Kallmekris Come to mamma


  1. Jamie Powers

    Jamie Powers

    2 timmar sedan


  2. Natty Gamer

    Natty Gamer

    11 timmar sedan

    Tbh even i do sticky cup xD

  3. Bwilder


    11 timmar sedan

    Katrina is my favorite person.

  4. DaVonye Turner

    DaVonye Turner

    11 timmar sedan

    Love it XD

  5. midasgetsfunnky


    14 timmar sedan

    Rushins loveeeeee thare vodca

  6. Mahem Wolf

    Mahem Wolf

    21 timme sedan

    If my friends did that id throw a tantrum

  7. Pandaoftheweek !!

    Pandaoftheweek !!

    Dag sedan

    Clean cup

  8. Erika Martinez

    Erika Martinez

    Dag sedan

    The best add I have ever seed

  9. m00n.


    Dag sedan

    Reese’s and underrated and amazing in every way ( in my opinion )

  10. Bruh Sheep

    Bruh Sheep

    2 dagar sedan

    I always do sticky cup

  11. Connor Hanna

    Connor Hanna

    2 dagar sedan

    I actually felt bad until I realized they were all the same person

  12. AUD VID


    3 dagar sedan

    Mam u are my dream wife ❤️

  13. Katrin Mitroi

    Katrin Mitroi

    3 dagar sedan

    Please post something . I love you and I can't without your videos.

  14. Colwyn Harrington

    Colwyn Harrington

    3 dagar sedan

    You realize you just reposted an sponsored video right ok whatever

  15. Theory Pop

    Theory Pop

    3 dagar sedan

    There hasn’t been a new upload on this channel in a month

  16. paula maxwell

    paula maxwell

    3 dagar sedan

    Never take a woman's Reese's

  17. R4IN


    3 dagar sedan

    I can eat those reese's in a second

  18. partialwinner70


    4 dagar sedan

    I vote sticky cup too

  19. RoseBlows Studios

    RoseBlows Studios

    4 dagar sedan

    Misha can’t be shipped with Riley anymore they’ll be siblings :(

  20. Lunar B

    Lunar B

    4 dagar sedan

    If I were kris I would have slapped everyone in that room

  21. Megan Billings

    Megan Billings

    4 dagar sedan

    This is what I do with my brother

  22. Gabi Oprisan

    Gabi Oprisan

    4 dagar sedan

    I like slow

  23. Cora Macon

    Cora Macon

    4 dagar sedan

    Can I get a shout out I m a fan and I m subscribed

  24. Rileycat Wright

    Rileycat Wright

    4 dagar sedan

    I ship Janet and Katrina. I call it Jantrina

  25. Lainey Donaldson

    Lainey Donaldson

    5 dagar sedan

    Team sticky cup

  26. Crazy Gamer

    Crazy Gamer

    5 dagar sedan

    Sticky cup

  27. Rachel Adams

    Rachel Adams

    5 dagar sedan

    I think I’m good at doing rylie

  28. Dulce Mejia

    Dulce Mejia

    5 dagar sedan

    You realize she is the characters by the way how do you use so much mascara and all your videos with you-know-who the goth girl

  29. Dulce Mejia

    Dulce Mejia

    5 dagar sedan

    Me Rollin on my bed and almost falling on my thinking I fell off my bed and realizing I just fell in my little brother's bed while doing this or watching this video

  30. Chantal Nyirabikari

    Chantal Nyirabikari

    6 dagar sedan

    oh yeah i like stikycup

  31. Chantal Nyirabikari

    Chantal Nyirabikari

    6 dagar sedan

    can katrina and janet get maried

  32. Drippy Flower

    Drippy Flower

    6 dagar sedan

    I mean if you think about it she actually got all 3 of them

  33. Addo Kat

    Addo Kat

    6 dagar sedan

    Next time Janet needs to get the reeses pieces with 4 inside 🤣

  34. Klein Thomas

    Klein Thomas

    6 dagar sedan

    I’d be pissed too. If I didn’t get one

  35. Sandra Beltran

    Sandra Beltran

    6 dagar sedan

    Me: *grads a KitKat * * sisters garbs my KitKat* Me:omg give me my candy back and they eat it and say what candy

  36. Imogen Gartland-Wells

    Imogen Gartland-Wells

    6 dagar sedan

    I use Katrinas method, who else??

  37. ChaoticCitrus


    7 dagar sedan

    I eat it with the crust.

  38. Jewel Riggs

    Jewel Riggs

    7 dagar sedan

    Clean cup

  39. camerrill


    8 dagar sedan

    "What in the name of Mother Russia are you doing?" My newest favorite question!

  40. Coolpig7


    8 dagar sedan

    I vote clean cup only bc I don’t want Katrina to find me and hit me over head with bottle

  41. Christine H

    Christine H

    8 dagar sedan

    One like= one Reese's cup for Janet

  42. Hecate Laufae

    Hecate Laufae

    8 dagar sedan

    But really she got all 3 :D

  43. Jack the editor

    Jack the editor

    9 dagar sedan

    I'm with chad

  44. Mary ann Luna

    Mary ann Luna

    9 dagar sedan

    I still remember the " Da aka Da ankle" from 1 month ago

  45. Dorrian Danier

    Dorrian Danier

    10 dagar sedan

    I vote clean cup it just feels right

  46. Vicc Z

    Vicc Z

    11 dagar sedan

    Ive never seen a reeces cup oack that comes with three cups wut

  47. Alexis Mendoza

    Alexis Mendoza

    12 dagar sedan




    12 dagar sedan

    Im with chad to

  49. lettie long

    lettie long

    12 dagar sedan

    Little kid has nose ring

  50. Zeoxl


    12 dagar sedan


  51. Chels Lovely

    Chels Lovely

    12 dagar sedan

    Me: loves all of them Also me: tries hard not to SING bc I love the song Me again:BRUH THE LET ME SING THE DAMN SONG!

  52. Gacha_BobaLizzy


    12 dagar sedan


  53. suppressed sniper

    suppressed sniper

    12 dagar sedan

    Pt.3 please

  54. Kamille Rucker

    Kamille Rucker

    12 dagar sedan

    I just realized that “Callmekris” wasn’t just me.🤦🏽

  55. Christopher Davis

    Christopher Davis

    12 dagar sedan


  56. Entertainment & Fun

    Entertainment & Fun

    12 dagar sedan

    Some one else needs to buy her another Reese lol

  57. Ladybugs unluckycharm

    Ladybugs unluckycharm

    13 dagar sedan

    for a second i thought that they really were different people...

  58. Strawberry”sunset


    13 dagar sedan

    I am speechless because you haven’t been posting I’ve been waiting patiently and this is how you repay me and your other friends but they’re not important right now I’m just kidding they are important you’ve just left your fans here sad and alone

    • Izuku


      13 dagar sedan

      @Strawberry”sunset then find another reupload account, simple.

    • Strawberry”sunset


      13 dagar sedan

      I know but I can’t disobey my mom and get TikTok

    • Izuku


      13 dagar sedan

      This ain’t their official account, go to their TikTok

  59. BT21kid


    13 dagar sedan

    Sticky cup

  60. Aodps


    13 dagar sedan

    Idk how other ppl unwrap reeses but i dont… I literally eat it with the wrapper then spit the wrapper out after im done with the chocolate soooooo…

  61. MidnightUnicorn Unicorn

    MidnightUnicorn Unicorn

    14 dagar sedan

    Clean cup because then you don't have to suck on the paper

  62. EnderFox Studios

    EnderFox Studios

    14 dagar sedan

    I just eat it. With the wrapper I eat it

  63. Shtone


    15 dagar sedan

    anyone else notice it said reese instead of reese’s

  64. Carson InsideOut

    Carson InsideOut

    16 dagar sedan


  65. Nahu Torres

    Nahu Torres

    16 dagar sedan


  66. Slimcox


    16 dagar sedan

    Fake account pls don't just rip ppl off make your own content



      8 dagar sedan

      These is Kallmekris channel se-one.info/show/iciOsypkXcqSFqSPd-NRVA.html



      8 dagar sedan

      She's just a fanpage

  67. Heidi Evans

    Heidi Evans

    16 dagar sedan

    Katrina is right

  68. Miss.jacobs


    16 dagar sedan

    At least she got all three

  69. Mickey Mouse

    Mickey Mouse

    17 dagar sedan

    I vote eat the whole thing even the wrapper

  70. Helseno'sSabers


    17 dagar sedan

    Did she stop making videos???

  71. bull monkey

    bull monkey

    17 dagar sedan

    You do a great enough job that I actually got a little miffed at everyone taking and leving none. Then I remembered what I was watching, laughed, and watched it again.

  72. Jeff the killer

    Jeff the killer

    18 dagar sedan

    Ngl I do sticky cup 🤚

  73. Christina Dobrzykowski

    Christina Dobrzykowski

    18 dagar sedan


  74. Yuzumi Hatako

    Yuzumi Hatako

    18 dagar sedan

    "What in the name of Mother Russia are you doing? " 😂😂😂

  75. Sara Emde

    Sara Emde

    18 dagar sedan

    I LOOOOVE that: “Mh mmh.” In the start!!!

  76. bruh


    18 dagar sedan

    Yeah i vote sticky cup too

  77. dylon brown

    dylon brown

    18 dagar sedan

    You go chad haha 😂

  78. dylon brown

    dylon brown

    18 dagar sedan

    God status haha 😂

  79. Camdyn Fry

    Camdyn Fry

    19 dagar sedan

    Sponsored by Reese

  80. Malaka Begum

    Malaka Begum

    19 dagar sedan

    I eat Reese's chads way

  81. nigth flash

    nigth flash

    19 dagar sedan

    We have a product in the Philippines that is called wattop and the sides will stick i mean all of the side

  82. Family PC

    Family PC

    19 dagar sedan


  83. Evelyn Enright

    Evelyn Enright

    19 dagar sedan

    I do it the clean cup way

  84. Jenna Bright

    Jenna Bright

    19 dagar sedan

    Haha so funny lol

  85. arandom person13

    arandom person13

    20 dagar sedan

    Wait it's considered psychotic to eat the wrappers

  86. Sans the skeleton

    Sans the skeleton

    20 dagar sedan

    You take my snacks or anything I’m eating and I really wanted to eat it, I’m freaking slapping you. Don’t eat peoples snacks if they wanted to eat it and don’t pressure them into giving you a snack, that’s mean and plus my chocolate is *my* chocolate

  87. SketchyGamer321


    20 dagar sedan

    I do the sticky cup method it’s fun

  88. JackTheWarri0r


    20 dagar sedan

    I peel away part of the raper grab the teases with my mouth then eat it without it touching ur hands I call it the touch free method

  89. Pascal Grimm

    Pascal Grimm

    20 dagar sedan

    Please can you do more Australian bartender😄🇭🇲

  90. not your friendly neighbor ·

    not your friendly neighbor ·

    20 dagar sedan

    If you dint want to lose your reeces then Dont be shity with your unwrapping

  91. iamaturtle


    20 dagar sedan

    Kallmekris wanted to eat Reese’s but also had to make a vid lol btw I vote clean cup

  92. TheShadowOfInnocence ARCHIVES

    TheShadowOfInnocence ARCHIVES

    20 dagar sedan

    Sticky cup method is the best.

  93. FeatheryHalo


    21 dag sedan

    Please go look at Kris's official SE-one, KallMeKris! This is a repost channel with no credit!

  94. Syed Murtaza

    Syed Murtaza

    21 dag sedan

    From Pakistan Just remember, you are perfect wifu material, don't let anyone tell you anything else

  95. Lal Forrest

    Lal Forrest

    21 dag sedan

    Do fucking more

  96. Arya Pramod

    Arya Pramod

    21 dag sedan

    Way more videos have been uploaded by kallmekris.. especially the one where katrina confesses to janet.. so please try to upload them as well

  97. Mew


    21 dag sedan

    I vote sticky cup too 😆

  98. IRosencrantz


    22 dagar sedan

    I vote DEATH to whomever TOUCHES my Reese's!!! (Katrina might get a pass 'cause she's her woman, but that would depend entirely upon how quick she returned from the store with her replacement Reese's. Better be quick.)

  99. Megan Murphy

    Megan Murphy

    22 dagar sedan

    I love riley so much she is just perfect.

  100. Alejandra Lopez

    Alejandra Lopez

    22 dagar sedan

    That’s me with my little sister