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We were lucky enough to get an exclusive early sneak peek of the phenomenal Polestar Precept the day before it went on show to the masses at Goodwood Festival of Speed. One word - wow!

This is the concept car that Polestar revealed in February 2020 and the design has proved so popular they've decided to make this car and get it out onto the roads. Some of the features in the model Jack looked around won't make it to production (charging strip lights and central door opening - we're looking at you) but most of what we can see on the outside is how the finished car will look.

The Precept is a high-end, sporty, family sedan which is both luxurious, yet sustainable using materials including recycled bottles and flax. Great thought has gone into tweaks to the user interface to make the driver's experience both easier and safer. It's a serious car with purpose and quite frankly blew us away.

Jack was also treated to a speed lap in never seen before experimental Polestar 2 prototype with motorsport upgrades, and managed to hold on to his breakfast.

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0:00 Welcome to Goodwood
1:45 Wow
2:20 Concept to Precept
3:01 First impressions
3:44 Striking front
5:05 Flax fibre
5:30 Side view
6:16 Sharp edges
6:36 Interesting rear end
7:31 Charging status LED
8:10 Into the inside
8:42 Another level infotainment
9:48 Sustainable materials
11:40 Super secret Polestar prototype
13:55 Subscribe, support, join


  1. Fully Charged Show

    Fully Charged Show

    17 dagar sedan

    What do you think about the design of the Polestar Precept? Tell us below...

    • Andre Rappsilber

      Andre Rappsilber

      4 dagar sedan

      Yes, so my personal opinion on the design of the Polestar Precept: it just looks stunning, the design is next level as if it comes to us from the future, I think it will be just as a design icon as the Citroen DS back in the 50s this extremely good-looking car is brought into production and the technical innovations are right then it will probably be a complete success. By the way, I hope that it will not be thrown on the market too expensive so that normal earners can also afford it, so its price should be based on Tesla.

    • fabulousprofound


      11 dagar sedan

      It’s always the beautiful concepts that end up becoming a disappointment when they get watered down as a production vehicle 😭

    • Guillaume Gras

      Guillaume Gras

      13 dagar sedan

      Have them make an estate of that, it would be the perfect 1-car.

    • Moni Ism

      Moni Ism

      14 dagar sedan

      @Benjamin Smith There is a trend: Volvo Concept Coupe (Polestar 1), Volvo Concept 40.2 (Polestar 2), Volvo Concept 40.1 (Volvo XC40). In other words, the production designs closely matched the concepts. I don't expect any major difference in the final production design (exterior) for the Polestar Precept's successor.

    • Adrian Dennis

      Adrian Dennis

      14 dagar sedan

      Will wait for the production model to be made before i make any comments, as other car makers seem to not live up to the hype from concept to actual production i do hope polestar do!

  2. gustacular


    19 timmar sedan

    I prefer the design language of the new Kia EV6 to this tbh

  3. am a

    am a

    Dag sedan

    ugly car,

  4. Sean Page

    Sean Page

    2 dagar sedan

    i need this car in my life

  5. Nicolas Brunet

    Nicolas Brunet

    4 dagar sedan

    I can't wait for them to announce the polestar 3, hope it's soon

  6. Adrijus Guscia

    Adrijus Guscia

    5 dagar sedan

    Seriously? Instead of showing gorgeous car you focus on showing a guy talk and gesture??? Learn to shoot what matters...

  7. saleesh k ravi

    saleesh k ravi

    6 dagar sedan

    Watching these videos because of love for nature 😍

  8. EADGBE2017


    7 dagar sedan

    This basically makes the Tesla Model “S” look like a Ford Mondeo.

  9. Steve Brozic

    Steve Brozic

    8 dagar sedan

    I love the suicide doors, I hope it makes it to production

  10. Michel te Braake

    Michel te Braake

    9 dagar sedan

    I still hope they will release the Polestar 1 as a full EV, such a fantastically beautiful car!

  11. Mark Lee

    Mark Lee

    9 dagar sedan

    Your Fully Charged logo looks a a bit similar to the Polestar logo... Coincidence?

  12. dutchdna


    9 dagar sedan

    Every time you say "will never make production" I'm less and less interested.

  13. 臺灣是國家臺灣是國家


    9 dagar sedan

    Nice ‘handsome cars’ can do without the ‘not the mechanics’ comments…..not funny with homophobic overtones going on here…….😠 New at the job, I understand & over all doing well I am sure. Relax, humble, Robert style works, re this channel getting to where it’s got. Relax bro, be humble, informative, polite, the humour will come later. Kia Kaha from Aotearoa 🇳🇿☺️👍🏻

  14. Nigol T.

    Nigol T.

    9 dagar sedan

    Elon, it's time to part ways with Franz von Holzhausen.

  15. Michal Klucz

    Michal Klucz

    9 dagar sedan

    while I love this precept almost production car, I don't see it on our typical UK B class roads, or when you have to drop your kid at school on your way to the office and damage your door because of the curb.. so I am waiting for Polestar 3, heavens be praised, the SUV ;)

  16. Julian Richards

    Julian Richards

    9 dagar sedan

    i know that Polestar is Volvo, but to me the Polestar 2 looks like what Saab would have made if they had survived.

  17. Piccalilli Pit

    Piccalilli Pit

    10 dagar sedan

    *LEATHER IS THE WORST* material you can make a car interior out of. My CL500 had to have heated seats and air-conditioned seats to make the seats livable. My 1983 BMW 740 had fantastic fabric seats and I was never hot or cold in them. Leather is an idiotic fad that has stuck for some reason.

  18. Ricardo Lourizela

    Ricardo Lourizela

    10 dagar sedan

    Dude, wear some proper clothes, you look like a hobo from 2003...

  19. Alfs Awful

    Alfs Awful

    10 dagar sedan

    Will sadly, never make production, ever!

  20. Mr Glasses

    Mr Glasses

    11 dagar sedan

    Please don't change the design too much. The bare minimum to make it road legal. PLEEEEASE

  21. John Dough

    John Dough

    11 dagar sedan

    Great job! Didn’t notice the “rough around the edges”. The precept and the Ioniq 5 are made for each other. A his and her duo.

  22. al Zollinger

    al Zollinger

    11 dagar sedan

    polestar poledance? good lookin' vegan motor doing a poledance! how did we get here? sustainable design language. wtf. It's like tofu swiftly advertised as meat equivalent I'd love to be the marketing big cheese for Poland, pillocks ... scan origin mind you.

  23. Tim Hendrikse

    Tim Hendrikse

    11 dagar sedan

    I'd buy it altho it is quote big

  24. Sam48


    11 dagar sedan

    I quite like SUV’s. So shoot me.

  25. Steve Richmond

    Steve Richmond

    11 dagar sedan

    Wonderful presentation(s)

  26. Steve Richmond

    Steve Richmond

    11 dagar sedan

    Flax as the basis for a new material is very interesting... Very strong, very light and flexible.

  27. Brent McDonnell

    Brent McDonnell

    11 dagar sedan

    Very well presented! Thank you for being so clearly thorough in such a small period of time 👌

  28. Mario Torrez Quant

    Mario Torrez Quant

    11 dagar sedan

    I felt your "it's not a SUV!!!" cause I felt the same, thank God!

  29. Frank Hsu

    Frank Hsu

    11 dagar sedan

    I don't wana be a party pooper but I wouldn't jump to the conclusion before production car. Mercedes already disappointed me once. god, I hope it really is as good as it seems. and not some limited production stuff.

  30. Robert Webster

    Robert Webster

    12 dagar sedan

    I've just joined Polestar... and I can honestly say.... there some exciting times.... and cars.... to come.

  31. BMW 3 Series

    BMW 3 Series

    12 dagar sedan

    Elon needs to let Franz go if Tesla is going to compete with that design. Wow what a front, looks awesome

  32. Lg Hammer

    Lg Hammer

    12 dagar sedan

    Awesome! That looks like so much fun! The Precept reminds me of a Lamborghini look from the rear of the vehicle, absolutely astonishing interior w/ that epic choice of sustainable materials, way to go Pole⭐ 😃

  33. nickie Redshaw

    nickie Redshaw

    12 dagar sedan

    Very nice looking car but for ££££££ it should be ! Thanks for another great video

  34. EMYHR


    12 dagar sedan

    EVs are supposed to save the planet but they’re looking more and more like Exotic cars then for the average consumer. EV6 1st Edition is $58k usd

  35. Granfer Steve

    Granfer Steve

    12 dagar sedan

    Absolutely stunning, let's all pray as much of it as possible makes it to production !!

  36. BaubleRob


    12 dagar sedan

    Rough? This was smooth as an android’s bottom.

  37. Canada HQ

    Canada HQ

    12 dagar sedan

    Why wouldn't those features make production? That's the difference between Tesla and others.

  38. Andru


    12 dagar sedan

    The more I watch this channel the more i feel they're just making free high-end commercials for multi-billion dollar international corporations

  39. Lxzar 12

    Lxzar 12

    12 dagar sedan

    beautiful car ,spoilt only by the hobo in front of it ,where's the older guy ,at least he had respectable dress sense, car makers should state if you going to present our car ,dress smart even in casual....

  40. Nick Roughton

    Nick Roughton

    13 dagar sedan

    Pity it’s not an SUV.

  41. Michael Cooney

    Michael Cooney

    13 dagar sedan

    I test drove a Polestar 2 in Los Angeles. And REALLY liked it. They need to get the range up, but it's an awesome vehicle.

  42. Javier Lezama

    Javier Lezama

    13 dagar sedan


  43. R Menon

    R Menon

    13 dagar sedan

    "You went out with a what?" "Honey, It's not like what it sounds, please step outside and see for yourself."

  44. Miguel Branco

    Miguel Branco

    13 dagar sedan

    Yes! Love those chapes! Tired of the round ones....but not a fan of that bump on the top, the rear cameras and the portrait center screen for now....and where's the old chap??

  45. Raymond Wong

    Raymond Wong

    13 dagar sedan

    This should be the first Polestar for sale to boost awareness with a more sexier design. The Polestar 2 (judging by how few there are on the road) is just failing, honestly.

  46. Mohammad sharif

    Mohammad sharif

    13 dagar sedan

    its like a model 3 and cybertruck had a baby

  47. Jeff Baker

    Jeff Baker

    13 dagar sedan

    "not an SUV" Does that mean it wont sell in America? I cant stand SUVs

  48. G4391


    13 dagar sedan

    Apple might likes it

  49. Passions


    13 dagar sedan

    Looks very Chinese, something from Nio.

  50. Simon Alexander Critchley

    Simon Alexander Critchley

    13 dagar sedan

    Yay the saloon survives! It looks great,but very sharp&wedgy. Sustainable materials ! Flax galore and a simple interior,billiant.

  51. magno


    13 dagar sedan

    Not a fan of the radar on the roof. That's just poor or lazy design. They could have integrated it into the from of the roof.

  52. Jan Willem v.d. Gronden

    Jan Willem v.d. Gronden

    13 dagar sedan

    I missed the introduction of this juvie, the new presenter! but I love his bad boy energy, bad boy as in literally, a menacy vibe. When Johnny left to kickstart his own channel, I really missed him, or what he brought to the table; and without any disrespect to any other presenter on FC, this dude has the chops! Like it a lot!

  53. Tube You

    Tube You

    13 dagar sedan

    Don't like the back

  54. Thanas Stefanis V

    Thanas Stefanis V

    13 dagar sedan

    Polestar 2 wagon / stationwagon / estate please 🤞 Good they are consistent and have animal parts free interiore 👍

  55. john wilson

    john wilson

    14 dagar sedan

    Polestar was part of Volvo which was taken over with Volvo by Geely a Chinese company, no doubt part of the CCP global takeover plan. The CCP have been trying to control the world financial, technological, scientific and industrial sectors. They have caused problems around the world with their belt and road projects trying to indebt entire countries under their control. There are already tensions around the world as China threatens other nations. Such control over such manufacturing will have repercussions as the CCP try to assume controls over governments. We all need to be very concerned at how certain countries are behaving and should only buy from our own or reputable companies and trading nations.

  56. Straighttalk


    14 dagar sedan

    If the production vehicle looks exactly like this one from the outside, then and only then, will i be impressed.

  57. harry smith

    harry smith

    14 dagar sedan

    Those door cameras big car -- British country lane good bye camera hello major expense to replace.

  58. Karl Kelly

    Karl Kelly

    14 dagar sedan

    That's a large lidar on top of the car. It needs to be smaller.

  59. KK B

    KK B

    14 dagar sedan

    Will the roof withstand a roll over?

  60. Vinod Bhandari

    Vinod Bhandari

    14 dagar sedan

    Tesla...are you watching?

  61. Virg Fresco

    Virg Fresco

    14 dagar sedan


  62. Nathaniel Johnson Jr

    Nathaniel Johnson Jr

    14 dagar sedan

    Thankfully their concepts are basically the production version minus a few details

  63. Brian B

    Brian B

    14 dagar sedan

    Haha, meanwhile all brands are pumping to have the next and biggest. Faster than ever. All i see are hunks of metal filled to the brim with plastic and electronics. Still flailing with the term “green”. Best of all, having power under their floors to power a normal house for days. It’s the ultimate snob thing of the moment.

  64. paulthew2


    14 dagar sedan

    Been following Fully Charged for a few years now...love the show, but could you please stop the 'saving the planet' bullshit? The front end of flax is not 'kind to the planet'. Like the electric motor, it may be less hideously destructive to us and all the other life than plastic, but that's still a big 'may be' that needs more data to confirm. Look, I think electric cars make a lot of sense, but it 'aint saving the planet. It's just more consumerism that requires huge amounts of energy for the mining, etc., and still requires oil companies and such. Yes, reducing exhaust fumes is a great idea, and this may be a better direction, but this is not saving the planet. Very nice car, btw.

  65. Pedro Ferreira

    Pedro Ferreira

    14 dagar sedan

    Less sensors > more sensors. Also saying to much "not going to production"...

  66. Chris E

    Chris E

    14 dagar sedan

    I love the look of this, big fan of Polestar's efforts.

  67. Geoffrey Smart

    Geoffrey Smart

    14 dagar sedan

    Stunning... and then the Lidar ruins it.

  68. TV죠


    14 dagar sedan

    What a wonderful car Lovely Polestar

  69. iamsoboredtoday


    14 dagar sedan

    Good video but why doesn't the camera person focus on the car and not the host? See 6:48 for instance. He's doing a nice job describing what he's seeing and we get to look out the window on the right. The subject is the car, right?

  70. nevadaxtube


    14 dagar sedan

    The car looks great, the host looks like he's about to clean out the rubbish from his garage.

  71. Val Ciobanu

    Val Ciobanu

    14 dagar sedan

    Not an suv! I feel you.

  72. Shoeless Joe

    Shoeless Joe

    14 dagar sedan

    Love it! Well, apart from the camera wing mirrors which will just get knocked off and cost a small fortune to replace.

  73. Klas Ekholm

    Klas Ekholm

    15 dagar sedan

    Really nice design but the LiDAR headcap ruins it

  74. Jizzle Cizzle

    Jizzle Cizzle

    15 dagar sedan

    The front fascia of the Precept looks like the one of the Sony's concept.

  75. AI Enyo

    AI Enyo

    15 dagar sedan

    Remember the days when everyone lusted after a Coupe instead of a Saloon? Now we're lucky to even get the sedan in this age of SUV's...

  76. tiberiansun978


    15 dagar sedan

    Fast and furious 10 has to have that polestar 2

  77. tiberiansun978


    15 dagar sedan

    I would very much like that Polestar 2, I will throw money at you for it.

  78. Mac Jim

    Mac Jim

    15 dagar sedan

    See us virtually shove you out of the way so we can see it 🤣😬 Sounds like you suffering from ‘falxulence’ there 🥴 If I were in the position of being able to buy an electric car, and the choice was between the Polestar 2 and a Tesla 3, then it’d be the Polestar I’d buy…

  79. superleggenda


    15 dagar sedan

    Amazing concept. Too bad that the suicide doors have very low practicality.

  80. Noob lade

    Noob lade

    15 dagar sedan

    Lidar = pass! "Full of himself" Jack = dislike! So much to change between this concept car and the final product according to Jack ( and so Polestar, who wrote his script)... It's still a concept car! 12:10 Masks not covering the noses, what's the point of even wearing them then?! Another pros for FoH Jack...

    • 臺灣是國家臺灣是國家


      9 dagar sedan

      Agreed. Jack looks like he just walked in from a pub crawl. Homophobic overtones re handsome cars not the mechanics..really Jack? At least wear a collared shirt aye… Follow Roberta style, humble, polite, well dressed, not trying to hard. Can’t watch this guy in future. 🤢

  81. WouterZtube


    15 dagar sedan

    Mmm looks like a tesla with sharp edges. Looks cool, but...

  82. Sag Ichnicht

    Sag Ichnicht

    15 dagar sedan

    That LIDAR box on top looks ugly as hell and outright tacky.

  83. Elmer Verstraaten

    Elmer Verstraaten

    15 dagar sedan

    Did he call the Polestars "Swedish" in the beginning of the video? I thought that Geely was Chinese...

  84. Kael


    15 dagar sedan

    The fist pump at not-an-SUV. Hahha, I feel you, brother!

  85. Chris Malikoff

    Chris Malikoff

    15 dagar sedan

    This is possibly the most desirable vehicle I’ve ever seen. Stonkingly stunning design, I’d have one tomorrow.

  86. Wol747


    15 dagar sedan

    You did ask, so: the back end of the Polestar two looks heaps better than that ex-concept car!

  87. Wol747


    15 dagar sedan

    Having the screen dimming and brightening every time your eyes pass it by strikes me as being the very opposite of non-distracting!

  88. Wol747


    15 dagar sedan

    Those wing mirrors remind me of Boadicea’s chariot wheel knives of legend! Great for cutting stray pedestrians in half….

  89. fladder1


    15 dagar sedan

    As they've done away with chrome, etc, I truly hope they've also done away with piano black glossy stuff in the interior

  90. Jörg Thomsen

    Jörg Thomsen

    15 dagar sedan

    I like the car...but your new presenter is just to primitive to endure...sorry... cancelling my Patreon.

    • 臺灣是國家臺灣是國家


      9 dagar sedan

      Agreed, over confident or just trying too hard, clearly homophobic comments at the start “handsome cars, not the mechanics”….really…..🤢

  91. Tom


    15 dagar sedan

    If i was buying for looks I'd get the 2dr but if I needed it to ferry around fully grown peeps I'd want a wagon for the headroom (and looks). Leather is so fkn overrated though and it's about time posh car makers got creative with more attractive & better materials.

  92. Gert Fransen

    Gert Fransen

    15 dagar sedan

    This so typical for concept/precept cars: the really /nice/beautiful things NEVER get in to production. Examples: Suicide doors/gulwing doors Glass roofs etc etc…

  93. Alex Wilson Pottery

    Alex Wilson Pottery

    15 dagar sedan

    Still waiting for the production model Lancia Sibilo…maybe now it could electric.

  94. Lulu Apple

    Lulu Apple

    15 dagar sedan

    I love Chinese cars!

  95. Ken Hes

    Ken Hes

    15 dagar sedan

    This might just be a Tesla ki...competitor. Just get the charging network right.

  96. Xpeng Fangirl

    Xpeng Fangirl

    15 dagar sedan

    nice, but hydrogen, and the hydrogen Zeon, has already reached FCEV realiability at 1200hp+

  97. Barry Sargent

    Barry Sargent

    15 dagar sedan

    Cabin lights (led strips and back lighting etc) and glass roof panels, two of my pet hates. In the 1930s or so, Ford made a car with panel's made from marijuana, ( in fact most of it was) so not really new but good to see this type of work happening again. I don't really understand how he thinks plastic bottle seats and door panel's are sustainable. It's just repurposed crap we should not be using. What's the matter with flax panel's and coverings? Henry Ford went much further than this, he hit his car with a sledgehammer with no damage. A demo like that would have impressed me more.

  98. peruface


    15 dagar sedan

    the new plaid telsa should of looked like this

  99. Andrew Lumsden

    Andrew Lumsden

    15 dagar sedan

    What happens when in a car park with other cars tight alongside and you can't get the doors open as fully as shown? When they bring out an estate I might then get one.

  100. Joop Tablet

    Joop Tablet

    15 dagar sedan

    Cool, another concept car. AKA fantasy car. I'll get excited when it actually goes on sale thanks.