

    What a great looking car. If I could afford one, it would definitely be top of my list. On a side point, I particularly liked the fact that the brake lights came on when he was manoeuvring the car on its own. I was behind a Renault Zoe a few weeks back. I was towing my caravan so was a decent distance from it doing about 25mph. The Zoe was a '19 plate. The driver had they're indicator on to turn right for a wee while. Then the car slowed and all but stopped very quickly for a right turn at an entrance to a housing estate - all without any brake lights coming on at all! I had to brake sharply and if I hadn't been so far back I would have definitely hit it. I'm presuming it was the regen brakes doing it, like 1 pedal driving, but unless the car was faulty, then this is very dangerous.

  47. HillStart


    Dag sedan

    ‘Mercedes-Benz inspired’ says it all really. Why get a merc when you can get this for half the price?

  48. Nate Hill

    Nate Hill

    Dag sedan

    My only question now is do I prefer the EV6 or the I5. Probably whichever one becomes available first!

  49. Doug BM

    Doug BM

    Dag sedan

    It's too big... and that door slash (and wheel arch)... ugh. Otherwise, nice. 😅

  50. bluecole2


    Dag sedan

    lol the presenter in funny but it's not a Tesla killer but a Tesla inspired.

    • Celeste Celeste

      Celeste Celeste

      Dag sedan

      maybe ... Does that mean that the first car maker that found out that round wheels is the best should be the only one to use it ? if something is good, copying it or trying to improve it is seems like the smart thing to do.

  51. Adil Akher

    Adil Akher

    Dag sedan

    This piss on a Tesla

  52. Jason Whitley

    Jason Whitley

    Dag sedan

    want. cant afford, but want

  53. simonisable


    Dag sedan

    For the love of god, it's HUNDAY not High-un-dai

  54. Barry Nunes Vaz

    Barry Nunes Vaz

    Dag sedan

    This car just blows me away, It's beautiful, practical and clever!

  55. David Miletič

    David Miletič

    2 dagar sedan

    Ehy such recline is usefull? What is this guy, a virgin?

  56. David Miletič

    David Miletič

    2 dagar sedan

    Not better than model S, but sure better than model 3

  57. Garney M G Royala

    Garney M G Royala

    2 dagar sedan

    No solar roof option because there’s no sun in 🇬🇧?

  58. Peter McClure

    Peter McClure

    2 dagar sedan

    Please don't call it al trunk

  59. Scolopente


    2 dagar sedan

    Ok, I'm sold. Where do I get one?

  60. SupersaneX_x


    2 dagar sedan

    Why aren't solar panels allowed 🤔

    • Mark C

      Mark C

      Dag sedan

      You offten see on tv car adverts (some options on model shown not available in UK) but i thought the same, we still get sun (sometimes) and they work off just daylight too , so you would think it would be on the options list.

  61. Gerald Begley

    Gerald Begley

    2 dagar sedan

    Love this review, breath of fresh air, thanks.

  62. Ethan Williams

    Ethan Williams

    2 dagar sedan

    Tesla killer this is so funny 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣😂😂🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  63. Theo Teddy

    Theo Teddy

    2 dagar sedan

    I can see slight resemblance to a delta integrale, even the wheels🤣love both

  64. Carmen Clark

    Carmen Clark

    2 dagar sedan

    I love it - want a small car version :)

  65. David Johnson

    David Johnson

    2 dagar sedan

    I'm not buying that one they put the steering wheel on the wrong side.

  66. mon mon

    mon mon

    2 dagar sedan

    2:58 holy shit. take my money

  67. Oh Well

    Oh Well

    2 dagar sedan

    No, Tesla has definitely not

  68. Dinda Lesmana

    Dinda Lesmana

    2 dagar sedan

    Damn Hyundai..its soo good to look at!!

  69. ChipMIK


    2 dagar sedan

    A lot of "thats impressive" statements, but they are msotly about stuff that has been in other models for years. Fast?...Wheres the numbers? & where´s the energy-level pr km/mile. Bling-bling "review" in my humble opinion.

  70. Michael Maylor

    Michael Maylor

    2 dagar sedan

    How on earth do you stay on the road driving with all those displays to check out?

  71. Benny Harris

    Benny Harris

    2 dagar sedan

    I think you need to look up marty mcfly's health issues before asking if their wll be another back to the future, that would be a no.

  72. Asad Bouri

    Asad Bouri

    2 dagar sedan

    Man... Aren't you just great reviews?

  73. Oliver Brookes

    Oliver Brookes

    2 dagar sedan

    White interior? Do they expect owners not to actually use the car?

  74. Peoples Yemi

    Peoples Yemi

    2 dagar sedan

    I was hoping you would say "a bottle of water" in this video but no

  75. Kaisersozze


    2 dagar sedan

    I like it. I want the VW Golf to look something like this in the future.

  76. Shawn Vader

    Shawn Vader

    2 dagar sedan

    Great review & video. Big thumbs up 👍

  77. Martin Szymczak

    Martin Szymczak

    2 dagar sedan

    Great review and impressive car.



    2 dagar sedan

    I need one HYDROGEN Car

  79. First Last

    First Last

    2 dagar sedan

    WAW !!!! A drawer ..... a DRAWER ..... "realy, realy good INOVATION"

  80. Bjørn Jørgensen

    Bjørn Jørgensen

    2 dagar sedan

    Verry bad seats in this car.

  81. M L

    M L

    2 dagar sedan

    thats a great great,.... weedwhacker. what brand is it?

  82. WCWG


    2 dagar sedan

    What is the price of this car ??

  83. David Gissel

    David Gissel

    2 dagar sedan

    Looks like a Dodge Omni circa ‘85

  84. matthew portilla

    matthew portilla

    2 dagar sedan

    I prefer the traditional steel roof over the glass panels of other manufacturers.

  85. Dan Andrei

    Dan Andrei

    2 dagar sedan

    A chainsaw powered by an BEV? Really? It was you ideea? Man, what respect for nature you have. Dude, you are not reviewing an american pickup truck or a v8....

    • Celeste Celeste

      Celeste Celeste

      Dag sedan


  86. Sandra Lea

    Sandra Lea

    2 dagar sedan

    I drive a 2019 ioniq (base model) love it!

    • Celeste Celeste

      Celeste Celeste

      Dag sedan

      Same. I'm not too keen on the new exterior design though



    2 dagar sedan

    Waiting for mine soon.

  88. Jack F

    Jack F

    2 dagar sedan

    No solar? Souther England gets loads of sun.

  89. P H

    P H

    2 dagar sedan

    Clear that this is a paid advertisement and not a review.

  90. P H

    P H

    2 dagar sedan

    Styling takes its cues from the last Mercury Cougar.

  91. caribbeanchild


    2 dagar sedan

    Pull up somewhere to charge and there's three people in front of you. Hows that going to work out? Electric cars are a gimmick.

  92. Gaming Norwegian

    Gaming Norwegian

    2 dagar sedan

    Im confused... Is he driving a Norwegian registered car in the UK, or is he driving on the wrong side of the road in Norway? lol

  93. Stephen Hall

    Stephen Hall

    2 dagar sedan

    PADDLE/PEDAL? Clearer diction is needed for these reviews and a LOT more technical detail.

  94. Hallvard Paulsen

    Hallvard Paulsen

    3 dagar sedan

    Norwegian license plates. How come?

  95. Eric Marshall

    Eric Marshall

    3 dagar sedan

    Please do not glorify the pony. It was a bad car. As for this new car. I do not find it very good looking. It is just like any other hatchback. Better luck next time.

  96. Globa


    3 dagar sedan

    Thank you very much

  97. Simon Clark

    Simon Clark

    3 dagar sedan

    The opening comment about the solar roof not being applicable in the UK is nonsense. And then he uses hedge trimmers with no gloves or goggles...

  98. Nathan Smith

    Nathan Smith

    3 dagar sedan

    These titles are hilarious! Tesla is so much farther ahead.

  99. dnatuner1984


    3 dagar sedan

    Just needs Martini Graphics as shape is very much Lancia Delta