Hekkin Bees Don't Taste Good!


  1. Kalepa2400


    Timme sedan

    Awww poor little guy 😂

  2. Akimi Chan

    Akimi Chan

    2 timmar sedan

    The dog be like :mah hooman is vewy vewy baad, no talk me hooman.

  3. Tetris_Citadel


    3 timmar sedan

    Girl dies of laughter while swollen dog watches with discontent.

  4. eva Garcia

    eva Garcia

    4 timmar sedan

    Really boy

  5. Amaya Taylor

    Amaya Taylor

    4 timmar sedan

    Now we all know not to eat a bee

  6. Jagiram  Akshay Kumar

    Jagiram Akshay Kumar

    5 timmar sedan


  7. Racecar the Destroyer

    Racecar the Destroyer

    5 timmar sedan

    legit couldn't tell if you were laughing or if there were bees flying around in his mouth

  8. Indigo Talmadge

    Indigo Talmadge

    7 timmar sedan

    Your wheezing is on par with Dream, lmao!

  9. Jared Clark Smallwood

    Jared Clark Smallwood

    7 timmar sedan

    You can see the filter struggling to track her movement

  10. N.N Pixel

    N.N Pixel

    7 timmar sedan

    DUDE THAT DOG BE LOOKING SEROUISE O__O Like :Really owner you laugh at me?: your lucky you own me

  11. somebooooooody


    7 timmar sedan

    thought it was one those Chinese shorts Laughs . Lol linda

  12. X The Unknown

    X The Unknown

    10 timmar sedan

    Ur gonna give him a complex..

  13. Roger Sepeda

    Roger Sepeda

    10 timmar sedan

    Gotta love that pup 🐶 ❤️ 😂

  14. MyNameIsGhost


    10 timmar sedan

    Bro the laugh progressing at the end killed me even more than the video

  15. Sunny Rustles

    Sunny Rustles

    10 timmar sedan

    Press F for the tryhards giving dog advice on a filter

  16. Heart Glimmer

    Heart Glimmer

    11 timmar sedan


  17. ExtremeMedium


    11 timmar sedan

    Your laughter stung him worse than any bee could

  18. Kevin Johnson

    Kevin Johnson

    12 timmar sedan

    Lolololol dogs have the craziest reactions to bee stings lol. My old boxers back in the day would get stung at least once a year each and their little lips get all swollen lol.

  19. Tigger campbell

    Tigger campbell

    12 timmar sedan

    why would anyone think this is funny..you sick bunch of bastards.."Linda " you're dog deserves better..you're gross ..

    • Tigger campbell

      Tigger campbell

      10 timmar sedan

      @Sunny Rustles why does that matter,? showing a dog like that..I've been stung it's painful and then itchy..then having a laugh track..its just not acceptable..

    • Sunny Rustles

      Sunny Rustles

      10 timmar sedan

      Well it's a filter, so...

  20. Tigger campbell

    Tigger campbell

    12 timmar sedan

    not nice!! bee stings hurt then get fn itchy..

  21. Indi Weaver

    Indi Weaver

    12 timmar sedan

    Me: harmonizes with Linda

  22. Kaylee Doyle

    Kaylee Doyle

    12 timmar sedan

    Poor tucker but like it’s pretty funny

  23. SHellDie


    13 timmar sedan

    God. Now that is one asshole of an owner

    • ZNyaTurretZ


      8 timmar sedan

      IT'S A FILTER.

  24. ✨Avids✨ #stopanimaltesting

    ✨Avids✨ #stopanimaltesting

    14 timmar sedan


  25. Ericat


    14 timmar sedan

    It's a filter though

  26. Show time Roblox People

    Show time Roblox People

    14 timmar sedan

    Sewllon ??

  27. walker assasin

    walker assasin

    16 timmar sedan

    Poor dog 😢😭😭😭😭

    • ZNyaTurretZ


      8 timmar sedan

      It's a filter

  28. Demetra Alexander

    Demetra Alexander

    17 timmar sedan

    Aubrey next time tucker won’t eat the hekkin bees

  29. Chickenugges36


    17 timmar sedan

    hey it is a filter

  30. Sad


    17 timmar sedan

    Did he swallow a bee?

    • Anjana.A 8C

      Anjana.A 8C

      16 timmar sedan

      No, it's a filter

  31. Tin Can

    Tin Can

    18 timmar sedan

    *horse having an aneurysm*

  32. Songs Shorts

    Songs Shorts

    20 timmar sedan

    I almost died when i saw this, so funny till death. Tucker is so cute and funny, thnks to Linda that takes care of him very well

  33. orouba14


    20 timmar sedan

    I swear for a minute i thought that poor dog was making that sound. 😂😂. Poor darling 🐕.



    21 timme sedan


  35. V Cole

    V Cole

    Dag sedan

    Me when I don't get my cookies:

  36. Wetsi Moloi

    Wetsi Moloi

    Dag sedan

    I remember when my pittie at a bee his mouth was so swollen and he looked so cute bc he is a red nose and AWWWWWWW

  37. Brentmette2


    Dag sedan

    At first I though this was voice over with Mutley laugh.

  38. Dale Babcock

    Dale Babcock

    Dag sedan

    This is fake. Using a filter

  39. Gill Taylor

    Gill Taylor

    Dag sedan

    Dude that’s clearly a filter

  40. BS . Com

    BS . Com

    Dag sedan

    That’s a filter tho... so...

  41. The judgment

    The judgment

    Dag sedan

    I need to hug the doge

  42. Camille Tournier

    Camille Tournier

    Dag sedan

    Look like a filter

  43. Alchemy Saga

    Alchemy Saga

    Dag sedan

    Tucker needs to learn to leave the jalapeño flies alone.

  44. tilak verma

    tilak verma

    Dag sedan

    It's feels illegal laughing when a dog ate a bee and is now swollen but one smile can make a big difference linda has got me laughing the whole time so now someone tell me is this a filter??

  45. Mother Macabre

    Mother Macabre

    Dag sedan

    Shit I thought my kettle was on

  46. Love2Love Love2Love

    Love2Love Love2Love

    Dag sedan

    Tucker is a cutie off the charts . He looks cute from every angle. I understand the laughing at his pure cuteness…. But his airway could close. He could have a seizure. Dogs can die from a bee sting if they are allergic. Honestly .. with all do respect I would be in my car on the way to the ER. My friend had a dog whose airway closed and if you do not know what to do or get your doggy care fast … well nothing good can happen. Deprived of oxygen . Death. Nobody laughs then. Love Tucker…adorable 💕💕💕 Avoid the regret and extreme pain of losing a best friend and be safe rather than sorry💕

  47. Kieffa Tiara 420

    Kieffa Tiara 420

    Dag sedan

    The laugh is so contagious its killin me 🤣

  48. ♡︎ adorbsxliaa ♡︎

    ♡︎ adorbsxliaa ♡︎

    Dag sedan


  49. Paolo Scicutella

    Paolo Scicutella

    Dag sedan

    Amore cosa succede?????❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  50. Chris Evo Eatherington

    Chris Evo Eatherington

    Dag sedan

    If this was real I guarantee Courtney (Linda) would have had Tucker at the vets office faster than Usain Bolt after a vindaloo and not taking videos

  51. Dead account

    Dead account

    Dag sedan

    dont worry tucker, youre still handsome as always

  52. Sarah Khytryy

    Sarah Khytryy

    Dag sedan


  53. Split Dragon

    Split Dragon

    Dag sedan

    Filter. Don’t know why you want to pretend your dog was stung that bad

    • AethernalVoid


      Dag sedan

      Cause animal cruelty fun, i guess. Gets a lot of views these days. Just like close-ups of horses mating. SE-one is nasty af.

  54. Ryan Wahi

    Ryan Wahi

    Dag sedan

    Poor tucker 😂😂😂

  55. D1LL1GAF WYT


    Dag sedan

    Tucker: "Bees dont taste good" The bees: *"Do we look like food to you?"* Tucker: .... *Y e s .*

  56. George Sutton

    George Sutton

    Dag sedan

    Did he actually eat a bee

    • AethernalVoid


      Dag sedan

      It's a filter :/

  57. Cici Rouge

    Cici Rouge

    Dag sedan

    Okay… but the swollen area is moving… why are we pretending the dog got stung by a bee by putting a filter on? Or am I missing a joke?

  58. Emma_GachaLoverUwU


    Dag sedan

    I can't even lol his face 😂😂😂 I'm cracking up

  59. Emma_GachaLoverUwU


    Dag sedan

    Bro the laugh-

  60. Teddy Bear

    Teddy Bear

    Dag sedan

    Laugh is contagious

  61. Christian James Antivo

    Christian James Antivo

    Dag sedan

    I tough that was a normal meme voice but it was just courtny

  62. Citra Nightfall

    Citra Nightfall

    Dag sedan

    Ya…do the bees make his skin bubble like a filter too?? 🤣😅

  63. Storm Hunter’s

    Storm Hunter’s

    Dag sedan

    It’s all good he just got his wisdom teeth out. Lol!! 😂 😂

  64. yeboi j

    yeboi j

    Dag sedan

    That funny like yes love you

  65. Gotham City Ironworks

    Gotham City Ironworks

    Dag sedan

    Pup: "Ness thime you's thakin' me's furra walk, and I thee's a thnake, I'mma juss donna lethit bite you. Hooman." 😠

  66. Johaness Francheska

    Johaness Francheska

    Dag sedan

    you ok?😅🤣

  67. Shivanjal Shaw

    Shivanjal Shaw

    Dag sedan

    Why are you laughing Why are you laughing

  68. Beta Boy

    Beta Boy

    Dag sedan

    Tucker was the imposter • ⭐️ ✨⚡️

  69. Nandar  m

    Nandar m

    Dag sedan


  70. play with me 🎀 paudel

    play with me 🎀 paudel

    2 dagar sedan

    So cute looking face but with out doing that kind of face or if you make any face or normal you still look cute

  71. sonai


    2 dagar sedan

    Turcker be like 😂 its Linda's fault I became fat 😂

  72. Kyrra Wright

    Kyrra Wright

    2 dagar sedan

    Poor baby!!!!does him need a hug💜💜💜💜🥺🥺🥺

  73. unemployed


    2 dagar sedan

    i have a dog that kills every bee she see's, she's not allergic tho so it doesn't make her swell up like that.

    • AethernalVoid


      Dag sedan

      Just be careful with that around other dogs and puppies. Too many puppies die prematurely because of bees. It's nothing to take lightly.

  74. infanator GAMING

    infanator GAMING

    2 dagar sedan

    hope you enjoy all that necter tucker 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  75. LISA E

    LISA E

    2 dagar sedan

    i really dont know how you can find that funny!!! wth is wrong with you!!!!!

  76. Fruit Punch

    Fruit Punch

    2 dagar sedan

    As someone from British, I thought my tea was ready☕️🧐



    2 dagar sedan

    Kettle laugh

  78. XxIndigoFoxX


    2 dagar sedan

    It's a filter

  79. ReD_HeAd_TrXsH*


    2 dagar sedan

    I’m so sorry 😣 but that was kinda funny 😆

    • AethernalVoid


      Dag sedan

      Its a filter. The dog's fine.

  80. ⫷Blackberxy_Mocxi⫸


    2 dagar sedan

    Linda and Dream are now competing for better tea kettle laugh.

  81. Sal


    2 dagar sedan

    That supersonic squeal

  82. Kyleigh Bonesteel

    Kyleigh Bonesteel

    2 dagar sedan

    For people thinking that's her laughing, it's not, it's just a sound, and for people thinking Tucker actually got stung by a bee, well he didnt, it's a filter

  83. G: Lillian Wise

    G: Lillian Wise

    2 dagar sedan

    So maybe it was so funny that I peed my pants and maybe it wasn't (the poor dog tho)

  84. Christian Friederich

    Christian Friederich

    2 dagar sedan

    I think that’s a filter you guys

  85. QvZPlays


    2 dagar sedan

    Bro that laugh at 0:15

  86. Rebecca West

    Rebecca West

    2 dagar sedan

    Why is the woman laughing like Muttley from Wacky Races?

  87. Aric Hoang

    Aric Hoang

    2 dagar sedan

    ……………… Linda you need to work on that laugh

  88. Dragon Drawings

    Dragon Drawings

    2 dagar sedan


  89. Cole Peterson

    Cole Peterson

    2 dagar sedan

    i love tucker

  90. The_Roman_Empire


    2 dagar sedan

    Not that funny. Pooch was probably in pain

  91. Alex Anarky

    Alex Anarky

    2 dagar sedan

    WTF 😂😜

  92. QvZPlays


    3 dagar sedan

    Me: first I thought it was a other person Me Again is She Dying of Laughter Right Now

  93. bobo


    3 dagar sedan

    Take the dog to the vet instead of laughing 😒

    • ZNyaTurretZ


      8 timmar sedan

      That's a filter

  94. V


    3 dagar sedan

    Poor doggie ... I feel bad for pets who have an owner like this ... Stop messing with your dog and treat 'em right.

    • ZNyaTurretZ


      8 timmar sedan

      It's a filter

    • Nuclear Bomb

      Nuclear Bomb

      23 timmar sedan

      You fucking disgrace it wasn’t that serious

  95. itzivan


    3 dagar sedan

    videos with these laughing sounds kinda makes the video unfunny

  96. P C

    P C

    3 dagar sedan

    Laughing at your dog while it is suffering and may need an antihistamine to keep breathing. It never occurs to anyone the dog may need medical attention.

  97. iiSweet_ Avacado

    iiSweet_ Avacado

    3 dagar sedan

    Ok, so I guess I gotta call her out...Tucker didn't actually get stung by a bee that's actually a filter on the video as u can see it was vibrating on tuckers mouth when she zoomed in and that's actually not her laugh it's actually just a TicTok audio people use for making TicToks. :/

  98. CHERRY


    3 dagar sedan

    Is this real or is it a filter????