Addison Rae is QUITTING TIK TOK because of Bryce Hall...?

This video is about Addison Rae and Bryce Hall, Trisha Paytas, Twitter and more! Enjoy :)
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  1. Dei


    9 dagar sedan

    shorts. a lot of millionaires have admitted to buy the same clothing, like multiple same shirts, pants... just saying

  2. Yeganeh Setayeshnia

    Yeganeh Setayeshnia

    10 dagar sedan

    The makeup is ✨immaculate ✨

  3. Joanna Ramirez

    Joanna Ramirez

    24 dagar sedan

    I don't think being mean comes with having tiktok. TikTok is not a perfect app but i do know that when i first started off on there it was a fun place. All i see now is hateful and judgmental comments. It's really sad to see a video about how we're supposed to love ourselves and be confident and the next video with someone doing just that gets so much hate. Like.. is that not what we're trying to achieve? It's just sad how ppl flip flop with their opinions on wether to be uplifting and amazing to hateful and full of just plain malice. For those younger ppl on tiktok. be better. Let's not hate on ppl for liking anime, for cosplaying, for "just doing dancing videos" or maybe just plain pranks. I get that the content is not for everyone but thats why tiktok has an option to just swipe away. Be nice. If you feel the need to call someone out make sure you're doing it for the right reasons and not just out of boredom. These creators have feelings and lives, they just want to share it with us. If you see ppl do bad things you should always call them out if it harms ppl. So dont be one of them.

  4. Izzy Lamb

    Izzy Lamb

    26 dagar sedan

    Not only do people's opinions seem to fickle at the moment, they're also SO EXTREME! It's either PURE LOVE or PURE HATE. Where did nuance go???

  5. Bethany Besala

    Bethany Besala

    Månad sedan

    Ur makeup is so cute omg

  6. Megan


    Månad sedan

    this hair!!

  7. Eva


    Månad sedan

    i assume the super follow feature is for artists and sex workers mostly. like you can post pictures on twitter that people would pay for or short clips

  8. peppa pinaj

    peppa pinaj

    Månad sedan

    “wikipedia says that James Charles is dead. moving on.” 🤣

  9. F ebe

    F ebe

    Månad sedan

    Its a fucking pandemic ugh YEAHHHH lets go on holiday............. jesus fucking christ.......... these people are completely like blind????? Theres a pandemic and they act like theres nothing going on.... meanwhile my fucking father is chronically ill and i do things for them..... they dont wanna follow the rules and im terrified of getting sick and giving anything to my dad now....... its pissing me off

  10. lalaloona


    Månad sedan

    i’m sorry but will you ever be making cc? sorry my hearing sucks lol

  11. MintKit


    Månad sedan

    Love the baby spice look. So cute

  12. Moon Doll

    Moon Doll

    Månad sedan

    I love you angelika. You are such a wonderful soul. Keep being the amazing human that you are ❤❤❤

  13. Alexis Phillips

    Alexis Phillips

    Månad sedan

    If she is sixteen and he is 18 it is consent according to the Romeo and Juliet law but that’s not in all states

  14. Amy


    Månad sedan

    You can always do something to change the culture. Just because you become a content creator does not mean you're forced to subject yourself to harassment or bullying. And also just because you're a content creator doesn't mean you have to tolerate certain fan behaviors. People have boundaries, it's not that hard to just respect them for each individual.

  15. Sojungpop


    Månad sedan

    Tiktok needs to do something about the racists trump supporters and white supremacists on that app it’s insane

  16. Hoodie


    Månad sedan

    Literally haven't been on holiday in years, sure it's partially because of money. We went to DC for a funeral and counted that as a holiday, staying in a hotel room or car for at least eight hours at a time.

  17. Joey Summers

    Joey Summers

    Månad sedan

    If I was a millionaire and I had a favorite colour of workout shorts I would 100% own multiple pairs of the same colour. I'm sure Bryce has multiple pairs of the same colour

  18. Maja Islinger

    Maja Islinger

    Månad sedan

    Does people know that you can own more than one of the same type of shorts??

  19. Grizzie Beth

    Grizzie Beth

    Månad sedan

    Dani isn’t even 16, shes 14. the fact Jen allows Dani and Mikey’s relationship is gross

  20. Matas Filonovas

    Matas Filonovas

    Månad sedan

    I swear people have no critical thinking skills at all. They flip flop without even thinking it through for one second.

  21. laura p

    laura p

    Månad sedan

    I just don't get it. Beauty reviewers are given shit all the time when they promote a product without trying it out for long enough and now they are apparently given shit for not doing that as well, because people are always supposed to promote their family? I understand where you're coming from, but the way you came across was just very harsh in my opinion, especially considering the fact that she has literally done what you're supposed to do (if you have any integrity) before recommending a product to your fans. I started watching this channel because I liked the way you came across as an honest and an objective person, but at this point you seem just angry and toxic, setting expectations that are almost impossible to meet. I usually agree with most of your criticism, but I don't think you're presenting it constructively which will then instead offend the receiving end. Overall, nobody benefits from this, no wrongdoers will become better people and we end up as nothing but a bunch of mean girls talking shit about some people on the internet. If this is really what you intend/intended to make of this channel, so be it, but it just disappoints me a little. But I guess in the end that's just my personal problem. Outside from that I think you have an outstanding charisma and your success on youtube is well deserved. If you happen to read this, I wanna emphasize that I don't mean to offend you in any way, just wanted to offer some feedback. All the best!

  22. Notoriouslydevious


    Månad sedan

    I DEFINITELY agree with Sienna. There is a difference between holding people accountable and just being a bully and A LOT of people don't know the difference. Literally yesterday Gabbie Hanna made a comment under a post on twitter about text connotations and said something like, "y'all are doing too much" and got 3,000 quote retweets of people telling her how much better society would be without her, telling her to kill herself, "go cry and make a video about it" like.... I'm not even a fan of her, but y'all are just fcking M E A N. (also looked on her twitter, not sure if she's also going to make an apology on youtube, but she wrote multiple apologies to her nuerodivergent fans. Not saying that they have to accept it, but... she apologized.. imo for literally nothing but w/e.) I hate that about twitter and just everyone now in general. Everyone's a bad bitch and always running their mouth about everyone and everything, but when shit gets dished back at them it's, "omg, how could you guys be so mean to me when you know I'm sensitive?? I'm depressed and stressed and have anxiety." 🙄

  23. Sof Frances

    Sof Frances

    Månad sedan

    I somehow get why Langdon's (Landon? Not sure about the spelling) gf uses the skincare products one at a time. Changing products abruptly, especially if they have active ingredients that can irritate the skin, can have horrible side effects. That's why dermatologists only recommend incorporating only 1-2 products first for 6-8 weeks and observe for purging or irritation before jumping into a new one. They're barking at her purely because of ignorance.



    Månad sedan

    You literally just recap Spill Sesh videos in your voice lol

  25. Audrey Vascik

    Audrey Vascik

    Månad sedan

    I think the Twitter safe mode could also be used if you’re triggered by certain words and you want to filter out stuff that could put you in a bad mental space. Figured I share in cause others could use it for this reason.

  26. Fransisca Beecher

    Fransisca Beecher

    Månad sedan

    I feel like being mean became so "common" through video game culture 🤷🏻‍♀️ and because that and social media go hand in hand, it makes sense to me. I could be wrong tho, I don't think there's an actual way to figure that out. It does get on my nerves that being rude is so normal, because why can't you just be fucking nice!??

  27. Salma Hernandez

    Salma Hernandez

    Månad sedan

    “as a generation we’re closer than ever” do you mean mob mentality?

  28. Hey it's Lissa

    Hey it's Lissa

    Månad sedan

    What? Who are these people?😅

  29. Brooklyn Bæby

    Brooklyn Bæby

    Månad sedan

    I hate the Twitter idea , the only people that are going to benefit from it is the SW community & as a member of the SW community I still don’t want it 💀

  30. Hannah Faye

    Hannah Faye

    Månad sedan

    I’m not invested in the Willy Wonka situation but I can say that there’s a difference between a fan & an obsession. Not saying she’s obsessed, but I can also see where she could be.

  31. Shadowfay Furry

    Shadowfay Furry

    Månad sedan

    Maybe he just have the same shorts like he mite of got like 5 shorts at once in same colour ect

  32. Shadowfay Furry

    Shadowfay Furry

    Månad sedan

    Like yr hair today

  33. Tahlia Chapman

    Tahlia Chapman

    Månad sedan

    Yeah ewww, i had no idea he had a brother named Landon....thats my sons name. Im so sorry my boy

  34. Yisel Romero

    Yisel Romero

    Månad sedan

    i was waiting for pup the entire vid

  35. Jim Halpert

    Jim Halpert

    Månad sedan

    It’s now become acceptable to bully people on tiktok as long as there’s fairy emojis along with it or part of the cringe tiktok slang. Like at this point, it’s not funny anymore, lacks originality, and everyone has a problem with everything

  36. Lawn Potatoes

    Lawn Potatoes

    Månad sedan

    I think it would be good if you could put time stamps on each story you talk about, for me personally I only like hearing about the youtube drama and not the tiktok stuff.

  37. lily


    Månad sedan

    ngl the whole duke or wonka thing is just annoying. he doesnt have to do anything for her but if he just made a video or something with her, there probably wouldnt be in this mess. and all of his fan attacking her cause she copied him as if he owns the character is stupid. he is sexualising a childrens character and making money off of it when he doesnt own it

  38. Emily Easthom

    Emily Easthom

    Månad sedan

    I myself (a small creator on tiktok) have received an abundance of death threats and just pure hatred for no reason. I study psychology and sociology amongst other things in college (aka uni if you’re from the UK) and I just have a theory a lot of people are bored and just sending hate out of pure boredom because of covid and quarantine and stuff like that but I don’t know.

  39. Mia Morris

    Mia Morris

    Månad sedan

    Creme eggs are elite

  40. Jordan Rene

    Jordan Rene

    Månad sedan

    Love your jumper!

  41. Andromeda Torre

    Andromeda Torre

    Månad sedan

    People need to realize that sometimes both people can suck (not necessarily for all situations and "drama", but pretty often)

  42. Kirs ten.

    Kirs ten.

    Månad sedan

    But oop again your make up looks stunnnninnnggg

  43. Kirs ten.

    Kirs ten.

    Månad sedan

    Love the looook

  44. Kirs ten.

    Kirs ten.

    Månad sedan

    The Hair tho

  45. Maddie R

    Maddie R

    Månad sedan

    i 100% agree that mikey and danielle’s relationship is completely inappropriate. when you brought up her being under 16 and him being 18 i remembered that some states in the US have this law called the “romeo and juliet law” where an adult and a minor can date if they’re within 2 years of each other’s age, it’s just to prevent 18 year olds from getting charged with SA if they’re involved with someone who’s 17 but i’m not sure if that law exists in california, but it would explain why they couldn’t be together until she was 16 ig

  46. morgan spours

    morgan spours

    Månad sedan

    Wtf do people want from millionaires! Oh u don’t need to be so materialistic blah blah. then a millionaire isn’t materialistic and wears the same clothes like normal ppl!!!! I wear the same top twice sometimes?? Especially my work shirt! deodorant and showers exist ppl!!! i don’t like bryce at all but seriously it’s like celebs can never do anything right

  47. theFacesOfRose


    Månad sedan

    Tbh I really don't think it's cool for people to be blasting people for their personal hygiene when they literally have no idea what the actual full story is. I find it super super cringey that Bryce Hall's gym shorts and Addison Rae's vaginal health is actually a hot topic?? Feels invasive and maybe like people should mind their own business in that regard.

  48. Aidan Evans

    Aidan Evans

    Månad sedan

    here’s a thought if u want to go on holiday drive into the middle of nowhere rent a covid safe house/airb&b and stay there for a bit and relax u don’t need to spread covid

  49. Alina Adil

    Alina Adil

    Månad sedan

    girl u look soooo pretty i am simping

  50. Brenda Mosidin

    Brenda Mosidin

    Månad sedan

    It’s currently 1 in the morning where I’m from and I’m the only one awake and it’s kinda reassuring to have Angelika’s video playing in the background

  51. Megan Donohue

    Megan Donohue

    Månad sedan

    The Mikey Dani sitch makes me sick! The reason it’s OK is because you are allowed to date someone below the age of consent you just cannot be sexually active with them and even in most cases they are sexually active and the only way anything will be done is if the child or the guardians of the child decide to post charges after proving otherwise some type of sexual activity

    • Megan Donohue

      Megan Donohue

      Månad sedan

      And by ok I mean allowed- it’s not ok in my opinion!

  52. Grace GEORGEFF

    Grace GEORGEFF

    Månad sedan

    People need to be able to turn off their phone when it becomes too much like we all have to remember that tiktok, ig, yt, etc are not places and are internet platforms. Most people who leave shitty comments don’t think twice about it so why should you. I know this seems insensitive but anxiety is literally being hyper aware of being alive and the internet just amplifies it

  53. pepper


    Månad sedan

    So I want others opinions. My family is going on a vacation over spring break, we are following all of the covid guide lines for our country as well as the country we’re going to. We are going on this vacation because my dad is about to be deployed for a year (military) and he wanted to do something special right before he goes. He is vaccinated and my mom and I do work/school from home. Do you guys think this is okay?

  54. Hanna Scar

    Hanna Scar

    Månad sedan

    I wonder if my gym mates think i wear the same pants to work out everyday... I just like these certain workout pants so I bought 7 of them 🤣

  55. CJ Webb

    CJ Webb

    Månad sedan

    why is everyone talking about such a harmless prank sm

  56. ceciliaaaxiful


    Månad sedan

    Is musty coming back in? In about 2010 in Australia we used to use it alll the time along with “rank”... like everything was “musty” or “rank”

  57. Agt_ Tre

    Agt_ Tre

    Månad sedan

    Have a nice day :)

  58. Jodie Brown

    Jodie Brown

    Månad sedan

    Not who’s mom! Their government have fucked it by not just arresting Mikey

  59. Ines Vandevelde

    Ines Vandevelde

    Månad sedan

    So let me get this right, when you’re 17 in California you can’t date someone who’s 1 year older than you, but you can drive a car??? Which can literally kill people if you’re irresponsible??? (General context, I’m not talking about Dani)

  60. Nope


    Månad sedan

    I’m sick of these effin influencers, tik tokers, you tubers and even United statians coming here to PR. I’ve seen literally all the effing tourists 1. Attacking locals for speaking Spanish 2. Not wearing masks publicly 3. Being out after curfew 4. Again, refusing to wear masks and atttacking people in places for telling them to wear a mask 5. Having public fights in the middle of the streets 6. Destroying public property 7. Leaving trash in natural environments like the beaches 8. Recently a tourist took advantage of multiple locals (intimately ( I don’t wanna use the triggering r word)) 9. Among other things. They need to leave, we are in the middle of a pandemic and they keep coming spreading the disease and things just keep getting worse. We have an already very fragile health system and these idiots coming here are making it worse

  61. Eman Rashid

    Eman Rashid

    Månad sedan

    Commenting for engagement

  62. Steph


    Månad sedan

    * Addison Rae ISNT quitting Tiktok *

  63. Rachel Schellhous

    Rachel Schellhous

    Månad sedan

    I’m pretty sure in California Juliet Clause as long as they’re minors when they start dating and within 3 year age gap they are allowed to date

  64. Elle Salagaras

    Elle Salagaras

    Månad sedan

    Dani has already had an abortion and been through so much, the girl needs help. Not to be flitting off on vacations at age 14 with an 18 year old boyfriend....

  65. Person


    Månad sedan

    I was supposed to see my family but had to cancel due to the rise in covid cases, my grandma is I'll and could die before I get a chance to see her, but no, your little holiday is more important

  66. Alien ElinPup

    Alien ElinPup

    Månad sedan

    I was supposed to go to Sacramento April 2020 to see my uncle and my baby cousin for her birthday but i canceled because of corona I havnt seen them since my 11th birthday which was November 2019 :/

  67. quantumwombat


    Månad sedan

    I’m not even on tiktok nor do I know who any of these people are but I still wanna know the tea 😂

  68. hinata167


    Månad sedan

    I kind of like that she didn't off the bat hype up the skin care brand and treat it like any other skincare brand I think it shows integrity

  69. gemmaaa


    Månad sedan

    a comment for engagement

  70. Micki_Cam


    Månad sedan

    I swear I feel like they are always going away on vacation. In 2020 I was supposed to see my dad and the rest of my family for the first time in 3 years and I had to cancel my trip. Now it seems like 2021 will also be canceled. So it really makes me angry to see these people on vacation (as if they need it) and I can't see my family who I haven't seen in YEARS. The worst part is that my grandpa died in April of 2020 during the time that I was supposed to be there. So I wasn't able to see him before he passed and say goodbye. So these influencers who go on vacation and go out of town all the time piss me off so much.

  71. Beatrice


    Månad sedan


  72. Cherry


    Månad sedan

    WHY ARE U SO CUTE LMAO I'm not even 3 minutes in grl please

  73. Lucas Bisson

    Lucas Bisson

    Månad sedan

    I think now we can stop acting like traveling is a terrible offense. We are over one year of this pandemic and life does have to go back to normal sooner or later. Just wear a mask, and be hygienic. We can’t stay at home forever or the economy around us will collapse. Maybe I’m in the small majority of people who just don’t mind the traveling thing anymore. Especially since we have a vaccine now.

  74. 13 oct

    13 oct

    Månad sedan

    like if u dont care about tiktok drama ... im over it

  75. coffee time studies

    coffee time studies

    Månad sedan

    tbh i was more shocked at the idea that 16 w 18 is illegal... like😳

  76. kimberley Howell

    kimberley Howell

    Månad sedan

    Urm about the Bryce hall shorts situation what if he had multiple of the same shorts...... I have multiple of the same shirts, jeans, biker shorts and more purely because i like how they look or how they fit so calling someone 'musty' for that is just wrong.

  77. Stevie Den

    Stevie Den

    Månad sedan

    Commenting for engagement

  78. Neverloseyourvoice


    Månad sedan


  79. Kendall M

    Kendall M

    Månad sedan


  80. Catherine Sales

    Catherine Sales

    Månad sedan

    I don’t think that people should be moaning about when they last went on holiday when people have lost jobs, homes and lives. Holidays are a luxury and people treat them like they deserve a holiday

  81. Tam K

    Tam K

    Månad sedan

    I honestly don't even care about the drama I'm just here to be cheered up by Angelika😍

  82. Hannah Eve

    Hannah Eve

    Månad sedan

    The hair! Love it!

  83. Angy


    Månad sedan


  84. Tami O

    Tami O

    Månad sedan

    My opinion is what you feed you grow. Ignore hate. You’re not making content for your haters it’s for your nice viewers who enjoy it. Stop feeding trolls. If you’re doing really bad mean greedy illegal stuff etc then definitely people who want this fame & attention (& MONEY) need to be called out... but not threatened & abused. That just grows hate/negativity. Lead by example then it BECOMES the norm if that’s all we feed to the universe (positivity ❤️ it grows from a seed

  85. Luca


    Månad sedan

    About the sienna situation, I'll never be able to sympathize with a creator that talks about mental health when they're only getting shit because of their own actions. Like she was traveling with her friends on vacay with no mask? Was her mental health low then? No. She makes money from an app with no talent, if mental health was that important to you, you would leave it.

  86. Alexandra Poole

    Alexandra Poole

    Månad sedan

    I feel like TikTok is the worst app for mob mentalities. People switch up so fast and just go with whatever the newest side of the story is. It’s crazy.

  87. Darlene Tran

    Darlene Tran

    Månad sedan

    I think you’re wrong about that, I think just promoting your family’s products (especially skincare) would cause her a lot of backlash. I don’t know that SE-oner that well but like definitely if she just plugged Catharine’s products without using it first and seeing if there’s actual results everyone would have gave her crap for it. I think that was the best choice. That being said who cares what any of these people do LOL.

  88. Grace Kathers

    Grace Kathers

    Månad sedan

    family channels are seriously the community in youtube that is so underground you’re surprised they have over 3 mil

  89. elisha varga

    elisha varga

    Månad sedan

    baffling to me how much these people go on vacation. i havent been on a vacation for about 5 years!! i cant imagine going a couple times a year

  90. Stephanie DeMeyer

    Stephanie DeMeyer

    Månad sedan

    Depending on how old Danielle is (which is up for debate in the first place), there's something called the Romeo and Juliet law that allows a person under 18 (within a certain number of years, varies by state) to date someone over 18. Sometimes they need to have a relationship before one party turns 18, sometimes they don't. US consent laws are a giant mess and are just generally confusing, but it never goes to court unless one party (or their parents) brings it to court

  91. Kira Kuroe

    Kira Kuroe

    Månad sedan

    This pandemic has almost lasted a year and these ignorant brats still think it’s about them. No my guy, it’s about people like my grandparents who haven’t properly left the house for like half a year now. Or like my parents who have to balance owning a business with government restrictions while trying not to fire anyone. Or like my friend who sat christmas alone in quarantine as her parents where sick with covid. It doesn’t have to affect you right now directly to be serious you selfish assholes

  92. Natalie Szerwinski

    Natalie Szerwinski

    Månad sedan

    I'm not sure what the laws are in the States but I remember someone mentioning that some places (Canada maybe?) have a law that allows minors over 16 are able to date people that are of age, as long as there's not more than a 5 year age gap. someone might want to fact check this but I've heard a lot of relationships on social media being criticized in circumstances where this type of thing might apply

  93. the muse of ptolemy

    the muse of ptolemy

    Månad sedan

    I'm sorry, but Danielle Cohn will always remain 13 to me.

  94. Jocelyn Murphy

    Jocelyn Murphy

    Månad sedan

    I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: if you don’t like being on TikTok, don’t go on TikTok. We didn’t have it for thousands of years. You’ll be fine without it.

  95. em garden

    em garden

    Månad sedan

    I swear, I thought she was born in 2006? This would make her 14, going on to 15. This is not 16.

  96. effy wednesday

    effy wednesday

    Månad sedan

    i haven’t the faintest who 90% of these people are but i like to watch these videos and really appreciate how normal and drama free my life is love it

  97. Jay Kay

    Jay Kay

    Månad sedan

    It’s not illegal for an 18yr old and a 16yr old to be in a relationship it’s illegal if they do anything s*xual but there’s no laws saying they can’t date.

  98. Kai


    Månad sedan

    no i’m angry because we don’t want them in puerto rico. i went once to el viejo san juan with my siblings and cousin because my cousin was in a dark place and she needed us- the thing is, tourists were EVERYWHERE, NOT WEARING A MASK, and the authorities weren’t saying anything. i literally don’t want them here, we already have enough on our plate and they’re just making things worse. there’s no reason to travel here, no excuse for it. :/

  99. Khadija Kashif

    Khadija Kashif

    Månad sedan


  100. Homework who? I don't know her!!

    Homework who? I don't know her!!

    Månad sedan

    Social Media isn’t on the side that’s right- they’re on the side that *wins*. That’s the explanation for the constant flip-floppin’.