Mantis Shrimp Punches Crab’s Arm Off

The Peacock Mantis Shrimp is a puny pugilist with a ferocious attitude. They are more than a little territorial, they know exactly who’s moving through their patch...Unaware of the mantis shrimp’s presence, the crab strays close. Too close. With the velocity of a .22 caliber bullet, the mantis shrimp’s strike is the fastest in the animal kingdom The assault is so fast that friction makes the surrounding water boil... The devastating punch knocks the limbs of the victim and delivers a quick death...

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  1. Saiyo Designs

    Saiyo Designs

    51 minut sedan

    If humans could jump at 1/10 the speed and velocity the mantis shrimp can punch we would be able to jump into orbit. This blew my fucking mind

  2. Ben SMITH

    Ben SMITH

    56 minuter sedan

    This kills the crab.

  3. Trevor Sanchez

    Trevor Sanchez

    57 minuter sedan

    That’s insane lol he just hits him and it knocks the crabs 🦀 claws off lol 😂 that’s crazy

  4. Drew Wil

    Drew Wil

    Timme sedan

    1:23 that’s damn right king 👑 🥲

  5. Scalpelled


    Timme sedan

    Missed opportunity to say, "It's the Mike Tyson of the marine world"

  6. Ben Phou

    Ben Phou

    2 timmar sedan

    Great production! I think the music is too loud and drowns out your voice at points though.

  7. Adam G

    Adam G

    2 timmar sedan

    Imagine if he thumped your forehead

  8. Artur Karpinski

    Artur Karpinski

    2 timmar sedan


  9. Black MacBeth

    Black MacBeth

    2 timmar sedan

    Anyone from Terraformars?

  10. Stephen Collins

    Stephen Collins

    3 timmar sedan

    Yes, but is the mantis shrimp tasty?

  11. rushthezeppelin


    3 timmar sedan

    A 22 caliber bullet.....what 22 caliber bullet? That could be anything from 22 colibri to 22-250. That's a pretty big range of velocity.

  12. Can See

    Can See

    3 timmar sedan

    It’s bizarre appearance is from Gods creation - 80,000 years 😂

  13. Danielsan B

    Danielsan B

    3 timmar sedan

    I’ve been diving with hammerhead sharks, but THESE bastards scare me FAR more.

  14. theone21 1

    theone21 1

    4 timmar sedan

    Money money money money money

  15. Lawrence Racies

    Lawrence Racies

    4 timmar sedan

    The concept of macro evolution and billions of years is only a hypothesis with no evidence of transitional species in the fossil record to support it

  16. Jin Kee

    Jin Kee

    4 timmar sedan

    2:50 you’re welcome

  17. Johnny rowland

    Johnny rowland

    4 timmar sedan

    Evolution? Thought you were supposed to be intelligent!

  18. C Gallo

    C Gallo

    4 timmar sedan

    Damn nature! You scary!

  19. MKTZ


    5 timmar sedan


  20. Eye


    5 timmar sedan

    He didn't knock the claw off, crabs do that as a way to evade predators. They eventually grow it back.

  21. Orange Juice

    Orange Juice

    5 timmar sedan

    0:25. 80 million years of evolution, more like 80 million years of ASS WHOPPEN

  22. Wimar Santria

    Wimar Santria

    5 timmar sedan

    "the friction boil the water" basicly, this shrimp punch is a real life version of gomu gomu no redhawk technique from one piece

  23. Phantom X Mods

    Phantom X Mods

    5 timmar sedan

    Narrator: Blah blah blah blah Me: Yeah Yeah punch his arms off already so I can watch something else.

  24. Spider Encrypted

    Spider Encrypted

    5 timmar sedan

    That's our ONE PUNCH MAN for you.

  25. CampioneDi17


    6 timmar sedan

    Even the mantis like shrimp are psychos.

  26. big chubb

    big chubb

    6 timmar sedan

    *crab rave stops*

  27. Will Le

    Will Le

    6 timmar sedan

    This is the best car commercial I've ever seen.

  28. Timothy Tegel

    Timothy Tegel

    7 timmar sedan

    One Punch Shrimp?

  29. Adam Speed

    Adam Speed

    7 timmar sedan

    Holy crayap

  30. K John

    K John

    8 timmar sedan

    New meaning to “throwin hands”

  31. William Chastain

    William Chastain

    8 timmar sedan

    Bruce Lee’s fist impacting this things punch at the same time would remind me of the hulk and ironmans fist making contact in avengers ultron.

    • Flaschenteufel


      29 minuter sedan

      First i thought "yeah sure. i don't think Bruce Lee's punch will boil water though he was incredibly fast"....then i was interested how fast he was....turns out a mantis shrimp punches around 110 km/h - Bruce Lee had a punch at around 190 km/h o_O wtf

  32. Enoch Kan

    Enoch Kan

    8 timmar sedan

    Temperatures inside the cavitation bubble can reach higher than the surface of the sun. If it was friction boiling the water the shrimp would be the first one dead 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  33. abdul alqarni

    abdul alqarni

    8 timmar sedan

    Spring loaded punch

  34. Alex aka *Ghostpepper*

    Alex aka *Ghostpepper*

    10 timmar sedan

    Terra Formars. If you wana Know more off the Anime/l Power. But its a Hard One.

  35. arcwall14


    10 timmar sedan

    Crab: 'Tis but a scratch. Shrimp: A scratch? Your arm's off! Crab: No, it isn't. Shrimp: Well, what's that then? Crab: I've had worse. Shrimp: You liar!

  36. smoath


    12 timmar sedan

    Title - chad Narrator - soy

  37. angryengineer1


    12 timmar sedan

    that shrimp must have at least three different site memberships.

  38. SugarRay2


    12 timmar sedan

    The crabs were so much smaller. Furthermore, crabs often leave their craws behind to run away from predators.

  39. Subramanyam Raviteja Sunku

    Subramanyam Raviteja Sunku

    13 timmar sedan

    This thing has foot in 4th dimension 🙄

  40. Samad Work

    Samad Work

    13 timmar sedan

    Something something sting like something, something something fly like something. Ehhh you get it, right in the kisser!

  41. Vincent Raju

    Vincent Raju

    14 timmar sedan

    Pretty sure the crab just cast off it's claw as a decoy or maybe as some kind of offering. But hey, Go! One punch shrimp!



    14 timmar sedan

    Just imagine you being able to punch someone so fast that their arm will pop off 5 seconds later

  43. Oleg B.

    Oleg B.

    14 timmar sedan

    80 mil years of evolution, OOOOOOOOOKKKKKEEEEYYYYY.

  44. Anshu Giri

    Anshu Giri

    16 timmar sedan

    This guy has more redundant systems than an Airbus airliner!

  45. Obiwan Kenobi

    Obiwan Kenobi

    16 timmar sedan

    Now that's throwing hands

  46. Oliver Saunders

    Oliver Saunders

    17 timmar sedan

    This guy:The crab is well armed Me: *looks at title* Poor choice of words.

  47. NeutroxFTW


    17 timmar sedan

    The crab after losing its claw: 'Tis but a scratch.'

  48. Geo Leo

    Geo Leo

    18 timmar sedan

    I can't get Joe Rogan commentary outta my head. "risked of GETTING KNOCKEDOUT!"

  49. Anton Ironstag

    Anton Ironstag

    18 timmar sedan

    Float like a butterfly and sting like a bee? Well, the mantis shrimp can do both and then some

  50. KD _online

    KD _online

    19 timmar sedan

    18000000000000 years ago that’s where they lose

  51. The Sovereign

    The Sovereign

    19 timmar sedan

    Welcome to the Salty Spitoon. How tough are you? I punched an armored crab. In the arm. Yeah. So. Here's the arm.

  52. Jr Rj

    Jr Rj

    19 timmar sedan

    Gunslinger crab is faster. Creates a sonic boom strong enough to knock out eels and disorient divers. Its tiny

  53. Jake Driver

    Jake Driver

    21 timme sedan

    Francis Ngannou of the shrimp world.

  54. sixstringman


    21 timme sedan

    It looks delicious.

  55. Hatta Zulzila

    Hatta Zulzila

    23 timmar sedan

    The anime TerraFormars made me look this BEAST up...

  56. Pop A Perc

    Pop A Perc

    23 timmar sedan

    Damn that’s one meeean ass karate kick. Knocked that crab way back! And his arm! 😂wow

  57. Lance Uppercut

    Lance Uppercut

    23 timmar sedan

    I have Issues with being called a 🦚 🦐 so everyone gets it 🥴🦀🥊

  58. MoNeY BeatZ

    MoNeY BeatZ

    23 timmar sedan

    k the first minute dude made it seem like this was a car commercial with showing the new features and all lol

  59. Javier Torres

    Javier Torres

    Dag sedan

    Takes the term punch buggie to a new level

  60. JohnnyUzumaki


    Dag sedan

    Mantis shrimp is a powerful marine creature that not even the crab’s strong armor can’t hold it.

  61. Brian Kim

    Brian Kim

    Dag sedan

    No swiss No army No knife "SWISS ARMY KNIFE"

  62. Jet Gives Good Gaming Advice

    Jet Gives Good Gaming Advice

    Dag sedan

    I wonder exactly how hard this thing hits. Let’s say it punched my hand, would it leave a little bruise?

  63. D Lane

    D Lane

    Dag sedan

    80,000,000 years of evolution!? As if it's true.

  64. Alberto Guerra

    Alberto Guerra

    Dag sedan

    Crab: Well these claws arent just for attracting ma.... ..ME ARM!

  65. jj rusy

    jj rusy

    Dag sedan

    kind of bogus knowing that a mantis shrimp can basically kill anything, then just throw in victims.

  66. jon cappo

    jon cappo

    Dag sedan

    18 million years of evolution??? This creature shows the vastness of Gods creativity, it gives glory to God the Father of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

    • Joker


      Dag sedan

      Why is evolution so absurd

  67. Augustine Calvin

    Augustine Calvin

    Dag sedan

    80 million years of evolution? Really?

    • Joker


      Dag sedan

      What’s wrong with that?

  68. Leandro


    Dag sedan

    Tittle is miss leading. That is the crabs self defense mechanism

  69. Kp lao

    Kp lao

    Dag sedan

    I wonder if they can see ghost.

  70. Broly


    Dag sedan

    I seem a mantis shrimp punch a hole through a guys swimming boots and made his foot bleed so not surprised those mf are a menace

  71. chieken1


    Dag sedan

    Imagine this thing punching your nuts.

    • Hoang Minh

      Hoang Minh

      Dag sedan

      Rip nuts

  72. salaciousBastard


    Dag sedan

    Look here crab, do you want these hands? Cause if you really want these hands... I can go on and give you these hands.

  73. deshaun fortune

    deshaun fortune

    Dag sedan

    Rooster teeth podcast anyone?

  74. Chris Jennings

    Chris Jennings

    Dag sedan

    I think your info is incorrect I'm sure it's the pistol shrimp that closes kts claws so fast that it boils water

  75. NoToes


    Dag sedan

    If Deebo lived in the ocean he would be a mantis shrimp.

  76. Bob Goose

    Bob Goose

    Dag sedan

    Crab released it’s arm in order to escape. Wasn’t punched off. But ya still pretty crazy.

  77. Sean


    Dag sedan

    Friction doesnt make the water boil. Its the vaccum made when it strikes so quickly that causes a pressure change. You cant boil water with friction.

  78. Leo Yang

    Leo Yang

    Dag sedan

    3:22 The crab looks all-right after the punch..... oh.. never mind, poor crab..... "You are already dead."

  79. SlickEd91


    Dag sedan

    Next time you got to fight someone just this guy hes got your back and k.o. anyone 🤣🤣

  80. Fake Name

    Fake Name

    Dag sedan

    It didn't knock the crabs arm off, the crab dropped it. It fucked it's arm up so bad that it was unusable and the crab decided to just grow a new one

  81. Jeff Pierce

    Jeff Pierce

    Dag sedan

    Damn shrimp goes super saiyan for a sec lol

  82. BigHarry Kochenbauls

    BigHarry Kochenbauls

    Dag sedan

    The crab woke up and chose violence

  83. D3 Mitchus

    D3 Mitchus

    Dag sedan

    They actually pay people money to talk during a video which would be much more better in silence

  84. Mohammed Shezaad Boots

    Mohammed Shezaad Boots

    Dag sedan

    Mr Krabs stepped in to the wrong ass neighborhood, God daaaaamn!

  85. Chad Woods

    Chad Woods

    Dag sedan

    So Long Shrimp!

  86. aj


    Dag sedan

    i did not just hear "the big c0ck mantis shrimp" in the first few 5 seconds

  87. C4rl0s


    Dag sedan

    Love how SE-one’s algorithm knows I just watched project power on Netflix and shows me this 😂😂😂😂

  88. Doron David

    Doron David

    Dag sedan

    We found the underwater Mike Tyson

  89. Retro Amateur

    Retro Amateur

    Dag sedan

    One punch shrimp

  90. happyless sushi

    happyless sushi

    Dag sedan

    6 inch punching shrimp 🦐 Me too.

  91. Andy Artensol

    Andy Artensol

    Dag sedan

    That dude turned white as a goats

  92. Nekotikoz


    Dag sedan

    00:02 The big cock mantis shrimp

  93. Yusuf hussein

    Yusuf hussein

    Dag sedan

    Saitama been real quiet

  94. bleedingmetal


    Dag sedan

    “Start planning your crab feast.” Ad under the video.

  95. Umar Abid

    Umar Abid

    Dag sedan

    Fun fact: If a Mantis Shrimp was the size of a human, it would be so powerful that it could send a basketball into the freaking SPACE with just one hit. (Ignoring all the heat emission and sonic boom of course)

  96. Blake


    Dag sedan

    That crab most likely just removed its own arm to escape. It’s pretty common and was significantly delayed from the punch.

    • Joker


      Dag sedan

      Maybe it weakened the joint in the arm and then when the crab crawled away it caused it to fall off.

  97. Ericc_E_123


    Dag sedan

    3:34 my boy did the Birdman thinking about that meal.

  98. BAAB Media Group

    BAAB Media Group

    Dag sedan

    I wonder what it tastes like