The BIRTH to DEATH of a Minecraft Wolf!

Let’s see what a Minecraft Wolf’s life is like from Birth To Death! 🐺
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  1. Honestly Ezzy

    Honestly Ezzy

    Timme sedan

    0:24 PLSSS THE CLOSED CAPTIONS BAHAHA IT SAYS “She’s stupid” WHEN THEY SAID “She’s so cute!” 💀🤚

  2. Teddy_GirlxXLoves_ You

    Teddy_GirlxXLoves_ You

    3 timmar sedan

    Fun fact-Fun facts are not always Fun facts

  3. Shamcey tv

    Shamcey tv

    3 timmar sedan

    Zane Is A Simp a Little bit But Did Zane Call Kawaiichan babe

  4. Flairy Keona

    Flairy Keona

    9 timmar sedan

    Can you do a life to death one of the life of a skeleton?

  5. mary hatchett

    mary hatchett

    10 timmar sedan

    Wolf expo me on my tablet watching this that sounded like sneezing

  6. Riley Gartner

    Riley Gartner

    10 timmar sedan

    mak 5000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

  7. Riley Gartner

    Riley Gartner

    10 timmar sedan

    im 6 ok i love your vids

  8. Riley Gartner

    Riley Gartner

    10 timmar sedan


  9. Sai Divyanshi Bhanja

    Sai Divyanshi Bhanja

    16 timmar sedan

    Omg, Aphmau looks soo CUTE ❤️

  10. alma channel

    alma channel

    16 timmar sedan

    Why the skeleton's are not afaraid of them usualy in minecraft skeleton's are afaraid of wolf's



    17 timmar sedan

    Yes yes I have a few errands I have to go to do to go to the gym to get the gym to go to do Yeah right so you telling me that you have dogs in animals like my biggest fan ever and I love her so much she’s so cool so amazing I love your videos I like when she played it and I have to go to do Because I like dogs I like everything like you guys are you girlin like I want to see when she like northern like everybody like annoying person truly I like annoyed and I like pink because pink is my favourite you know pink is like so cool you can you should decide by paying by everything you need

  12. Santino Apodaca

    Santino Apodaca

    17 timmar sedan

    It’s like all dogs go to heaven

  13. Naobi Laishram

    Naobi Laishram

    17 timmar sedan

    The. Cute 😍😘😘

  14. Alexis ZeroSquad

    Alexis ZeroSquad

    19 timmar sedan

    I love how ein says is she food in every one of these they do

  15. xX_GachaWolfStudios_Xx


    22 timmar sedan

    Ein:*blows up* Server:✨Ein was blown up by Ein✨

  16. sans gamer

    sans gamer

    23 timmar sedan

    Pls who to brother i want the gilr plsssss

  17. Dion Messenmaker

    Dion Messenmaker

    23 timmar sedan

    Poor Noi

  18. Clarissa Cu

    Clarissa Cu

    Dag sedan

    So cute

  19. Yandel diaz

    Yandel diaz

    Dag sedan

    Erin: when your mom is done embarrassing you wanna go out on a date Apmauha: yea bye mom yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!!!!!!!!

  20. friez


    Dag sedan

    J kjjjnnuuhuhhbhfdfrd&&##+46*(;(7(7(7(6&()&#

  21. Mirrorfox


    Dag sedan

    Why does ein always think aphmau’s food?

  22. Noah Webster

    Noah Webster

    Dag sedan

    I hate you ein don’t kill noi

  23. Justin Bai

    Justin Bai

    Dag sedan

    2:33 best moment right here bois

  24. Sherry


    Dag sedan

    How do you turn into a wolf

  25. Brandi Saulnier

    Brandi Saulnier

    Dag sedan

    Can I please play with you on mincraft

  26. Leah Linares

    Leah Linares

    Dag sedan

    K-c got them all Zane yeah babe Me did he just said BABE

  27. Kyle Moore

    Kyle Moore

    Dag sedan baby wolves normally wear diapers?

  28. Cowie Kids

    Cowie Kids

    Dag sedan

    If anyone is wondering where the "babe" part is 5:34

  29. MarioSonic


    Dag sedan

    Scribes and I subscribe to you and I I thought your thumbs up and I got the bells ringing I hope you be happy that aphmau.

  30. ltt011 1

    ltt011 1

    Dag sedan


  31. Lion Cub

    Lion Cub

    Dag sedan

    what happend to zane he was in the stt but he dissaperd after for th rest of the show

  32. Nirupa Sonnylal

    Nirupa Sonnylal

    2 dagar sedan

    Aphmau is soooooooo 😍😊

  33. J.B. K

    J.B. K

    2 dagar sedan


  34. Kharm Mudjahirin

    Kharm Mudjahirin

    2 dagar sedan


  35. Owen Rogers

    Owen Rogers

    2 dagar sedan

    mmmmmmmmm! why did you not hant

  36. CK Friends

    CK Friends

    2 dagar sedan

    They were lucky their first human was the animal lover lol Also, LOVED zanes howl!! Ps. How come wins eyes are white? I thought they were blue🤔

  37. Meimeijune Kitty lover

    Meimeijune Kitty lover

    2 dagar sedan

    No matter what there’s always the part where Aaron comes in and MY SHIP HAS SAILED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THERE SOO CUTE TOGETHER

  38. Kairah King

    Kairah King

    2 dagar sedan


  39. Stan claxton

    Stan claxton

    2 dagar sedan

    I Love you aphmau

  40. Beau Harvey

    Beau Harvey

    2 dagar sedan


  41. Secret


    2 dagar sedan

    Did I hear Zane call kawaii Chan 'babe' ` 😏~

  42. Lianhoihkim Naulak

    Lianhoihkim Naulak

    2 dagar sedan

    I love you

  43. Athiema Cayetano

    Athiema Cayetano

    2 dagar sedan

    why always zane and kawai and her brother ein always be a family but why why aphmau

  44. ෆ Søftie Bxrry ෆ

    ෆ Søftie Bxrry ෆ

    2 dagar sedan

    The ZaneChan Ship Has Sailed And In These Types Of Vids Aphmau Is Always The Youngest In The Family xd

  45. Sandra Resendiz

    Sandra Resendiz

    3 dagar sedan

    Win: imm gonna win heheh I GOT A CRAMP Aphmau;: HAHAHAH

  46. mason Burch

    mason Burch

    3 dagar sedan

    Hey alpmau could u make a bad child wolf song? In wildcraft please and cover the bad words sorry if u don't expect this

  47. aisyah eman

    aisyah eman

    3 dagar sedan

    Did aphmau have a family

  48. Pinky Purp6209

    Pinky Purp6209

    3 dagar sedan


  49. Derpy Kid2.0

    Derpy Kid2.0

    3 dagar sedan

    Everyone has been talking about how "OMG ZANE CALLED KC BABE JFJFJF" HaVe YoU fOrGoT ThAt ThEy ArE rOlLPlAyInG aS pArEnTs? XP

    • 鍾淖藍


      2 dagar sedan

      They did mean to say babe that’s why they freak out

  50. BRittney Hall

    BRittney Hall

    3 dagar sedan

    I love puppy dogs

  51. ye ruan

    ye ruan

    3 dagar sedan

    I love 💕 wolf 🐺 it is so cute 😊.

  52. Mariana Barros

    Mariana Barros

    3 dagar sedan

    wAiT zAnE iS aPhMaU’s dAd !?!?

  53. The Memekiddo

    The Memekiddo

    3 dagar sedan

    plz tell me what mod is this?

  54. Michael No

    Michael No

    3 dagar sedan

    Ein is dumb

  55. Joan Atutiga

    Joan Atutiga

    3 dagar sedan

    You guys should make the birth to dirt of a minecraft cat

  56. Raymond Stewart

    Raymond Stewart

    3 dagar sedan

    Hello Cree

  57. nenith penafiel

    nenith penafiel

    3 dagar sedan


  58. Itz_Moon


    3 dagar sedan

    when Noi sayed "ah~" my heart be like:ooooo O-O bro.

  59. Ben Hargest

    Ben Hargest

    3 dagar sedan

    ❤❤❤❤❤I love dogs

  60. rheane grace bullo

    rheane grace bullo

    3 dagar sedan

    Ohhh babe😚

  61. da king of dogs

    da king of dogs

    3 dagar sedan

    Everyone: Zane said babe Me: did anyone hear baby wolf aphmau howled the first time and said (aowfe)?

  62. Athena Bisnar

    Athena Bisnar

    3 dagar sedan

    aaaawwww little aphmau is cute!!!!! she says agoo

  63. Felicity Rushton

    Felicity Rushton

    3 dagar sedan

    Because I heard kim

  64. Felicity Rushton

    Felicity Rushton

    3 dagar sedan

    Is it Kim or not

  65. Saphyra love at lol what the heck

    Saphyra love at lol what the heck

    4 dagar sedan

    Aphmau hi I am 7 soon to do 8 and loves wolves and dogs

  66. Saphyra love at lol what the heck

    Saphyra love at lol what the heck

    4 dagar sedan


  67. Reign Bitonio

    Reign Bitonio

    4 dagar sedan

    Why did you not let Mac go ?? Why

  68. Nikolai Cardona

    Nikolai Cardona

    4 dagar sedan

    Birth:WAAAA Death: Call in the dogs were eatin big game tonight boys

  69. 3R 3Reeb

    3R 3Reeb

    4 dagar sedan


  70. Mya UwU

    Mya UwU

    4 dagar sedan

    Bro when zain said babe to kawaii i started laughing

  71. Sophia Varneke

    Sophia Varneke

    4 dagar sedan

    love love

  72. Gurkirat Singh

    Gurkirat Singh

    4 dagar sedan

    LOL 😄😂

  73. Jacqueline Taylor

    Jacqueline Taylor

    4 dagar sedan

    Hi aphmau I love your videos I want to be in your videos on Minecraft but I have to join can you make it free for me because I also want a merch

  74. Latisha Allis

    Latisha Allis

    4 dagar sedan

    Hi aphmau DO BIRTH TO death of a little cat

  75. Logan Lobmier

    Logan Lobmier

    4 dagar sedan


  76. Logan Lobmier

    Logan Lobmier

    4 dagar sedan


  77. Logan Lobmier

    Logan Lobmier

    4 dagar sedan


  78. Skylar Vandermeulen

    Skylar Vandermeulen

    4 dagar sedan

    Hello hello everyone

  79. Julien van Dijk

    Julien van Dijk

    4 dagar sedan

    So cute and sad for Aphmau

  80. jiaqi Lin

    jiaqi Lin

    4 dagar sedan

    So cute 🥰🥰😍🥰

  81. Liza Canete

    Liza Canete

    4 dagar sedan

    Why mac has thick eyebrows

  82. Kai Sau

    Kai Sau

    4 dagar sedan

    Sisters name is Ella

  83. Kim Jenkinson

    Kim Jenkinson

    4 dagar sedan


  84. Ponce Victorious

    Ponce Victorious

    4 dagar sedan

    be your best and try your best

  85. Arsela Shega

    Arsela Shega

    4 dagar sedan

    Zane and kawaii Chan sitting on a tree k I S S I N G first comes love then comes marriage then comes a little baby in a carriage.

  86. Cody Stevenson

    Cody Stevenson

    4 dagar sedan

    Do an episode 36 of the role-play

    • Cody Stevenson

      Cody Stevenson

      4 dagar sedan


    • Cody Stevenson

      Cody Stevenson

      4 dagar sedan

      The starlight

  87. Sabrina Ng

    Sabrina Ng

    4 dagar sedan

    5:34 Oooo did I hear a ✨babe✨?

  88. Sabrina Ng

    Sabrina Ng

    4 dagar sedan

    I love how Zane and Kawai-chan are always the parents

  89. kareen joy castanos

    kareen joy castanos

    4 dagar sedan

    0:24 born

  90. Pogs Gaming

    Pogs Gaming

    4 dagar sedan

    wait wrong one -----> 21:13

  91. Pogs Gaming

    Pogs Gaming

    4 dagar sedan

    Press This ----> 21:14

  92. mr project

    mr project

    5 dagar sedan

    Ein is cinda stooped...

  93. its kyla Barretto

    its kyla Barretto

    5 dagar sedan

    :o hi aphmau

  94. wissam samy

    wissam samy

    5 dagar sedan

    Awww cawaii Chan is sooooo cute and aphmau is also sooooo cute

  95. nightmare darkness

    nightmare darkness

    5 dagar sedan

    Zane call chan bebe

  96. Remegio Zosa

    Remegio Zosa

    5 dagar sedan

    Ekkkk i love hoq kawaiichan and zane are the parents and i heard zane said "i got them babe" to kawaiichan 😱😍😱😍😱

    • Remegio Zosa

      Remegio Zosa

      5 dagar sedan

      U can see it on 5:36

  97. pahup singh

    pahup singh

    5 dagar sedan

    Why always in all birth to death Zane and kawai Chan parents but they look adorable together aww

  98. Dox Alana

    Dox Alana

    5 dagar sedan

    13:15 Ein: Do a flip! me: heh nice

  99. Thomas Duffy

    Thomas Duffy

    5 dagar sedan

    You suck!

  100. TAN KAR HIM Moe


    5 dagar sedan

    Cicken eiññnnnnnnnnnnnn is a s###