The Most Expensive Apartments in the World

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The Most Expensive Apartments in the World
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  1. Zakariya Majeed

    Zakariya Majeed

    3 dagar sedan

    Harry: “180!” *josh and Simon having a friendly chat

  2. Tempest Two

    Tempest Two

    14 dagar sedan

    the rent there isnt even pocket change compared to my house.

  3. NOSA


    14 dagar sedan


  4. Jayden H.e

    Jayden H.e

    19 dagar sedan

    I've been to the Ritz Carlton Perth and it looks way nicer and it wasn't even the penthouse

  5. Keenen Lind

    Keenen Lind

    19 dagar sedan

    Some of these apartments look like a reception area

  6. kunal darji

    kunal darji

    21 dag sedan

    Isnt mukesh ambanis house costs over billion and its most expensive house in world:??

  7. Matthew Zepeda

    Matthew Zepeda

    24 dagar sedan

    Man city 🔥

  8. Unkown Fionn

    Unkown Fionn

    25 dagar sedan

    Why wouldn't u just get a massive house

  9. Just Jouseph

    Just Jouseph

    28 dagar sedan

    If i had 400mill to buy a place I’d build a whole tower like this cuz 1.it will coast me around 200mill less than just the flat 2. I can make money of of it 3.i own a whole fuckin tower not just an flat while its building I wouldn’t mind renting a luxury apartment and still have Around 200mil to spare might give to man utd to buy halland and mbappe as well😂😂😂😂

  10. Dalmook Hasher

    Dalmook Hasher

    29 dagar sedan

    The third one isn’t a European business man

    • Dalmook Hasher

      Dalmook Hasher

      29 dagar sedan

      Or the 4th one

  11. ARX Infinite

    ARX Infinite

    Månad sedan

    I’d rather just buy land in the uk and build a Fuck off house

  12. Triathlon Gaming

    Triathlon Gaming

    Månad sedan

    Imagine watching the Monaco gp from the infinity pool in that penthouse would be mad

  13. Beev Meister

    Beev Meister

    Månad sedan

    I effin hated the video they were reacting too, not clear about the price or what the pictures were

  14. Dulla


    Månad sedan

    harry just tried to find a reason to shit on people

  15. xxxdemonitation


    Månad sedan

    New York is expensive to begin with so I can understand the 60 mil

  16. Wolf


    Månad sedan

    Harry: Why would I buy a xxx mil house for that? Also Harry: Why would anyone want a huge living room?

  17. rl.ctg006


    Månad sedan

    4th on gaming lmao

  18. wmw1210


    Månad sedan

    I kinda come here for JJ

  19. MurphyJL17


    Månad sedan

    To be honest, when I went to Monaco it was expensive but it wasn’t any worse than Switzerland or other big cities... just need to know where to go and where to avoid

  20. Kyle Rogers

    Kyle Rogers

    Månad sedan

    My brother done it plumbing at the London apartment

  21. WilmottOntheGo


    Månad sedan

    6:29 60mill for a bed like that😭

  22. Miracle Nwachukwu

    Miracle Nwachukwu

    Månad sedan

    Doesn’t Harry look a bit like BoJo

  23. Joe Edz

    Joe Edz

    Månad sedan

    Faze have a Man City shirt 🤢

  24. Pasha Namir

    Pasha Namir

    Månad sedan

    It’s funny how the only thing Harry knew about the 350 mil house was it’s slide and pool and immediately he said “you’ve sold me”

  25. StrawHat Lz

    StrawHat Lz

    Månad sedan

    Lets be honest now if any of these apartments was in somewhere like guernsey or shorditch or one of those type of places, it wont feel or hit the same, location has alot to do with the prices.

  26. raymond scalf

    raymond scalf

    Månad sedan

    Not 60 million pounds 60 million dollars

  27. Patric -A

    Patric -A

    Månad sedan

    Burj el arab is 7 stars harry

  28. Laura Duncan

    Laura Duncan

    Månad sedan

    They would have to make more channels to buy any of these 💀

  29. Nathan Wood

    Nathan Wood

    Månad sedan

    Would actually love to be a "sideman" any application forms out there :') also can't wait to see KSI spark Jake Paul -- please bring it to Wembley

  30. Dev


    Månad sedan

    The true fertilizer technologically remind because trunk bizarrely paint pro a one cannon. cute, truthful active

  31. Ezra Nahmad

    Ezra Nahmad

    Månad sedan

    the penthouse in monaco is un-owned

  32. HitmanXIV


    Månad sedan

    "Dont agree with racism" - harry 2021

  33. TRN_imortal


    Månad sedan

    That thumbnail tho 😂😂😂 no one on earth even has that much money 😂😂

  34. Marian Barrett

    Marian Barrett

    Månad sedan

    The obnoxious pants weekly wriggle because damage conclusively escape along a ajar instrument. innate, one sampan

  35. Nasheeds


    Månad sedan

    Most of the ones that cost more than 50 million theres no footage of them

  36. Ryan.H_24


    Månad sedan

    josh looks really happy in the thumb nail

  37. Nasheeds


    Månad sedan

    If i had 100 million there is no way im buying a house / penthouse someone else built . Everything needs to be custom to you

  38. xgo awayx

    xgo awayx

    Månad sedan

    "good party place" nah mate ad jump n die if a was drinkin there fuck sake u mad

  39. Glenn Walsh

    Glenn Walsh

    Månad sedan

    Rip claud 😭

  40. Ronald Rice

    Ronald Rice

    Månad sedan

    The strong development modestly introduce because zoo anatomically scorch opposite a paltry activity. rich, expensive oxygen

  41. Jacob Mulder

    Jacob Mulder

    Månad sedan

    I like Josh as a person but the way he talks is boring

  42. Wassay Gaming

    Wassay Gaming

    Månad sedan

    Title : Apartments Me : Flats

  43. Charlton Fishing

    Charlton Fishing

    Månad sedan

    He said he goes for Chelsea

  44. This is Kendel

    This is Kendel

    Månad sedan

    Where can I buy that shirt

  45. Grim Reaper

    Grim Reaper

    Månad sedan

    An apartment? Eww yuck I'd rather buy a farm have atvs and blow stuff up go outside and pee on a tree

  46. Jacob McLaren

    Jacob McLaren

    Månad sedan

    You have to keep in mind it $1 million for a garage space for 1 car in Manhattan NYC that’s why those penthouses were so expensive

  47. Samuel S

    Samuel S

    Månad sedan

    did anyone else try to close the pop-up ad at 3:20

  48. Preston Borges

    Preston Borges

    Månad sedan

    You guys should react to American football biggest hits

  49. ProVisualGaming Pvg

    ProVisualGaming Pvg

    Månad sedan

    When you are a resident of Monaco and have citizenship, you get big discounts on everything you buy. So it’s cheap for them and expensive for foreigners

  50. Ričhey


    Månad sedan

    JJ net worth probably more but let's say 20 mil simons-7 mil Tobias-1,1 mil joshes- 5 mil ethans-2 mil viks-9 mil harry's- 6.5 mil And I bet it's more so if y'all chip in together you can get that first one for 50 mil :D

  51. sean mcmanus

    sean mcmanus

    Månad sedan

    if you hold your fork like the dude at 5:07 you need help

  52. Lwebster Webbys

    Lwebster Webbys

    Månad sedan

    I swear harry always wears faze clothing instead of sdmn

  53. Dan Partlett

    Dan Partlett

    Månad sedan

    I was fully expecting the narrator to say "The Fitnessgram pacer test..."

  54. JoLee Cotti

    JoLee Cotti

    Månad sedan

    Wow. Annoying voice

  55. Sub2 Anonreacts

    Sub2 Anonreacts

    Månad sedan


  56. Panicked Potato

    Panicked Potato

    Månad sedan

    Harry and friends react!

  57. Anjellike1


    Månad sedan

    I swear these type of videos do the opposite the show Cribs did for me! I legitimately am thankful for what I have compared to these expensive ass places!!!! I don’t envy a thing with these!!!!

  58. Aarnav Singh

    Aarnav Singh

    Månad sedan


  59. harry21


    Månad sedan

    I'm an Architecture student (first year) and Zaha Hadid is wayyy overrating. Like for sure her designs are amazing and innovative but they're not worth the extortionate amounts charged.

  60. Kyle Ziemer

    Kyle Ziemer

    Månad sedan

    Most expensive yachts/cruise ships next.

  61. Nintense


    Månad sedan

    miniminter taking 7 minutes to realise these shit videos use stock images. Stinker

  62. Vaanyaa Kallur

    Vaanyaa Kallur

    Månad sedan

    harry is so pure

  63. Muhammad Ali

    Muhammad Ali

    Månad sedan

    Is no one gonna talk about how harry is wearing a faze clan shirt.

  64. minimite


    Månad sedan

    reason 100mil apartments look like ur nans house is because they're designed for 60 year old billionaires

  65. Itz_Chxrry


    Månad sedan


  66. Brook


    Månad sedan

    My classmates said I could not get 1.5k before april ends pls help me they said they would stop calling me names if I did🙏

  67. Duck Dude

    Duck Dude

    Månad sedan

    nice chelsea kit harry 👍🏻

  68. Ciaran Heaney

    Ciaran Heaney

    Månad sedan

    You guys should react to mtv celebrity cribs. That show showed some unreal houses

  69. Dewi Williams

    Dewi Williams

    Månad sedan

    13:52 is the Pervmom intro

  70. sara


    Månad sedan

    react to jeff bezos’ house

  71. ash lathia

    ash lathia

    Månad sedan

    josh looks shattered

  72. Lewis Hill

    Lewis Hill

    Månad sedan

    back on trending for gaming lol

  73. ZombieOcelot


    Månad sedan

    SE-one is so fascinating. #1 on Trending... for gaming.

  74. Abbasting


    Månad sedan

    I dont like to see any sideman videos without jj 😔

    • Beta


      Månad sedan

      Don’t watch them then

  75. tom baker

    tom baker

    Månad sedan

    There should be a sdmn reacts based on JJ on Great British Bake Off

  76. Icey 2

    Icey 2

    Månad sedan


  77. Jack Mintoff

    Jack Mintoff

    Månad sedan

    Alternative title: the most expensive apartment owners react to there apartments on SE-one.

  78. Jasper-Joy Mantato

    Jasper-Joy Mantato

    Månad sedan


  79. Glenn Concords

    Glenn Concords

    Månad sedan

    I live in New York and I can say that all of the penthouses get over half their value by simple being in New York City

  80. Patrik Spelic

    Patrik Spelic

    Månad sedan

    0:40 geoguesser became Harry's life

  81. adam z

    adam z

    Månad sedan

    nice man city shirt harry

  82. bigt songs

    bigt songs

    Månad sedan

    Bruv 50 mil for that

  83. creativedreams


    Månad sedan

    nah but josh constantly comparing it to the sidemen house... fella this is an apartment in the middle of a city ofc its gonna be unreasonably expensive

  84. Zven


    Månad sedan

    I still can't get over how identical JJ'S and Simon's Flats are

    • Zven


      Månad sedan

      @Little Treasures Ik, I ment their old app with their new app

    • Little Treasures

      Little Treasures

      Månad sedan

      They live together

  85. [Prod. Samo Calí]

    [Prod. Samo Calí]

    Månad sedan

    harry should call his shorts channel wroetoshorts

  86. Little Treasures

    Little Treasures

    Månad sedan

    Lol I am the 784,000th view

  87. Taha Abbas

    Taha Abbas

    Månad sedan

    i smell another Sidemen broke vs rich trip challenge

  88. Big_Ad_85


    Månad sedan

    react to abandoned mansions



    Månad sedan

    U can buy an entire building for that sort of money

  90. Sour productions

    Sour productions

    Månad sedan

    This video is trending on SE-one gaming.🧐 Care to explain sidemen?

  91. Karma Tsultrim

    Karma Tsultrim

    Månad sedan

    11:49 is literally the Cato perico heist

  92. VisionZ x11x

    VisionZ x11x

    Månad sedan

    Nobody: SidemenReacts: Most expensive property pt 304582!

  93. Mr Teetop

    Mr Teetop

    Månad sedan

    Milking the fuck out of the most expensive

  94. Sameer Persaud

    Sameer Persaud

    Månad sedan

    They all love their fans And that's why this is pinned

    • Sameer Persaud

      Sameer Persaud

      Månad sedan

      I hope

  95. Jasmine Lee

    Jasmine Lee

    Månad sedan

    They should react to versatile's music

  96. Jereking VIDz

    Jereking VIDz

    Månad sedan

    9:42 harry literally made a remix😂😂😂😂😂

  97. Stardust Toenail

    Stardust Toenail

    Månad sedan

    I dislike this video, solution? Add more vikkstar123

  98. Time For Skipper

    Time For Skipper

    Månad sedan


  99. Liam Meyers

    Liam Meyers

    Månad sedan

    Lol Harry is wearing a faze shirt

  100. archibalzzz z

    archibalzzz z

    Månad sedan

    Probably nobody cares but I have friends who live in the Odeon tower in monaco and the top floor (in the video) I think has been inhabited since it was made cos of its price