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Battlefield 2042 Official Reveal Trailer (ft. 2WEI)


  1. Romeu Cadic

    Romeu Cadic

    41 minut sedan

    I can't stop watching this lol

  2. Elscruffo


    55 minuter sedan

    Hovercrafts on the ice looks so much fun

  3. Dhruv Gupta

    Dhruv Gupta

    Timme sedan

    3:16 C'mon

  4. Soapy


    2 timmar sedan

    0.27 bro, bro have you seen Joe

  5. Leviathan Gaming

    Leviathan Gaming

    2 timmar sedan

    Came back to this vid after a month. Seems like the community is happy about this! Can't wait to try it all out!

  6. S V

    S V

    3 timmar sedan

    Тут будет возможность стрелять боком ? На пример как было в pubg, rainbow6 siege где надо было нажимать кнопки "Q" и "E" и оружие наклонялось, было реалистично и удобно стрелять из укрытия.

  7. Arron Bayley

    Arron Bayley

    3 timmar sedan

    The new Star Wars battlefront looks insane

  8. Ashwin Banga

    Ashwin Banga

    5 timmar sedan

    This giving me bf3 vibes

  9. Rick Tyman

    Rick Tyman

    6 timmar sedan

    Notice how the tornado doesn't damage the buildings - they made sure to keep that in to avoid people thinking natural disaster events would affect the environment, which would be graphically demanding to pull off in-game.

  10. ljj j

    ljj j

    7 timmar sedan

    Half the maps are from bf4 lol

  11. ljj j

    ljj j

    7 timmar sedan

    I like that this looks like an updated BF4, I hope they get gun mechanics, server tick rate and a game that can run 120fps+

  12. ljj j

    ljj j

    7 timmar sedan

    After 2 massive flops in a row I really hope they learned their lesson, I’ve been craving battlefield since bf4

    • Romeu Cadic

      Romeu Cadic

      35 minuter sedan

      Bf1 wasn't a flop lol

    • Co-Mastah


      5 timmar sedan

      2? You mean 1



      6 timmar sedan

      Battlefield 1 was a massive flop?

  13. Jacob S

    Jacob S

    8 timmar sedan


  14. Matvey Sednev

    Matvey Sednev

    8 timmar sedan


  15. knine53


    9 timmar sedan

    Can the G.I. Joes defeat Kobra and their Weather Dominator?

  16. atomic_duckie


    9 timmar sedan

    now this is what people want, not like the cringey 1944 tom cruise and not giving the players the eastern front maps in battlefield 5

  17. Dave


    9 timmar sedan

    If you think about it, what weapon systems are we going to be using in the next 30 years because at least in the US, we’re still using weapon systems that developed back in the 60’s to 80’s. Hell, half our Navy is still using ships that are 20 years plus.

  18. Brandon Patterson

    Brandon Patterson

    10 timmar sedan

    Imagine paint ball got to this scale

  19. Jacob Hodge

    Jacob Hodge

    12 timmar sedan

    0:45 GUN PUPPER!!! GUN PUPPER!!!!

  20. mauberni


    14 timmar sedan

    Where my Titan mode at?

  21. __Price___


    16 timmar sedan

    У МЕНЯ МУРАШКИ ПО КОЖЕ !!! ;-0 )

  22. Allyssa Bearden

    Allyssa Bearden

    16 timmar sedan

    do you understand that i have came back to this video everyday for the past 3 weeks 😩😭

    • Allyssa Bearden

      Allyssa Bearden

      16 timmar sedan

      i’m literally at work rn watching this lmao

  23. Mr Deg

    Mr Deg

    18 timmar sedan

    This could be the best BF game in a while. Looks awsome

  24. Viper


    18 timmar sedan

    Can I still fly an f22 raptor and an a 10

  25. Viper


    18 timmar sedan

    2:48 you must have recorded that amazing sound even thought it’s a quad not a dirt bike

  26. Viper


    18 timmar sedan

    After the unspoken game westie said the best timeframe fo a game is near future he KNEW SOMETHING

  27. Николай Николаевич

    Николай Николаевич

    18 timmar sedan

    Приятно когда разрабы чувствуют свою аудиторию

  28. Toby Wright

    Toby Wright

    18 timmar sedan

    looks amazing but also looks a lot like just cause :)

  29. roitingking69


    19 timmar sedan

    Why is it everyone dying plus where the civilians at they fought in city

  30. konagiri ramakrishna

    konagiri ramakrishna

    21 timme sedan


  31. JD PS

    JD PS

    21 timme sedan

    How to convince your friends to play Battlefield: 1. Show them this trailer 2. Force them to play BF3, BF4, BC1, BC2 3. Show them this trailer again

    • Andre Roberson

      Andre Roberson

      19 timmar sedan

      Correction, Force them to play BF2, BF2142, BC1, BC2, BF3, BF4 Im glad its going back to the modern era



    22 timmar sedan

    4:24 "Why walk when you can FLY"

  33. chris snaky

    chris snaky

    23 timmar sedan

    The future is on bf2042 😎

  34. A Potato

    A Potato

    Dag sedan

    Very cool. Looking forward to it

  35. Myrkin


    Dag sedan

    Me: This is the most Battlefieldy trailer for Battlefield. Battlefield Portal trailer: Hold my defibrillator.

  36. bayar hassan

    bayar hassan

    Dag sedan

    Just imagine this battlefield comes with a ( BLACK ) remaster, there old ps2 game as a replacement for none existing campaign on this battlefield, yeah that would be a nice dream come true.

  37. gabber 0

    gabber 0

    Dag sedan

    Looks like complete garbage, but the fortnite audience is very pleased.



      6 timmar sedan

      Uh ok

  38. benjamin zerah

    benjamin zerah

    Dag sedan

    game of the year

  39. Lego Seller

    Lego Seller

    Dag sedan

    Lol I only just noticed the penguins watching the action @ 1:46 (in the blurry foreground).

  40. Lowly Roblock30

    Lowly Roblock30

    Dag sedan

    Now this is some modern warfare

  41. Hama Qaladzeyi

    Hama Qaladzeyi

    Dag sedan

    Can’t wait to ... Play !

  42. Илья Савиных

    Илья Савиных

    Dag sedan

    fundamentals of physics?

  43. Aramaruwu


    Dag sedan

    Everybody thinks the storms are unrealistic or whatever, but there's actually a reason for the storms. The whole lore is that we messed up with climate change and everything, that's the main cause of the war in the first place

  44. John Freeman

    John Freeman

    Dag sedan

    УУУУ...... Русские плохие..... все как обычно... пробили очередное дно.

  45. Shadofox


    Dag sedan

    Im only getting this game for the robo dogos

    • chefdeffer


      Dag sedan

      robo dogo in elevator? ;)

  46. tang yuan

    tang yuan

    Dag sedan

    This is what happens when you give fans what they want instead of listening to game journalists. Who would have thought eh?

  47. Siam Sarkar

    Siam Sarkar

    Dag sedan


  48. JC Lorenz

    JC Lorenz

    Dag sedan

    Hearing "Kickstart My Heart" by Mötley Crüe, makes this video perfect.

  49. Macy


    Dag sedan

    Can I play Battlefield 2042 on xbox one and xbox serise x with a xbox one copy of the game? I just want a yes or no Answer.

  50. choppychopz


    Dag sedan

    This game looks fantastic so far, it seems to be exactly what everyone wants, especially after the reveal of the new portal game mode, the hype on my end is unreal. Can’t wait to see more! Keep up the good work DICE!

  51. Marcelo PC

    Marcelo PC

    Dag sedan

    03:12 - Yesssssss

  52. madbadbradUHD


    Dag sedan

    Pause at 4:24 and read the ad on top of the taxi 😂😂😂

  53. R


    Dag sedan

    back here after the "Portal" trailer... DICE is really giving the people what they want.

  54. Assassino de aluguel

    Assassino de aluguel

    Dag sedan

    Franquia BATTLEFIELD ganha de 10 a 0 de todos os jogos de guerra e o melhor jogo de guerra já feito

  55. real hummus

    real hummus

    Dag sedan

    Please 3rd. Parsint view،😁

  56. jimmyzaas


    Dag sedan

    "Whoa, Yeah, Baby" sums up this trailer perfectly.

  57. RioYR


    Dag sedan

    At the start while the guy is falling off the cliff you can hear his heartbeat synchronised with the battlefield beat

  58. Andrey T

    Andrey T

    Dag sedan

    🔥🔥🔥So F#%^ing AWESOME!!! 🔥🔥🔥

  59. Philip Kurth

    Philip Kurth

    Dag sedan

    This trailer is insane I can’t stop watching it

  60. Gazza Rover

    Gazza Rover

    Dag sedan

    without 3rd party servers?...........

  61. I'm a Vegan

    I'm a Vegan

    Dag sedan

    Get ready for the World war dudes

  62. Marcos Soto

    Marcos Soto

    Dag sedan

    Am I the only one wanting to be able to freefall into a city being destroyed by Godzilla???

  63. Agent 9

    Agent 9

    Dag sedan

    Just one more month!

  64. bao bao

    bao bao

    Dag sedan


  65. Solidus Strife

    Solidus Strife

    Dag sedan

    I like the sign says in that car at 4:24 says “why walk when you can fly?” Lol

  66. Tom Flower

    Tom Flower

    Dag sedan

    Kickstart my heart banging song

  67. Guy on the internet

    Guy on the internet

    Dag sedan

    How we pictured nerf wars as kids



    Dag sedan

    To be honest, not impressed, very boring and somehow not realistic

    • Boltpoke


      Dag sedan

      U say it’s boring and haven’t played the game. And of course it’s not realistic. It’s Battlefield

    • Yousif Shahwan

      Yousif Shahwan

      Dag sedan

      You commented this on every reveal they’ve made, grow up.

  69. JaeKrow


    Dag sedan

    That rocket launcher pilot guy has got to be the coolest thing I've ever seen

  70. Jestin Joy

    Jestin Joy

    Dag sedan

    Dont let the fast and furious team see this

  71. Demon


    Dag sedan

    This look awesome

  72. SlushyField


    Dag sedan

    Came here after the portal trailer

  73. Ishmam huda Isty

    Ishmam huda Isty

    Dag sedan

    I am here after the Battlefield Portal Trailer came out

  74. Adam Jensen

    Adam Jensen

    Dag sedan

    Bruh, it's been a month and it's still racking up views. I'm not saying that it's bad, what I'm saying is, I understand.

  75. Amir Hyundai Yogyakarta

    Amir Hyundai Yogyakarta

    Dag sedan

    Ok Gentlemen, any ideas ? How if we create Battlefield 2142 Hmmm...please change the "1" to "0"

  76. Tonjokan Jeh

    Tonjokan Jeh

    Dag sedan

    LOL (League of Legend) xD

    • GioIsGud


      Dag sedan

      What was the point of commenting "LOL"

  77. hassib


    Dag sedan

    anyone still watching this in 2021 ? 😂😂😂

  78. Gaetano Sabato

    Gaetano Sabato

    Dag sedan

    Michael Bay production 🤣🤣🤣💪

  79. MTBguy


    Dag sedan

    The most ridiculous Battlefield trailer ever!

  80. Gemmexican


    Dag sedan

    Day 2 of watching the trailer until release

    • Gemmexican


      Dag sedan

      @GioIsGud I might do the gameplay trailer too

    • Gemmexican


      Dag sedan

      @GioIsGud it’s only 92 days and if I miss a day I will restart

    • GioIsGud


      Dag sedan

      And so it begins...

  81. cjoutright


    Dag sedan

    “Why walk when you can fly?” *proceeds to jump out of futuristic car*

  82. Sebastian Towles

    Sebastian Towles

    Dag sedan

    Plot twits, you have to fight tornados now



    Dag sedan

    Imma be a baddest in the game

  84. clément garde

    clément garde

    Dag sedan

    autant je pense que le jeu va être excellent, autant cette cinématique est claqué au sol puissance 10 xd

  85. Lage


    Dag sedan

    When I saw those penguins, my excitement grew.

  86. Просто танкист

    Просто танкист

    Dag sedan

    Зернитость сильная а так норм).

  87. ⸸⛧ψ𝙹𝚄𝚂𝚃𝙸𝙽⁶⁶⁶𝙷𝙾𝙽𝙴𝚈𝚆𝙸𝙻𝙻ψ⛧⸸


    Dag sedan

    when is the beta coming out can you please tell us

    • Burlaci din Araci

      Burlaci din Araci

      Dag sedan

      September or late August

  88. Phriffo


    2 dagar sedan

    By releasing this game, Battlefield is simply trying to tell us what could/might happen in the next 21 years (Climate change, Non-renewable resources, Depletion of food etc)

    • Just a random Person I guess

      Just a random Person I guess

      11 timmar sedan

      @Tazer Animates yeah we’re gonna have people jumping out of jets with RPGs shooting other jets and falling back inside their jets, classic rendezook.

    • Phriffo


      16 timmar sedan

      @Tazer Animates in the realistic aspect of what you just wrote.

    • Phriffo


      16 timmar sedan

      @Tazer Animates No man that’s not what i mean’t. I meant that in the near future, our world might serve potential dangers, which is predicted by scientists. Plastic pollution, Climate hazards (As in Global Warming), Non renewable resources.

    • Phriffo


      16 timmar sedan

      @Tazer Animates ?

    • Tazer Animates

      Tazer Animates

      21 timme sedan

      so theres gonna be flying cars and burning helicopters here and there everyday after 21 years

  89. abc def

    abc def

    2 dagar sedan

    still waiting for what dice prepared to us for today... 22 June 2021

  90. Sonny Helms

    Sonny Helms

    2 dagar sedan

    Don't even look interesting I'm sorry since BF1 a big disappointment.

  91. durch


    2 dagar sedan

    I don't get how 28K people can dislike this.

  92. OMAC1A


    2 dagar sedan

    Why was there an ATV on the top of a skyscraper?

    • KhakiPeach2


      Dag sedan

      because an elevator brung it up to the top



      Dag sedan

      because battlefield



    2 dagar sedan

    I love this game please give me this game when this game was launched.

  94. FrenchSemtex


    2 dagar sedan

    I feel the force , aaaaaaaaaaah !!!!!

  95. Pritam


    2 dagar sedan

    By far the best game trailer on earth period

  96. BisonMart ID

    BisonMart ID

    2 dagar sedan

    Om that Epic pilot bazooka moment, make me suddenly goosebumps

  97. Danny Wilcox

    Danny Wilcox

    2 dagar sedan

    Battlefield hätte so ein grandioses Setting, welches man in einer mega langen Singleplayer Kampagne spielen könnte, wenn man vernünftige Storyschreiber dran hätte, aber nein, lieber streicht man ja die Kampagne. Sehr schade.. MMO nervt einfach nur extrem

  98. Kamata kid

    Kamata kid

    2 dagar sedan

    My brother is going to get me battlefield 2042 he’s the best

  99. Jim Mulholland

    Jim Mulholland

    2 dagar sedan

    When a company makes a better recruiting Video than GOARMY for a video game 🤦‍♂️

  100. DeJuliet


    2 dagar sedan

    3:10 teve um player que fez essa jogada e eles usaram de referencia, parabens por mostrarem seu respeito. Alguem mais lembra?