The Weeknd - Alone Again (Official Live Performance) | Vevo

The Weeknd - Alone Again | Vevo Official Live Performance

The Weeknd's 'After Hours' is one of those albums that paints vivid pictures. Abel Tesfaye's music has a dark radiance that's both dreamy and eerie, and the record's videos flaunt their sensuality with a macabre grace. So we were thrilled to work with the singer and their team on three exclusive performances from the 'After Hours' song list. We're kicking off our roll-out with "Alone Again." Be here tomorrow and Wednesday for "In Your Eyes" and "Faith."

The Weeknd:


Executive Producer: Ed Walker
Executive Producer: Micah Bickham
Executive Producer: JP Evangelista
Creative Director: Ed Walker
Directed By: Micah Bickham
Director of Photography: Jon Chema
Production Design: Tyler Jensen
Producer: Ben Fuqua
Producer: Maura Ehmer
Producer: Maddy Schmidt
Producer: Maura Scully
Producer: Haley Sliger
Editor / Producer: Austin Prahl
Talent Producer: Gabriela Prisciandaro
Talent Producer: Annie Shapiro
Artist & Label Relations: Sam Mackoff
Lighting Director: Josh Beard
Lighting PM: Jonathan Woelfel
VFX / Design / Motion Design: Sydney Emery
Sound Mix: Derek Brener
Audio Engineer: Casey Graham
Post Supervisor: Michael Colman
Photography: Lauren Dunn
Color: Joseph Bicknell for Company 3
Produced By: Contrast Films

Music video by The Weeknd performing Alone Again (Official Live Performance). © 2020 The Weeknd XO, Inc., manufactured and marketed by Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.


  1. Dave Perpiñan

    Dave Perpiñan

    3 timmar sedan

    You are such an angel abel

  2. Johnny Wishbone

    Johnny Wishbone

    23 timmar sedan

    His voice is so beautiful

  3. Maxence Stamper

    Maxence Stamper

    Dag sedan


  4. Danielle Mejia

    Danielle Mejia

    Dag sedan

    Abel… I love you!!! 🔑🔓🖤🤎❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🤍

  5. crizangel


    3 dagar sedan

    How does this sound better than the studio version?

  6. Elias Jreich

    Elias Jreich

    5 dagar sedan

    i dont know if i can be alone again

  7. WolF Rss

    WolF Rss

    6 dagar sedan

    his voice is much better than the song audio itself

  8. Георги Георгиев

    Георги Георгиев

    8 dagar sedan

    its impossible an artist to sound better live than in stud....

  9. Boom Hero

    Boom Hero

    8 dagar sedan

    1:25 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥❌⭕❌⭕

  10. Cristy XO

    Cristy XO

    9 dagar sedan

    Proud XO fan of Abel since 2011 .. Just here rejoicing at the comments of the obviously astounded newcomers. Welcome to this side. 🔥 XOTWOD

  11. Jahanzeb Khan

    Jahanzeb Khan

    11 dagar sedan


  12. Никита Ярославцев

    Никита Ярославцев

    11 dagar sedan

    *1:23** It's divine, angels came down from heaven*

  13. FM Chico

    FM Chico

    13 dagar sedan


  14. Niro Kim

    Niro Kim

    13 dagar sedan

    Abel is an amazing singer and performer

  15. ElJay


    14 dagar sedan

    almost a year and the lyrics still hit deep 😭❤ Abel, we stand by You

  16. mrgelvis


    19 dagar sedan

    Not too shabby, but not Grammy material.

  17. sumpax7


    20 dagar sedan

    This souds like a trip but in a good way like a dream

  18. throatpiece


    20 dagar sedan

    1:24 chills

  19. Angelina Franco

    Angelina Franco

    21 dag sedan

    And this man didn’t get a Grammy ? Wow. Well He’s bigger than that ❤️XO❤️

  20. Colin98


    23 dagar sedan

    Its September 2021 and im still feeling it.

  21. MrUndeadPanda


    23 dagar sedan

    bro is NOBODY going to talk about the SUPER BASSY synth at 1:17? put on some headphone and listen to it. IT IS SO FUCKING MESMERIZING. love the performance though, XOTWOD

  22. Rohanna F

    Rohanna F

    24 dagar sedan

    He sounds so good live, oh my Lord.

  23. Kimberly Lindsay

    Kimberly Lindsay

    25 dagar sedan

    loving all his songs. he is phenomenal .......totally love him #the world's greatest

  24. dylan pnr

    dylan pnr

    25 dagar sedan

    I want this at my funeral

  25. Prasad Yesardekar

    Prasad Yesardekar

    26 dagar sedan

    2:11 has goosebumps vibe❤️❤️❤️ Everytime whoever like this comment i am gonna come and embarrass this vibe💙💙💙

  26. Prasad Yesardekar

    Prasad Yesardekar

    26 dagar sedan


  27. Cisca Wilson

    Cisca Wilson

    27 dagar sedan

    Such a good guy 💖

  28. Mark Watson

    Mark Watson

    27 dagar sedan

    His voice is the most amazing in the history of music!

  29. Varoto RG

    Varoto RG

    28 dagar sedan

    Es impresionante la fuerza que tiene Abel en ésta versión en directo. Personalmente la prefiero mil veces antes que la de estudio. Magnífico trabajo The Weeknd!

  30. Enirsen


    28 dagar sedan


  31. Prasad Yesardekar

    Prasad Yesardekar

    29 dagar sedan

    Man what song it is straight in to my brain stimulate my feelings 💙💙💙

  32. Michelle Mendez

    Michelle Mendez

    Månad sedan

    I loooooveeee this song 🤍🤍☺️☺️☺️

  33. Eduardo Diaz

    Eduardo Diaz

    Månad sedan

    The 7 mil views I think I just me alone. Love this performance

  34. charlie james

    charlie james

    Månad sedan

    This is cool man

  35. Daferti Maroc

    Daferti Maroc

    Månad sedan

    Abel : Ohhhh Subtitle : Heyyy

  36. Sudeep


    Månad sedan

    When The Weeknd sing a song in a live concert, auto tune be like okey bro see u later.😂

  37. [UNKNOWN]


    Månad sedan

    I can't stop listening to this masterpiece! It's a deep story and it describes me somehow perfectly... I love you Abel.

  38. EpicBroForce


    Månad sedan

    Living Legend.

  39. lily


    Månad sedan

    He's so good bruh wtf

  40. WillianOgw


    Månad sedan

    The Best Music 🔥

  41. Qasim Being Real

    Qasim Being Real

    Månad sedan

    Way better than the studio version :)

  42. AMN


    Månad sedan

    Deep, touching, pure art coming from a different dimension. xoxo

  43. Michael Rea

    Michael Rea

    Månad sedan

    The phobic boundary explicitly pine because weapon superficially welcome during a descriptive north korea. scarce, ten dugout

  44. marlen ortiz

    marlen ortiz

    Månad sedan

    He keeps me alive

  45. Mirko Simhofer

    Mirko Simhofer

    Månad sedan

    The Best in the Universe 🙏



    Månad sedan

    When I see this appearance, I just try to hold back my tears .He is amazing !!

  47. Brennan Smith

    Brennan Smith

    Månad sedan

    This was my most listened to song of 2020… and the album version truly pales in comparison , just incredible

    • EL RAW

      EL RAW

      Månad sedan

      Same here. This is immortal

  48. LAY MHA


    Månad sedan


  49. Starboy 000

    Starboy 000

    Månad sedan


  50. On my way girll

    On my way girll

    Månad sedan

    This guy has my heart fr

  51. Ronak Saxena

    Ronak Saxena

    Månad sedan

    This made me Abel fan forever ❤️

  52. Minh Hùng Nguyễn

    Minh Hùng Nguyễn

    Månad sedan

    love his voice too much......

  53. Joice Sousa Santos

    Joice Sousa Santos

    Månad sedan


  54. nicci


    Månad sedan

    this the most beautiful thing ive ever heard in my life actually

  55. marco malche

    marco malche

    Månad sedan

    He’s insane for this one wow

  56. Renato André

    Renato André

    Månad sedan

    Muito boa

  57. Obydul Haque

    Obydul Haque

    Månad sedan

    I like this song 😍

  58. Poisoner x

    Poisoner x

    Månad sedan

    I’ve not heard one tune that I dislike. I love them all , I need the Album’s ASAP 💕

  59. XoSADRAoX


    Månad sedan

    Come to IRAN 💗

  60. DaisywithaK


    Månad sedan

    After years of feeling so alone and broken and longing to feel like myself again, to "light up my star again," hearing this just feels so validating and I feel like I can breathe again. Abel, you truly are a lifesaver. Your art is a blessing in this world.

  61. Samer Youssef

    Samer Youssef

    Månad sedan

    Onlyfans song

  62. ibaiez


    Månad sedan

    This deserves 100mn views

  63. Nanda Kishore

    Nanda Kishore

    Månad sedan


  64. E T

    E T

    Månad sedan

    Take off my disguise I'm living someone else's life Suppressing who I was inside So I throw two-thousand ones in the sky Together we're alone (together we're alone) In Vegas I feel so at home (in Vegas I feel so at home) Falling only for the night So I throw two-thousand ones in the sky (the sky) How, how much to light up my star again And rewire all my thoughts? Oh baby, won't you remind me what I am? And break, break my little cold heart Call me up and I'll send for you Take me down to your altitude I don't know if I can be alone again I don't know if I can sleep alone again (alone again) Check my pulse for a second time (second time) I took too much, I don't wanna die I don't know if I can be alone again I don't know if I can sleep alone again Count it up, it's all for you, count it up Count it up, it's all for you, count it up I don't know if I can be alone again I don't know if I can be alone again (alone again)

  65. Jack Jeram

    Jack Jeram

    Månad sedan

    The man's live game is on another level 🐐



    Månad sedan

    this is the most cinematic experience that I've got out of music ever. whole album couldn't be released at a better time than into the covid era. very claustrophobic, eerie, haunting, anxiety prone and cataclysmic.

  67. Catherine Monroe

    Catherine Monroe

    Månad sedan

    This song has a special place in my heart. I was born and brought up in a Catholic family in Texas and my boyfriend was born and brought up in a strict Hindu family back in India. He moved to the states for college. We met in class and instantly fell for each other. The difference in our races created many obstacles for us. Even our parents stood between us because of the religious differences. But we stuck to it and fought all those battles together and today we are the happiest of couples.I hope we get to live with each other forever. ❤️🇺🇸🇮🇳❤️❤️❤️

    • tenmenz


      Månad sedan

      Go away.

  68. Chem Villagomez

    Chem Villagomez

    Månad sedan

    This isn't just a song. It's a portal to another dimension.

  69. Karen.A


    Månad sedan

    One of my favourite songs ❤🖤

  70. Ammar Hor

    Ammar Hor

    Månad sedan

    Its even better than the original version 😭💞😍

  71. Sarah Perumal

    Sarah Perumal

    Månad sedan

    can you ever get over his voice?

  72. Naja Bland

    Naja Bland

    Månad sedan

    The background walls look like the psych ward

  73. Nani


    Månad sedan

    I'm here after watching Bhuvan Bam's Instagram story 🥺

  74. odo kentang kw

    odo kentang kw

    Månad sedan

    The weeknd: alone again Michael jackson: your not alone If i'm hear from the song name is have a conspiracy

  75. Ich Erkläre Didac Edward

    Ich Erkläre Didac Edward

    2 månader sedan

    I love each word of this song, the maximus for me and for ever...

  76. Queen of Snow

    Queen of Snow

    2 månader sedan

    He is my religion

  77. Archons


    2 månader sedan

    “i don’t know if i can be alone again” this slapped hard not gonna lie.

  78. Evandro Sobral

    Evandro Sobral

    2 månader sedan

    I don't know if I can be alone again

  79. Evandro Sobral

    Evandro Sobral

    2 månader sedan

    I'm in love with this song

  80. Nove UK

    Nove UK

    2 månader sedan


  81. Michele Losito

    Michele Losito

    2 månader sedan

    Abel makes me smile big

  82. Yahya Oa

    Yahya Oa

    2 månader sedan

    Just me, my liquor and this song at 3 am

  83. Matthew Zagami

    Matthew Zagami

    2 månader sedan

    1:12 best part

  84. Lara


    2 månader sedan


  85. Mazda


    2 månader sedan

    Don't want to wish my days away but seriously cannot wait till October 22 when I get to see this live

    • EL RAW

      EL RAW

      Månad sedan

      Thats my b day

  86. Rosa elena Moreno

    Rosa elena Moreno

    2 månader sedan

    Áso tienes una voz bien potente y súper hermosa cantas como un ángel

  87. Rosa elena Moreno

    Rosa elena Moreno

    2 månader sedan

    No cambies ni de rostro así estas muy bien

  88. INGNS 1

    INGNS 1

    2 månader sedan

    I don’t think I can go back to listening to the studio version. This is amazing.

    • Jenn Vix

      Jenn Vix

      2 månader sedan

      This is absolutely stellar! I love the studio version, but I love this even more.

  89. vojtsn


    2 månader sedan

    this is my favourite Abel's song. This version makes it even better. I don't even listen to the studio version anymore because this is just heaven for my ears

    • Jenn Vix

      Jenn Vix

      2 månader sedan

      It is incredible!

  90. Caroline


    2 månader sedan


  91. shootingstar


    2 månader sedan

    1:13 0:46 2:49

  92. Barbara Štimac

    Barbara Štimac

    2 månader sedan

    When I say "orgasm" I mean this

  93. Ant R

    Ant R

    2 månader sedan

    I love this album and Abel’s Evil Bruno Mars character

    • Hibbs4Prez


      2 månader sedan

      Ha ha!

  94. Khay_ko (CS)

    Khay_ko (CS)

    2 månader sedan

    Why does his voice be so attractive?!!!

  95. Bimo


    2 månader sedan

    Back when i doesnt really know him i only listen to Star Boy (i know im not an og fan) and my friend suggest the After Hours,Holy shit i thought it was a diffrence person but then I REALIZED ITS THE WEEKND This dude can change identity by changing the hair.

  96. Maheswar


    2 månader sedan


  97. No Name

    No Name

    2 månader sedan


  98. ilyasse kabore

    ilyasse kabore

    2 månader sedan

    il y a des sons qui réveillent en vous des émotions de dinngues et ce son en est un !!!

  99. Soham


    2 månader sedan

    Another underated masterpiece

  100. Nina Vialle

    Nina Vialle

    2 månader sedan