1. LandoRAY 28

    LandoRAY 28

    2 timmar sedan

    We could domesticate the crocodile thing and use it to hunt

  2. Carmen Burkhart

    Carmen Burkhart

    5 timmar sedan

    Are you sure that’s not the baskilis from the chamber of secrets

  3. Planet Cat  XD

    Planet Cat XD

    7 timmar sedan

    Stop telling me the creepy animal that a jumpscared of scream Stop Broooo

  4. Selever


    7 timmar sedan

    Him:im sure u can't outrun Kaprosuchus Sonic be like:your to slow

  5. WolfX walker

    WolfX walker

    8 timmar sedan

    Lets be honest if the kaprosuchus and titanaboa still existed today, it would be in australia

  6. Cameron_swain08


    12 timmar sedan

    U don’t need to outrun it just befriend it and show no fear to any of these or u r kinda doomed unless I am just THE CHOSEN ONE

  7. Cameron_swain08


    12 timmar sedan

    And no they don’t suffocate them

  8. Cameron_swain08


    12 timmar sedan

    Also work with snakes not true they r also still alive

  9. Cameron_swain08


    12 timmar sedan

    How do I know???? Because I have to FEED THEM Yh a bit scary buttttt when u been doing it ur whole life h kinda get used to it and the sharks end up respecting u and treating u like one of there own. Me and the sharks have suck a strong bond my favourite one the first one I ever fed risked its own life to save me from drowning. TRUE STORY BTW NO CAP

  10. Cameron_swain08


    12 timmar sedan

    Megladons ain’t extinct they just can’t surface ‘cause the water is never warm / hot enough and the pressure and right go below the below of the below of the below of the Mariana Trench and then u will c one trust

  11. Alliandre Anderson

    Alliandre Anderson

    12 timmar sedan

    We might be glad but they aren't 😩😫

  12. Scarlett_overkill


    12 timmar sedan

    Scientists are actually trying to bring the Megalodon back to life

  13. Ethan Inventor

    Ethan Inventor

    16 timmar sedan

    Kinda scared now

  14. Grievous


    16 timmar sedan

    Well scientists said that they might have seen a smaller megladon in the deepest part of the ocean

  15. Wali Saifullah

    Wali Saifullah

    17 timmar sedan

    I wish all these exectited

  16. PCRbanana


    17 timmar sedan

    Which would win in a fight? lol

  17. Ryan McFadden

    Ryan McFadden

    17 timmar sedan

    too Easy

  18. Ragsy


    19 timmar sedan


  19. truffle baby

    truffle baby

    19 timmar sedan

    When the megalodons were endangered they like basically shrunk so if yall have a megalodon tooth it's proba from when they were endangered but my great great great great (x5) grandma passed on a megalodon tooth and its bigger than my head O. O

  20. Ethan Romero

    Ethan Romero

    19 timmar sedan

    I love how he got the first picture of the kaprosuchous from jurrasic world the game

  21. Abdxlaziz8qr


    19 timmar sedan

    Megladons there was a rumor that they were seen so they might not be excint

  22. Petar Antic

    Petar Antic

    19 timmar sedan

    Dude you dont know anything the megs teeth werent the size of a human the megs mouth was the size of a human.

  23. Mamunur Basher

    Mamunur Basher

    19 timmar sedan


  24. playfull_star


    19 timmar sedan

    The kaprosuchus part he said u can't out run it but for sonic his much faster then kaprosuchus I think?

  25. •x[šįmp]x•


    20 timmar sedan

    So you mean the shark can kill aliens?

  26. gaming or blogging with Michael

    gaming or blogging with Michael

    20 timmar sedan

    Glad our ancestors were strong

  27. Christina Sims

    Christina Sims

    21 timme sedan

    If you're flash you can outrun him

  28. may lay

    may lay

    22 timmar sedan

    Wait I thought you said it was in one country and I have seen typed on the bowlers in real love to that is so scary but I have no ride I just stabbed him with a knife ain't you done with one gun and he's dead that's how we got instinct

  29. Holy bottle of Milk

    Holy bottle of Milk

    Dag sedan

    0:07 Nani two megalodons?

  30. Shana F.

    Shana F.

    Dag sedan

    Is there any spiders or scorpions cuz I'm really scared of them type of animal

  31. TPGsaranz


    Dag sedan

    That last photo was from Jurassic world the game and is a super rare

  32. IAmDuxky


    Dag sedan

    Well actually scientists think that the megalodon is still live in the the Mariana Trench

  33. Snitches Get stitches

    Snitches Get stitches

    Dag sedan

    So far in almost every grade i have been in, in my class i think i was the fastest so i think i can outrun the crocodile maybe not

  34. ꧁ᗰᗴ, ᗝᖴ ᗩᒪᒪ ᑭᗴᗝᑭᒪᗴ꧂

    ꧁ᗰᗴ, ᗝᖴ ᗩᒪᒪ ᑭᗴᗝᑭᒪᗴ꧂

    Dag sedan

    it’s you’re not your it said so in the tiktok dumbass

  35. Juztyn Soto

    Juztyn Soto

    Dag sedan

    Titanabowa was never real and yes I forgot how to spell it

  36. Ragz


    Dag sedan

    I have seen all of those on ark

  37. Isaac Gaming

    Isaac Gaming

    Dag sedan

    Let me know I’m superFast

  38. Isaac Gaming

    Isaac Gaming

    Dag sedan

    Zero power

  39. Isaac Gaming

    Isaac Gaming

    Dag sedan

    It might be faster than

  40. ♡ItzMari♡


    Dag sedan

    I'm glad they're extinct 😩✋

  41. Braden Cook

    Braden Cook

    Dag sedan

    What about ratzilla

  42. Jameela Riaz

    Jameela Riaz

    Dag sedan

    Can Usain Bolt outrun the kaprosuckus

  43. Erika E

    Erika E

    Dag sedan

    At the end of the vid the kapur whatever is a ark model

  44. Nid Moore

    Nid Moore

    Dag sedan

    People say the titani

    • Nid Moore

      Nid Moore

      Dag sedan

      People say the titanabioa still exist

  45. Simply irresistible

    Simply irresistible

    Dag sedan

    My man literally took a pic from Jurassic world the game for the Kaprosuchus.

  46. Imposter


    Dag sedan

    Titanaboa a homie tho

  47. 「Δίας」


    Dag sedan

    The last creature was really thicc for some reason

  48. Mr. Cheese

    Mr. Cheese

    Dag sedan

    I don't know if you care but the reason why so many reptiles were really big is cuz they absorb the heat from the Sun cuz there were much more solar flares and the time

  49. Random dude

    Random dude

    Dag sedan

    I want all this creatures to be back alive

  50. Dream YT

    Dream YT

    Dag sedan

    I have a megladon tooth

  51. Riyadh 14

    Riyadh 14

    Dag sedan

    I like the fact that the first kaprosuchus picture is from JW The Game

  52. Trish Shavers

    Trish Shavers

    Dag sedan

    The last one is not in the museum it not exist

  53. It’z mxnii

    It’z mxnii

    2 dagar sedan

    This guy is stupid again- EVERY SNAKE S T R A N G L E S THEIR PREY

  54. Allen Jr

    Allen Jr

    2 dagar sedan

    We asked you Google that is not real the first one is not real

  55. Aésthetic_Emmà


    2 dagar sedan

    Him:The magladon shark that could kill almost anything Me:Please bring it back I really want it to kill covid-19

  56. Ava


    2 dagar sedan

    You sure magaladon is dead they only discovered 5% of the ocean sir

  57. Theo Whitehouse

    Theo Whitehouse

    2 dagar sedan

    The megs teeth are not THAT big

  58. Eva_Fan 9283

    Eva_Fan 9283

    2 dagar sedan

    Why should I be glad?

  59. ja ja

    ja ja

    2 dagar sedan

    There just one left meglogen shark but it's been sleeping for 100millon years now it's stone

  60. Angus Webb

    Angus Webb

    2 dagar sedan

    “One tooth could be as big as a human.” Dude megalodon teeth were the size of an adults hand

  61. Deep_voice playz

    Deep_voice playz

    2 dagar sedan

    No.3 He: u can't out run this Flash: r u challenging me Me: 3 2 1 go

  62. MCexploder


    2 dagar sedan

    one: the megladon is around but it stays at the sea bed 500 feat deal two: the large snake thing is still around just not alive

  63. kookie


    2 dagar sedan

    The megaladon isn't classified as an extinct animal yet but it isn't classified as a living animal either cuz 90% of the ocean isn't discovered yet so its possible for the meg to exist but its still a mystery

  64. Spinoraptor Playz

    Spinoraptor Playz

    2 dagar sedan

    Fun Fact: the first kaprosuchus picture was from a game called Jurassic World The Game

  65. Imyagirlkay


    2 dagar sedan

    Him: the megledon tooth can be the size of a human Me: wait..(thinks of a great white shark) OMA GODDD

  66. Tiffany Mertell

    Tiffany Mertell

    2 dagar sedan

    Me* i’m glad that terrifying animals and sea monsters and dinosaurs are gone *him you will definitely not be able to out run a sea monster alligator wow you made 6000 videos of like I don’t know like you can run an alligator so what do you think is the answer

  67. HadiTheGoatedGoat


    2 dagar sedan

    Tell me something I don’t know

  68. Broskie Cactus Boi 🌵

    Broskie Cactus Boi 🌵

    2 dagar sedan

    Me : calls my dog a magladon bc her name is Maggie Also me : oh god I’m about to kill us all

  69. Wolf lover🐺🦊

    Wolf lover🐺🦊

    2 dagar sedan

    Yeah I'm really glad those are none existed

  70. Stacy Gustave

    Stacy Gustave

    2 dagar sedan

    I swear we got that last one in Florida

  71. Mariana Carroza

    Mariana Carroza

    2 dagar sedan

    The last pic from the Dino is from ark

  72. Tiger E.

    Tiger E.

    2 dagar sedan

    Ur content sucks

  73. Nick Rose

    Nick Rose

    2 dagar sedan

    Every video why does he poured water into a cup

  74. DOMINICK briones

    DOMINICK briones

    2 dagar sedan

    1 i love sharks 2 i love snakes i wish those to creatres were still a live

  75. Joseph


    2 dagar sedan

    Kapruchus is awesome bring them back 1 of them atleast

  76. Reena Rajan

    Reena Rajan

    2 dagar sedan


  77. xNebula


    2 dagar sedan

    "Titatic Snake"

  78. Soarin 123

    Soarin 123

    2 dagar sedan

    The oceans will not be off-limits megalodon‘s will not come within 5 miles of shore

  79. Sofia with an F

    Sofia with an F

    2 dagar sedan

    the titanoboa skeleton reminds me of the basilisk lol

  80. Faith Mercier

    Faith Mercier

    3 dagar sedan

    I love snakes🐍🐍🐍🐍❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🤎🖤🤍



    3 dagar sedan

    Yo there ain't enough proof to say the meg is ded it can still be in the depths



    3 dagar sedan

    Megalodon is maybe not extinct. Cause scientist have maybe founded a another one in the deepest part in the ocean(i dont remember the name), 🙃🙂🙃

  83. Samantha Jones

    Samantha Jones

    3 dagar sedan

    Him:this looks like something if a t-rex and a crocodile had a baby Me picturing what it would look like: 👁 👄 👁

  84. Zakteddy [stop flippy x flaky]

    Zakteddy [stop flippy x flaky]

    3 dagar sedan


  85. Storm Lamote

    Storm Lamote

    3 dagar sedan

    end de fastest man

  86. Andrew Casares

    Andrew Casares

    3 dagar sedan

    I've been running the longest time and I'm faster than a Lamborghini

  87. Gentlemen snek

    Gentlemen snek

    3 dagar sedan

    Give me the animals back science

  88. Life with Nyla

    Life with Nyla

    3 dagar sedan

    Me: Glad the Meg is deid News: The Meg is still alive Me: Im moving to Japan

  89. Katina Vazquez

    Katina Vazquez

    3 dagar sedan

    The last one is having a BIG leg day, lmao

  90. Hãwks


    3 dagar sedan

    Who said I was glad, I’m sad that they’re extinct!

  91. mlopez00710


    3 dagar sedan

    None of those were scary the snake I could simply probably hopefully outrun the megalodon I thought it was like the size of an elementary school it's not even the size of a two-story house or it is still taller but 60 ft is nothing compared to what I thought it was the last one thingy crocodile thingy just take a knife with you get a pocket knife it's that simple so none of those are that terrifying

  92. Roshaun Roache

    Roshaun Roache

    3 dagar sedan

    I'm honestly extremely annoyed when people assume something about me, and the way some of his videos do this tick me off

  93. Bruce Gardner

    Bruce Gardner

    3 dagar sedan

    I never knew a snake with no venom wouldn't choke a norther animal to death you idiot



    3 dagar sedan

    The pose the long-legged alligator did 🤣😂

  95. Lily Rodriguez

    Lily Rodriguez

    3 dagar sedan

    “You won’t be able to out run this guy” Cheetah has entered the chat..

  96. CH33S3


    3 dagar sedan

    Him And it would suffocate them to death Me How do you know

  97. ruth mb

    ruth mb

    3 dagar sedan

    Twist..... People nowadays: mom can I have that t-rex crocodile, i wanna pet and name him tony

  98. Eevee


    3 dagar sedan

    0:10 The megalodon could drop to 60 feet! Me: Me knowing that the Mosasaurus is bigger