What Happened to the Murder Hornets and Why Cows Eat Snakes

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  1. Vengeful Polititron

    Vengeful Polititron

    50 minuter sedan

    his big brain used our phone as a black mirror, to say we are the blobfishes biggest predator

  2. Cobb


    3 timmar sedan

    That last Pic is literally a water gremlin on meth.

  3. Christopher Fisher

    Christopher Fisher

    5 timmar sedan

    Kolas, the progressives of the animal kingdom

  4. thymekiller


    5 timmar sedan

    outstanding. thanks. subbed.

  5. T Gordon Mayhall, Jr

    T Gordon Mayhall, Jr

    5 timmar sedan

    New to the channel... love your content.

  6. Rakhi L

    Rakhi L

    13 timmar sedan

    This guy is hilarious 😂 and informative of course.

  7. Brett


    16 timmar sedan

    The emerald tree boa are my favorite snakes

  8. Bill Flk

    Bill Flk

    19 timmar sedan

    Omg wtf is that last 1, lmao

  9. distant. sunrise

    distant. sunrise

    Dag sedan

    vitamin python

  10. Nette Wilson

    Nette Wilson

    Dag sedan

    Jesus...I am disgusted and horrified...and terrified. And this dude is hilarious....

  11. Gobo Goblin

    Gobo Goblin

    Dag sedan

    That fire sponge looks like hot cheetos

  12. Chris Beggs

    Chris Beggs

    Dag sedan

    You are efficient, I like you. May the algorithm bless your content for many moons.

  13. AnimeSunglasses


    Dag sedan

    "Underwater pride symbol with the left hand of Thanos" XD Gods, man, that's pure comic POETRY...

  14. Joshua Taylor

    Joshua Taylor

    Dag sedan

    When I was in Australia I saw a dog being eat be a snake being eaten by a cow by a koala being eaten by bill gates . Me thinking to my self ah what a lovely country

  15. King'SAnimus07


    Dag sedan

    Homicidal Hood Flies 👌🏽

  16. Lugburz-Shak


    Dag sedan

    Natural spaghetti

  17. John Viktorov

    John Viktorov

    Dag sedan

    Sloth is a Sloth because it makes sense

  18. Elizabeth Burns

    Elizabeth Burns

    Dag sedan


  19. Soviet Shnuckums

    Soviet Shnuckums

    Dag sedan

    what in the fuck is "him"

  20. Ben McReynolds

    Ben McReynolds

    Dag sedan

    Why do blob fish look like they're way under pressure at the surface but opposite under extreme pressure?

  21. purpleburple


    Dag sedan

    "blob fishes face more pressure than a college student with immigrant parents" dam i felt that

  22. Silver Songbird

    Silver Songbird

    Dag sedan

    “Homicidal barcode”

  23. Silver Songbird

    Silver Songbird

    Dag sedan

    This is great, perfect mix of “wtf is going on” and “this is kinda dope”

  24. Abyssal Scion

    Abyssal Scion

    2 dagar sedan

    3:30 - Do I want to know what Down-Bad Mike did to warrant that name?

  25. 4Dragons


    2 dagar sedan

    Man on our farm we had a cow chew through an electric fence WHILE IT WAS TURNED ON. A snake is a piece of cake after that.

  26. NetN0mad


    2 dagar sedan

    SIR SIR get me that snake

  27. A Derpy Person

    A Derpy Person

    2 dagar sedan

    That last frame looks like it’s from an R rated Tim Burton movie

  28. Rosalyn Rainey

    Rosalyn Rainey

    2 dagar sedan

    This so creative and cool....proud of you little bro!!!

  29. DalekSupreme


    2 dagar sedan

    Those aren't fuckin snakes those are fuckin PREDATORS, like fr

  30. Funtime Wolf

    Funtime Wolf

    2 dagar sedan

    "Because they live in satan's basement" Me: dont you mean attic?

  31. Rogue Gen

    Rogue Gen

    2 dagar sedan

    Murder hornets were a media hoax, but what's this clickbait about cows eating snakes?

  32. Jana Highway

    Jana Highway

    2 dagar sedan

    Omg. Lmao 🤣..love your style. Sending love 💕💖💖💖

  33. Noah Boucher

    Noah Boucher

    2 dagar sedan

    I wish the pokedex talked like this

  34. Infamous Hunter

    Infamous Hunter

    2 dagar sedan

    I’m not sure what that last animal is, but it’s nightmare fuel

    • Supersum Creations

      Supersum Creations

      2 dagar sedan

      Telescope fish.

  35. Tay Tay

    Tay Tay

    2 dagar sedan

    I need a pallas vat😢😢

  36. Bingle McCringle

    Bingle McCringle

    2 dagar sedan

    i thought people were mistaking the cicada killer as the Japanese murder hornet maybe i just came to that conclusion n thought i saw it in a vid like this but >shrug

  37. The Dad from Inside-Out

    The Dad from Inside-Out

    2 dagar sedan

    No because I’m a hufflepuff

  38. Robert Zdichocki

    Robert Zdichocki

    2 dagar sedan

    Snakes are the predators without masks.

  39. LSR MФЯТłS


    2 dagar sedan

    "I rly hope down bad (Mike?) dont see this shit😂😂😂😂

  40. Gotemrunning33


    2 dagar sedan

    Down bad lmao

  41. SmilyGriffin


    3 dagar sedan

    Pretty sure there are a bunch of "herbivores" that will eat meat if they get the chance.

  42. Joy Skov

    Joy Skov

    3 dagar sedan

    Greed for Tassie Devil is ok, but komodos will kill a goat or deer, put its head in its mouth to the shoulders, then repeatedly run full speed at a tree trunk or boulder so that the impact forces the carcass further down their throat. They are able to eat it in a regular way, but due to the insatiable greed of other komodos, they must consume to conceal asap, as dragging the carcass to another location would not be possible and they would likely get killed themselves. You'd think that evolution might have added a pelican gullet, snake jaw or some such, because komodos often die from breaking their own necks or chocking from doing this.

  43. Ethan Lambe

    Ethan Lambe

    3 dagar sedan

    That Emerald Tree Boa looked like the result of a wild night in Vegas between a snake and the freakin Predator 😨😨😨

  44. Ben Pratka

    Ben Pratka

    3 dagar sedan

    I got attacked by a goose 2 years ago in my back yard and he kept coming back and one day he wouldn’t stop so I just grabbed it by it’s neck and rag dolled it he didn’t die but he never came back

  45. Jeffrey Hou

    Jeffrey Hou

    3 dagar sedan

    hornets just you know mas murdering bee's then when they go home, the FBI be like: *knock knock* pizza is here *then a gun just pops in* hornets: is this what karma looks like?

  46. ichimaru321


    3 dagar sedan

    I appreciate the Redwall scone reference when talking about the European badger.

  47. F. Sonekan

    F. Sonekan

    3 dagar sedan

    the murder hornets we've seen so far are just tiny scouts, they're moving on from asia to the rest of the world and one day in the future, there will come a time of reckoning when we meet the rest of the murder hornets

  48. X Dante X

    X Dante X

    3 dagar sedan

    Shrimp: new character your trying out Mantis shrimp:the main

  49. Over Dramatic

    Over Dramatic

    3 dagar sedan

    If they were bigger yk everyone would be shooting them down in America

  50. Axolotl


    3 dagar sedan

    The thing you showed at the end looks like a demonic gremlin.

  51. tipped Ox

    tipped Ox

    3 dagar sedan

    Fun fact about the european badger. If they bite you they won't stop until they hear a crack or until you're still.

  52. ImDangerouslyStupid


    3 dagar sedan

    I saw a murder hornet In my yard yesterday

  53. Rodney Pittman

    Rodney Pittman

    3 dagar sedan

    I found a murder hornet last week in Florence South Carolina I have pictures and I did a live Facebook of it

  54. Timothy Abbott

    Timothy Abbott

    3 dagar sedan

    I'm an Australian and it is nowhere near as dangerous as everyone thinks here.

  55. Fang Lee

    Fang Lee

    4 dagar sedan

    Lol literally used a black background as a mirror to call us out

  56. Panthera


    4 dagar sedan

    There's actually a Pallas' Cat at Prospect Park Zoo

  57. bakugou simp ಥ‿ಥ

    bakugou simp ಥ‿ಥ

    4 dagar sedan

    "y'all gonna stop slandering my blob fish you can slander him tho" wtf even if that thing I'm deleting myself from earth I give up on it

  58. B3loZER0


    4 dagar sedan

    I am absolutely sure I saw a murder hornet the other day and I almost shit myself because how big it was

  59. Trace Kinney

    Trace Kinney

    4 dagar sedan

    We have a palas cat at our zoo. Miller park zoo bloomington il

  60. Sun Lee

    Sun Lee

    4 dagar sedan

    God’s attic and Satan’s basement are what I’m calling heaven and hell from now on 🧿👄🧿

  61. JustALonelyWriter


    4 dagar sedan

    To add even more to the koala slander, nothing else will eat them because of all the eucalyptus poison in their bodies, and they're also explosive, because eucalyptus oil is flammable

  62. invictus 01

    invictus 01

    4 dagar sedan

    This guy is great I don’t like ass off the whole time he’s a video

  63. PocketPJ


    4 dagar sedan

    I think watching my snake yawn is super cute...

  64. Google Search

    Google Search

    4 dagar sedan

    A sponge is a fucking animal

  65. Olivia Valentine

    Olivia Valentine

    4 dagar sedan

    The zoo I volunteer at has a Pallas cat

  66. Mini smallists

    Mini smallists

    4 dagar sedan

    Cows eat snakes and snakes eat cows 😳😳

  67. Apasia Tucker

    Apasia Tucker

    4 dagar sedan

    holy shit, he don't stop. And he's pretty damn smart. This was incredibly impressive.

  68. TheTower TheHermit

    TheTower TheHermit

    4 dagar sedan

    If you want to know what happened to the murder hornets check out the channel frog time. Those frogs eat everything, its AMAZING

  69. satan


    5 dagar sedan


  70. Rene Pena

    Rene Pena

    5 dagar sedan

    This guy is friggin great. Subbed!

  71. Montana Skies

    Montana Skies

    5 dagar sedan

    Those hornets been here wayy longer than 2019 I saw them 8 yrs ago for the 1st time. I've killed at least 30. They are very attracted to porch lights at night!! I had a bug zapper and a bowl of water with dawn detergent and appl cider vinegar and would wake up in the mornings and there they would be in the bowl dead. Becareful around those bastards!

  72. Your Royal Majesty

    Your Royal Majesty

    5 dagar sedan

    5:48 … there is a Palls’s cat at the zoo near me in Mi. He’s been there over 15 years. They can survive. But, like any living creature, it needs time to get to lower levels. It’s like getting the bends from rising too fast in the ocean. #CatNerd .

  73. KrazyKiwi


    5 dagar sedan

    Hell, Asian Giant Hornets barely even sting people as it is, they're very docile murderers. I mean, they do pose a problem to the ecosystem. But yea people went way out of line with the things they were saying.

  74. Luc Dery

    Luc Dery

    5 dagar sedan

    Lol yea down bad man seeing this would be horrendous

  75. Listen2 TheLink

    Listen2 TheLink

    5 dagar sedan




    5 dagar sedan

    U funny

  77. Fuzzy Gecko

    Fuzzy Gecko

    5 dagar sedan

    Deer love to munch on baby birds

  78. J-HUNTER


    5 dagar sedan

    I love the mantis shrimp🖤🤘🥊☄🥊💥

  79. Tim G

    Tim G

    5 dagar sedan

    that fire sponge be lookin like got cheetos

  80. Luc Olson

    Luc Olson

    5 dagar sedan

    3:30 is it just me or does that look a lot like predator with the shape of the mouth 😂

  81. Emankcin GT

    Emankcin GT

    5 dagar sedan

    40% of koalas have chlamydia

  82. Nicholas Donaldson

    Nicholas Donaldson

    5 dagar sedan

    Too Funny.

  83. gamergodofjustice


    5 dagar sedan

    I am so sick of australia knock it off Australian cows this shit ain't funny no more.

  84. Quinn Morgan

    Quinn Morgan

    5 dagar sedan

    mantis shrimps are my favorite animal for exactly those reasons. theyre ridiculously overpowered and for what

  85. DrMaxwell and MineCD DP

    DrMaxwell and MineCD DP

    6 dagar sedan

    ➕Fellowship invite

  86. Gaming With Tyaunna

    Gaming With Tyaunna

    6 dagar sedan

    I want a python what type can swallow u i want a ball python the hecks its 1:31am

  87. ToastedSimply


    6 dagar sedan

    10:38 the tounge looks like a uhhhh 😳😳😳

  88. Péricles Ferreira

    Péricles Ferreira

    6 dagar sedan

    First video, that i see from the Channel... Really good! Congrats champ!

  89. Captain Valstrax

    Captain Valstrax

    6 dagar sedan

    Pikachu was not named after the pica, it's a combination of two Japanese onomatopoeias. "Pikapika" the sound sparking electricity makes and "chuchu" the sound a mouse makes.

  90. The Phantom

    The Phantom

    6 dagar sedan

    Oh you know Down Bad Man is gonna see this, there’s no way he wouldn’t.

  91. NeedToKnow23


    6 dagar sedan

    Cows are like big dogs, they can be silly as hell. Hippos are land sharks. Badgers are kamakazi. And this is the best channel since Discovery took a shit in 2000s.

  92. ApexButter


    6 dagar sedan

    Shrimp pimpin.

  93. Ritz Scythe

    Ritz Scythe

    6 dagar sedan

    There is no sea salt, only dried oceanic jizzums.

  94. Dragontamer9021


    6 dagar sedan


  95. Wesley Borges

    Wesley Borges

    6 dagar sedan

    Mantis Shrimp -"Built like a pride symbol with the left hand of Thanos" Best definition ever😂

  96. Charles Edward Cheese

    Charles Edward Cheese

    6 dagar sedan

    Da FUCK was that last thing!?!?!?😂😂😂

  97. black diamond

    black diamond

    6 dagar sedan

    Wtf is the thing at the end iv seen it before but never even got the name

  98. Green Tea

    Green Tea

    6 dagar sedan

    Yeah we see one Murder hornet here in Texas flying around then hiding under some boxes lol

  99. Jai Cray

    Jai Cray

    6 dagar sedan

    11:20 that is as I call it A fucking no goggled minion Satan fish