Eating McDonald's Happy Meals until I get EVERY POKEMON CARD!!

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Pokemon is Back!!
I couldn't resist, I had to make an attempt to collect all the cards. But of course, we can't let food go to waste, so we're eating every McDonalds Happy Meal on the way!
Will I make it? Will I collect them all?!
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  1. Matt Stonie

    Matt Stonie

    15 dagar sedan

    Sorry guys... I ran out of packs.... Still, whos your favorite pokemon!

    • Sayf Rahman

      Sayf Rahman

      15 dagar sedan


    • The Truth

      The Truth

      15 dagar sedan


    • Mackinley J. Rattey

      Mackinley J. Rattey

      15 dagar sedan


    • Elizeth Mendez

      Elizeth Mendez

      15 dagar sedan


    • Elizeth Mendez

      Elizeth Mendez

      15 dagar sedan


  2. Jimmy Bao

    Jimmy Bao

    Minut sedan


  3. Kanchan Singh

    Kanchan Singh

    21 minut sedan

    the look in his eyes 5:30

  4. Ale Alo

    Ale Alo

    32 minuter sedan

    My favorite pokemon is squirttle

  5. Robert Hayes

    Robert Hayes

    59 minuter sedan

    Charizard and for my legendary I'm going to mention legendary Pokemon Entei

  6. Timme sedan

    Mewtwo is my fav

  7. Sand Fun

    Sand Fun

    Timme sedan


  8. Chantz Adams

    Chantz Adams

    Timme sedan

    PLZ PLZ pLZ do ZAXBYS full menu challange

  9. Jasmine Johnson

    Jasmine Johnson

    Timme sedan

    Time to get me some ear buds.🙂

  10. Arda Akyol

    Arda Akyol

    2 timmar sedan


  11. C* Yalnız Kurt C*

    C* Yalnız Kurt C*

    2 timmar sedan

    4:41 çüüüüüşşşş

  12. Ok.


    2 timmar sedan

    You should go to heart attack grill they have big foods also if you don't finish you get spanked by the worker.

  13. Chester Rodriguez

    Chester Rodriguez

    2 timmar sedan

    I got a challenge for you!!! Eat as many epic beyond original mex burritos from del taco in 20 mins 🤙🏽

  14. Typical Cupcake

    Typical Cupcake

    3 timmar sedan

    I feel hungry every time I watch your videos 🤤😋

  15. Noe Jimenez Cruz

    Noe Jimenez Cruz

    3 timmar sedan


  16. Patrikeu exe

    Patrikeu exe

    3 timmar sedan


  17. applejoy talislistorre

    applejoy talislistorre

    3 timmar sedan

    How did he just video a hand holding a pokemon card when theres no camera on the top

  18. Tawsif Games

    Tawsif Games

    3 timmar sedan


  19. tirkdiamond


    4 timmar sedan

    8:46 foreshadowing...

  20. 06 6D Choudhary Sairaj

    06 6D Choudhary Sairaj

    4 timmar sedan

    My favorite Pokemon is rayquaza and mega rayquaza

  21. mibom siram

    mibom siram

    4 timmar sedan

    His kidney be like:ahh fuck not again

  22. QUOT3


    4 timmar sedan


  23. Eliezel Torres

    Eliezel Torres

    5 timmar sedan


  24. Demon Boi

    Demon Boi

    5 timmar sedan

    You forgot the cardboard

  25. Hendradikari Hendra

    Hendradikari Hendra

    5 timmar sedan

    Like from Indonesia

  26. Molliza Sopheak

    Molliza Sopheak

    6 timmar sedan

    Waitress: what would you like from the menu Matt: yes

  27. zelme


    6 timmar sedan

    im hungry

  28. Sanjeev Kollapaneni

    Sanjeev Kollapaneni

    7 timmar sedan

    How is this guy not the size of Russia

  29. _ JBM0715_

    _ JBM0715_

    7 timmar sedan

    Matt u should redo the 14lb burger challenge Thant you did 7 years ago. I think you could crush it now.

  30. ᴗ͈ˬᴗ͈


    7 timmar sedan

    wint tne fak wow naes 😭👉🏻👈🏻

  31. Bertie Sharrocks

    Bertie Sharrocks

    8 timmar sedan

    Kids in Africa: I’m so hungry Matt: Woofs down 500 happy meals

  32. narain pd gupta

    narain pd gupta

    9 timmar sedan


  33. Emithu


    9 timmar sedan

    POV: theres no food at home and you are torturing yourself

  34. Sourabh P

    Sourabh P

    10 timmar sedan

    MATT we have a CHALLENGE !!!! SHAWARMA challenge 😍😍 it is an Indian dish...........

  35. Pug_ nacious

    Pug_ nacious

    10 timmar sedan

    Big boi blastoise

  36. RuKorgi Zak

    RuKorgi Zak

    10 timmar sedan

    Still wondering why hes still skinny

  37. momes cooks

    momes cooks

    10 timmar sedan


  38. Mushroom person

    Mushroom person

    11 timmar sedan

    a chicken sandwich....is a hamburger in your language?

  39. Garvvhs show and Tell

    Garvvhs show and Tell

    12 timmar sedan

    I hate you!

  40. Garvvhs show and Tell

    Garvvhs show and Tell

    12 timmar sedan

    I can't get one of those

  41. Garvvhs show and Tell

    Garvvhs show and Tell

    12 timmar sedan


  42. yahya sarfaraz

    yahya sarfaraz

    12 timmar sedan

    See you later alligator

    • seeni gzty

      seeni gzty

      12 timmar sedan

      Bro, how many gallons of water do you think you can drink ?

  43. Ibrahim Khan

    Ibrahim Khan

    14 timmar sedan


    • seeni gzty

      seeni gzty

      12 timmar sedan

      McDonald's sure made a lot of money off of Happy Meals recently. If it wasn't for the pandemic I would've gotten one since I think this is cool.

  44. Aiden Boyt

    Aiden Boyt

    15 timmar sedan


  45. Filipino Love Teams

    Filipino Love Teams

    15 timmar sedan


  46. Michael A Burns

    Michael A Burns

    17 timmar sedan

    Not complete until you get Chimchar holo Matt lol

  47. 123JakeyB


    17 timmar sedan

    He should eat food completely normal for a video to confuse everybody

  48. 陳紀軒


    17 timmar sedan

    So is nobody gonna talk about how much money he spent?

  49. First name

    First name

    17 timmar sedan

    My favorite Pokémon is chimchar

  50. cashipooh


    18 timmar sedan

    Me waiting for the fastest McDonalds NEW chicken sandwich challenge

  51. Matthew Brison

    Matthew Brison

    18 timmar sedan

    Post more videos. You never post a video once a week. Aggravating

  52. Fabrii


    18 timmar sedan

    you should eat a wedding cake, just like robin on how i met your mother

  53. PiXeL BR

    PiXeL BR

    18 timmar sedan

    4:01 lol

  54. H&A SQAUD


    18 timmar sedan

    Wait had you've done a Boba one yet or nah??

  55. Kamryn Hickerson

    Kamryn Hickerson

    18 timmar sedan


  56. Darkd3rp2005


    19 timmar sedan


  57. Dusk Raccoon

    Dusk Raccoon

    19 timmar sedan

    McDonald's sure made a lot of money off of Happy Meals recently. If it wasn't for the pandemic I would've gotten one since I think this is cool.

  58. EAEN Gongora

    EAEN Gongora

    20 timmar sedan

    Bro, how many gallons of water do you think you can drink ?

  59. spotlights Universe

    spotlights Universe

    20 timmar sedan

    U definitelyyyy not a pokemon fan if u passed 3 rare error pikachu's that r not holo smh.... that's the most valuable cards period .... what r u sad about 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 have u checked ebay

  60. AstroCat


    21 timme sedan

    I'd really love to see a video of him eating normally for an April Fool's video

  61. Janelys Gonzalez

    Janelys Gonzalez

    21 timme sedan


  62. Yasser Diaz

    Yasser Diaz

    21 timme sedan

    , I like all of them

  63. Tunned On

    Tunned On

    21 timme sedan

    Can u listen to this type of songs when you eat ? I will enjoy if u do se-one.info/cycle/mcaOrdeDjqWantg/video

  64. Scrater


    21 timme sedan


  65. DDTV


    22 timmar sedan

    i got a happy meal because of you :(



    23 timmar sedan


  67. Zatro


    23 timmar sedan

    Mue tw

  68. Charlie Lundborg

    Charlie Lundborg

    23 timmar sedan

    Can you do a 48 hour 50k calorie challenge

  69. Western Toys

    Western Toys

    23 timmar sedan

    hey matt stonie you gotta catch em all gotta em all

  70. Team KOS

    Team KOS

    Dag sedan

    Can you do 5 lb of chick fa la nuggets in 30:00

  71. Kelly Belger

    Kelly Belger

    Dag sedan

    my favorite pokemon is Pikachu

  72. Brian Orellana

    Brian Orellana

    Dag sedan


  73. Kelly Belger

    Kelly Belger

    Dag sedan

    do 60 packs of oodles and noodles challenge

  74. Ciro Brandt

    Ciro Brandt

    Dag sedan

    he cut the music on that holo cindiquil had me in hard suspense lol

  75. gabe itch

    gabe itch

    Dag sedan

    Gotta catch em’ all amirite

  76. Ka i Bye

    Ka i Bye

    Dag sedan

    Are pokemon happy meals still a thing

  77. Almin Ajanovic

    Almin Ajanovic

    Dag sedan

    Mine is mega charizard X.

  78. kawtar El bouzidi bts mochi

    kawtar El bouzidi bts mochi

    Dag sedan


  79. Ayaz Ahmed

    Ayaz Ahmed

    Dag sedan


  80. rami_btwww


    Dag sedan

    So you really gotta catch them all😂

  81. Oh Napper

    Oh Napper

    Dag sedan

    Bro was sounding like doctor strange at the end of infinity war, after he found that card 😂😂😭😭😭

  82. Zuzka


    Dag sedan

    He ate more happy meals in this video than I did in my entire life

  83. bizarre cornet18

    bizarre cornet18

    Dag sedan


  84. Kaan Kahveci

    Kaan Kahveci

    Dag sedan

    If Matt becomes vegan: "What's up guys today i'm going to eat a tree

  85. hit song,s

    hit song,s

    Dag sedan

    Matt going to MC MC;evacuate the place

  86. ALPHA


    Dag sedan

    i like to lesen to you when i play minecraft

  87. ZaC Francis

    ZaC Francis

    Dag sedan

    I love Chimchar....

  88. emna mrad

    emna mrad

    Dag sedan

    eat a 100 chocolate bars

  89. Wings of Goof

    Wings of Goof

    Dag sedan

    I gotta say that McDonalds you could order and move up the drive through and thirty seconds later your burgers are ready and I gotta say I don’t think they use real meat it’s probably the most overrated place... in my opinion sorry McDonald’s lovers

  90. Reem Al Shehabi

    Reem Al Shehabi

    Dag sedan


  91. YourBoyVanoss Gaming

    YourBoyVanoss Gaming

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    Hows your toilet seat?

  92. Prathima Kiran

    Prathima Kiran

    Dag sedan

    more chilli

  93. alex


    Dag sedan

    "mom, can we go eat McDonalds?"

  94. Bro Plays

    Bro Plays

    Dag sedan

    My fav pokemon is lucario

  95. anonymous


    Dag sedan

    how did logan paul single handedly restart this pokemon craze lmao

  96. Emil Bonde

    Emil Bonde

    Dag sedan

    My favourite Pokemon is kygre

  97. Dolphins In Gaming

    Dolphins In Gaming

    Dag sedan

    Fastest metabolism in the west

  98. Alfie Linnell

    Alfie Linnell

    Dag sedan

    my fav pokemon card is charzard

  99. Marko Misajloski

    Marko Misajloski

    Dag sedan

    Blend hot Cheetos and eat as much as you can with a spoon 👋👋👋

  100. abdul khadar mulla

    abdul khadar mulla

    Dag sedan

    my favourite pokemon is ARCEUS pokemon god