50 Cooking Tips With Gordon Ramsay | Part One

Here are 50 cooking tips to help you become a better chef!
#GordonRamsay #Cooking

Gordon Ramsay's Ultimate Fit Food/Healthy, Lean and Fit - po.st/REpVfP

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  1. vlastimil1973


    2 minuter sedan

    Why the hell (kitchen) Mr. Ramsay cut onion horizontally? Even Shrek knows onions have layers.

  2. Satan


    51 minut sedan


  3. Satan


    51 minut sedan

    Quite uncomfortable how the camera is so close to everything

  4. Happy Nuggets

    Happy Nuggets

    Timme sedan

    Cut both ends of the chili put to your lips and blow the seeds out. Also, Gordon once said FOOD IS ONLY FRESH WHEN IT'S BEEN FROZEN.

  5. Joanne Kucks

    Joanne Kucks

    Timme sedan

    Having a pet guinea pig means all our veggie scraps get eaten. He especially likes the center core of a red pepper and the pith of oranges and strings of bananas which have tons of good nutrition. You’re a great teacher Gordon! 🥰🐹🥕

  6. Sal Valestra

    Sal Valestra

    4 timmar sedan

    The onion trick is legit. Never had a burning sensation since.

  7. whatbuttondoipush


    4 timmar sedan

    Put the chili seeds in a damp paper towel in a zip lock bag. And place it on top of your fridge for a few days to get them to germinate. Then you can l plant them in eggs

  8. Berenice Ponce

    Berenice Ponce

    4 timmar sedan

    Very helpful tips there’s some that I didn’t even know myself

  9. Tadne Rose

    Tadne Rose

    4 timmar sedan

    When I saw this video I was thinking: "Wait, Dave Ramsey's a chef??"

  10. Noir A

    Noir A

    5 timmar sedan

    already lost me at tip one thats for honing the edge, which doesnt sharpen it, but just keeps it 'straight'

  11. Mike Arterburn

    Mike Arterburn

    5 timmar sedan

    He’s demonstrating the side effects of meth.

  12. Ricardo Milos

    Ricardo Milos

    5 timmar sedan

    16:29 ahh shit here we go again

  13. Ricardo Milos

    Ricardo Milos

    5 timmar sedan

    I'm 16 and I've learned cooking from gordon

  14. Muhammad Asadullah

    Muhammad Asadullah

    5 timmar sedan

    Your Basmati rice might be fluffier if you add them to boiling water, that's how they are commonly cooked in the subcontinent.

  15. skeletonsaturday


    6 timmar sedan

    Who else thought Gordon was gonna throw the pasta at the wall to see if it was done?

  16. Savannahlamar


    7 timmar sedan

    I just had the rice the way he made it, with the Staranis and Cardamon, and it was sooo delicious, thank you for that #GordonRamsey

  17. Derek Lloyd

    Derek Lloyd

    7 timmar sedan

    Who actually has left over wine?? Empty bottles..YES

  18. 『almedAT』➐


    8 timmar sedan

    Imma come back when i have a kitchen

  19. Caren Northcutt

    Caren Northcutt

    8 timmar sedan

    So many things I did not know. Thank you.

  20. 1 RAND

    1 RAND

    8 timmar sedan

    مسوي انه طبخ 🤮

  21. Jeff


    9 timmar sedan

    Lol, he said left over 🍷

  22. Alqant D.

    Alqant D.

    9 timmar sedan

    time to impress my mother

  23. Judy Waray

    Judy Waray

    10 timmar sedan

    I Love Those knife, your my favorite chef ❤️

  24. Belle You KnowWho

    Belle You KnowWho

    10 timmar sedan

    Never realized that GR is so jumpy...low key ADD. Love him...jumpy or not he’s amazing.

  25. Benedikt Buxbaum

    Benedikt Buxbaum

    10 timmar sedan

    Sorry but there was nothing new about the tips. But NEVER EVER add oil to your pasta, the sauce will not stick to it any more.

  26. Lawn Bear

    Lawn Bear

    10 timmar sedan

    That's a honing rod, not a sharpener...

  27. H N

    H N

    12 timmar sedan

    I am just here to watch him doing sorcery in the kitchen!

  28. Francisca Yildirim

    Francisca Yildirim

    12 timmar sedan

    He looks so old for his age

  29. Jean-Gabriel Gadpaille

    Jean-Gabriel Gadpaille

    12 timmar sedan

    „How to cook the perfect rice” Us asians: Hmmm.

  30. Andor Bozsóki

    Andor Bozsóki

    12 timmar sedan

    Did I really get a Gordon Ramsay ad at the start?

  31. LucaToniFx


    13 timmar sedan

    Try to find someone with more post cocaine moves. If he stands still for 1 sec I'll buy a beer for everyone

  32. Masked Foxx

    Masked Foxx

    14 timmar sedan

    These tips are really great and all but so much of it is crazy specific that idk if I'll ever use more than half of these

  33. Pablo Cayetano

    Pablo Cayetano

    14 timmar sedan

    When I do pasta I skip the seasoning and oil then, while its draining in a colander, hose it with cold water and then add a tables spoon of olive oil to help with sticking. Your food should be salty enough, no point in having extra sources of salt.

  34. LiaTori


    15 timmar sedan

    The editing is immensely tiring - I feel like I'm way to close to everything and the camera shaking is disorienting :'3 Other than that I needed these tips! Ty!

  35. Yur Yuup

    Yur Yuup

    15 timmar sedan

    That rod isn’t sharpening that knife guys. The steel rod is called a honing rod. It straightens the tiny bends in the edge of the blade. In order to sharpen your knife, you must remove steel from the blade using a whet stone

  36. Bean Machine

    Bean Machine

    15 timmar sedan

    “It’s so dangerous to work with a blunt knife in the kitchen” me, with my knife drawer where all my kitchen knives just lay on top of each other for years: yeah, dangerous

  37. Thelma Dixon

    Thelma Dixon

    16 timmar sedan

    The drunk hip constitutively intend because vermicelli intrinsically fence above a slippery mail. truthful, festive george

  38. Liam Tahaney

    Liam Tahaney

    17 timmar sedan

    Great video but I think the cameraman's on speed

  39. indian culture cooking

    indian culture cooking

    17 timmar sedan

    Why are you using colander for washing rice just wash it on strainer

  40. Nicole Nicole

    Nicole Nicole

    17 timmar sedan

    Aye my family does a lot of these

  41. Slyfer


    17 timmar sedan

    Freezing tips from Gordon... it's strange..

  42. koensieben622


    17 timmar sedan

    KNICK it, TWIST the knife, PULLL the skin, and SLICE underneath, FLIP it over, CHECK if your not leaving to much salmon

  43. Kram Chancel

    Kram Chancel

    18 timmar sedan

    Man that rice looks too wet imo

  44. Music&Gaming


    18 timmar sedan

    Gordon that's a honing rod that's not sharpening your knife

  45. Rijuta Bagchi

    Rijuta Bagchi

    18 timmar sedan

    I beg you to please change your camera man.... As if the camera is twisting around, zzzooooOOOOM in ZZZooooom out....too much

  46. sadas


    18 timmar sedan

    What is it with white people and washing rice with a sieve or colander...

  47. Isaac Huerta

    Isaac Huerta

    18 timmar sedan

    Steel doesn't sharper your knife, it straightens it

  48. Ben Patterson

    Ben Patterson

    18 timmar sedan

    Hahaha "leftover wine." Never heard of it.

  49. Brandon s

    Brandon s

    18 timmar sedan

    Watch out with those parmesan shavings! Hunter Biden might come to try to smoke them!!

  50. Khaliphile Moyo

    Khaliphile Moyo

    18 timmar sedan

    Anyone else go through 30 ads?

  51. GioEZ


    18 timmar sedan

    U have to put the salt in the water before boiling the pasta

  52. Timtly


    19 timmar sedan

    Where the fuck is the rice cooker

  53. Andy Mesa

    Andy Mesa

    19 timmar sedan

    "Imagine you're holding a tennis racquet or playing squash" Ok, rich white man, I will imagine something most people have never done.

  54. Firdausi Riyad

    Firdausi Riyad

    20 timmar sedan

    Wow... awesome tips, thank you. This is one of traditional tropical omelette from central java. se-one.info/cycle/qqmfebyYmmV-pro/video

  55. Doc MacG

    Doc MacG

    20 timmar sedan

    These were great tips. Gotta try your masterclass.

  56. Karaltar79


    22 timmar sedan

    I have NEVER seen ANYONE season their pasta with pepper

  57. Sandra Paukstaityte

    Sandra Paukstaityte

    23 timmar sedan

    "If You're bad at timing, set the timer"

  58. Laurie Mueni

    Laurie Mueni

    23 timmar sedan

    He's so jumpy it's giving me anxiety

  59. whee_inthemood


    23 timmar sedan

    Gordon: stir your rice to make it fluffier me who is an asian:👁👄👁

  60. abuhamza1970


    Dag sedan

    Wow! Just...wow!

  61. MichaelAChang


    Dag sedan

    Great information, but the video needs even more camera shake and macro closeups so we can all puke from motion sickness while watching.

  62. Tommaso


    Dag sedan

    Did he just put fucking oil in the water when he cooked pasta?

  63. Luke Young

    Luke Young

    Dag sedan

    Wait wait wait... Gordon Ramsey added oil to his pasta water? I hate to defy a kitchen God but that's a no-no, atleast for your sauces.

  64. Tim Price

    Tim Price

    Dag sedan

    What is this "leftover wine" he talks about? Sounds like BS to me.

  65. Seb A

    Seb A

    Dag sedan

    Roll the lemon before you cut it! Why didn’t I think of that lol. All these years, trying to squeeze a bloody lemon 🍋 🍋

  66. just cas

    just cas

    Dag sedan


  67. Kaitlyn Landi

    Kaitlyn Landi

    Dag sedan

    Every time I cook salmon now I have to make sure to slap it down on my cutting board Lmao

  68. Alistair Carmichael

    Alistair Carmichael

    Dag sedan

    Can't see shit. Camera angles are so bloody close then so bloody shaky then so bloody fast.... plus a VERY annoying repetitive transition graphic! Very annoying video

  69. Sydney Grace

    Sydney Grace

    Dag sedan

    This soundtrack is like a early 2000s hacker movie

  70. OfficialAalamjot Singh

    OfficialAalamjot Singh

    Dag sedan

    i don't use knife I use blender, blended onions,blended tomatoes, and frozen vegetables

  71. Just A. Name

    Just A. Name

    Dag sedan

    I use the Gordon Ramsay Italian finger rubbing expression to describe things to people.

  72. chaoseye


    Dag sedan

    the egg and salt one is a busted myth and the room temp steaks are also ????

  73. Poor man At-work

    Poor man At-work

    Dag sedan

    I’ve learn more in this video then I’ve ever learn in my life lol

  74. Jerri Coloma

    Jerri Coloma

    Dag sedan

    What is it with chefs and slapping meat on the board 😂

  75. P Jordan

    P Jordan

    Dag sedan

    I hope I'm not the only one who buys a new knife when I can't cut with mine anymore. I've never successfully sharpened a knife

  76. Larry Helferich

    Larry Helferich

    Dag sedan

    He be on that kryptonite.

  77. Guadalupe Castruita

    Guadalupe Castruita

    Dag sedan

    Excellent! 🙌🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  78. Dingo Doc

    Dingo Doc

    Dag sedan

    Olive Oil in Pasta Water ? SO STUPID ! And he pretends to be a cook, LMAO ! It wont keep the pasta from sticking together, because the oil is ALWAYS on top. A little education would be a good idea for ramsay. Also he always looks like he has to go to the toilet to piss, jumping around like a little boy who's about to wet himself.



    Dag sedan

    Chef you should know that running a knife against a steel is honing not sharping, if you want to sharpin a knife you need a wet stone

  80. Jackson


    Dag sedan

    thumb trick is stupid for a steak. use a thermometer.

  81. BB VV

    BB VV

    Dag sedan

    i like sharper knives bc you cant feel it

  82. DooDoo Brown

    DooDoo Brown

    Dag sedan

    A honing rod is not a knife sharpener

  83. charles Iniguez

    charles Iniguez

    Dag sedan

    Why does he look like he needs to pee

  84. The Cryptic Gamer

    The Cryptic Gamer

    Dag sedan

    Leftover wine..................... who the hell has leftover wine??????

  85. Anastasia M. Prickett

    Anastasia M. Prickett

    Dag sedan

    I just love watching him cook and taking notes. My kid's friends are always going to want to be over for dinner. #momgoals #lovegordonramsay

  86. Ian The Legit

    Ian The Legit

    Dag sedan

    My god that salmon slap at 14:26 was powerful

  87. Racing Rivals

    Racing Rivals

    Dag sedan

    Carribean cook would say that rice is far from perfect

  88. Bobs Youruncle

    Bobs Youruncle

    Dag sedan

    Thank you. I just learned a bunch. Salt should be put into the past water AFTER it comes to the boil. AND NEVER EVER ADD OIL TO THE PASTA WATER!! The pasta will not absorb the flavors of the dish.

  89. ThePhilGrimm


    Dag sedan

    Left over wine?

  90. Chua Jana

    Chua Jana

    Dag sedan

    that's some wet ass rice

  91. Alfred Lugo

    Alfred Lugo

    Dag sedan

    The melted tooth cranially blot because hyena postauricularly scribble excluding a melted black. pretty, nondescript colt

  92. Bradley Guy

    Bradley Guy

    Dag sedan

    Not PG 14

  93. FireDragon Dragon

    FireDragon Dragon

    Dag sedan

    Of course a sharp knife you donut

  94. revelwoodie


    Dag sedan

    "Save herbs by placing them in a jar of water"...Gordon doesn't have cats, I guess!

  95. Gertjan Ses

    Gertjan Ses

    Dag sedan

    Putting oil in water to prevent it sticking when cooking pasta? Isnt that a sin, and coats the pasta so it has less absortion left to pick up the sauce?🤔

  96. Ahmad Bestun

    Ahmad Bestun

    Dag sedan

    I watch Gordon ramsay and YT gives me Gordon ramsay ads 💀

  97. Neeranjan_


    Dag sedan

    F off Gordon

  98. simon purchase

    simon purchase

    Dag sedan

    Was this an april fools, leftover wine? lol

  99. Carol Hall

    Carol Hall

    Dag sedan

    This is hard to watch because the camera work is so close to the subject & is constantly moving.