Apple MagSafe Battery Pack - Unboxing and Everything You Wanted To Know


  1. Matt Orton

    Matt Orton

    43 minuter sedan

    Can Apple please get rid of the lightning cable already... Geezus

  2. Universal Introspection

    Universal Introspection

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    Thanks guys for being here have a awesome day and please smile because it is free. 👍🏻🙏🏻

  3. J. S

    J. S

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    Hard pass

  4. Tomas Angelo

    Tomas Angelo

    4 timmar sedan

    Too late

    • zollotech


      3 timmar sedan

      Too late? This video was released the day the battery pack was released.

  5. Kat Hill

    Kat Hill

    5 timmar sedan

    I’m watching this with no interest in buying.

  6. Chronos


    5 timmar sedan

    battery pack but less mAh.. 😂😂😂😂

  7. Kandli Pavan

    Kandli Pavan

    13 timmar sedan

    11 prom max can use this one

  8. Journey K

    Journey K

    16 timmar sedan

    One big thing you did not test or mention was how strong or weak the magnet is when attached to the phones. Would’ve been very helpful!

  9. Jennifer Stewart

    Jennifer Stewart

    16 timmar sedan

    Yay!! Finally picked one up today at the local Apple Store and I am NOT disappointed

  10. Frank Rodriguez

    Frank Rodriguez

    17 timmar sedan

    Will it work if you have a outterbox case on ? Or would you have to take the case off?

  11. Luciano Leon

    Luciano Leon

    20 timmar sedan

    I wish you talked more about the light. How do I know when the battery is at 100% charge? Only by looking at the widget section of the iPhone?

  12. Ray B

    Ray B

    22 timmar sedan

    Does it work with the 11 ProMax?

  13. Joe Pisciotta

    Joe Pisciotta

    22 timmar sedan

    Many Android devices have this built in so Apple (the accessories Company) decides to charge people for an external one? Shocker! This is getting really annoying Apple. They charge for everything. I love my Apple products but despise all the crap I have to carry around to make things work. I can’t even plug a USB into my MAC, need a dongle. Could slap the group of people who decided to remove needed accessories and charge us a high premium just to make them work.

  14. electric vehicle-head

    electric vehicle-head

    23 timmar sedan

    Now is there a way to wirelessly transfer power from 1 iPhone to another? Like giving your friend some power if their phone died

    • zollotech


      22 timmar sedan


  15. Gravy_F30


    23 timmar sedan

    Will it charge through a non Apple phone case

    • zollotech


      23 timmar sedan

      Yes, but it won't stick very well to the back

  16. studivan


    23 timmar sedan

    That’s not reverse wireless charging, reverse wireless charging means you can turn the phone over face down while it’s attached to the phone and charge another phone or AirPods, which it can’t do and if you have an iPhone 12 max a fully charged battery won’t even charge it half way, waste of $100.00, not to mention if you shake the phone the battery will fall off or put it in your pocket it will stop charging because the battery will move, don’t just buy anything because it has an Apple Logo on it, do some research.

    • zollotech


      23 timmar sedan

      That is reverse wireless charging as it is wirelessly charging the battery pack.

  17. Chi Vũ Linh

    Chi Vũ Linh

    Dag sedan

    Can use it for iphone SE ?

  18. Mosa Sakö

    Mosa Sakö

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    Its pure junk

  19. crocydie90


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    Just wait for cheap wish knock off for this….tbh it really not that bad



    Dag sedan


  21. Anj Dzn

    Anj Dzn

    Dag sedan

    Doest it work for iphone 11? As long has a ring magnet a case? Please let me know. 🙏🏻

  22. DiMash Potato

    DiMash Potato

    Dag sedan

    Apple : releases new stuff(allegedly) Others : That was so last year.

  23. Daniel Sanchez

    Daniel Sanchez

    Dag sedan

    No cable to charge in the box?

  24. Jed Villones

    Jed Villones

    Dag sedan

    It reminds me of the white iPhone 3G.

  25. Arkaprovo Bhattacharjee

    Arkaprovo Bhattacharjee

    Dag sedan

    what are the alternatives of apple MagSafe Battery Pack?

  26. Dukat


    Dag sedan

    Do you have link of wallpaper on iphone 12 pro ?

  27. Александр Бурмин

    Александр Бурмин

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  28. Dean Baird

    Dean Baird

    Dag sedan

    I prefer the Smart Battery Case Apple made for 6, 6s, 7, X, and 11. Battery and protective case all in one. This power puck strikes me as a step backward. I have an 8 and miss having an SBC for it. I was keen to upgrade to a 12, but committed to buying an SBC for the phone before buying the phone, itself. This late in the product cycle, I can hold out for the 13/12s. But I know now that I’ll have to settle for a 3rd party battery case, because Apple won’t officially realize the power puck was a mistake until the iPhone 14 rolls out.

  29. F


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    Im just gonna go for the anker

  30. Shaheriar Qureshi

    Shaheriar Qureshi

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    where can I buy this?

  31. Muhammad Umar

    Muhammad Umar

    Dag sedan

    In china accessories the same specification device is available only in 8 Dollar and apple price is 99 Dollar what a waste

  32. Muhammad Umar

    Muhammad Umar

    Dag sedan

    Useless device

  33. Skye Chan-mcbeth

    Skye Chan-mcbeth

    Dag sedan

    How long does it last for?

  34. 羽白包子


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    This must be one of the dumbest product apple ever made

  35. Sydnie Christine

    Sydnie Christine

    Dag sedan

    You can’t use it in the 11 pro max

  36. Avinash Ravi

    Avinash Ravi

    Dag sedan

    what is the sheet he used to find the magnet? I didnot get it ,pls reply if anyone does!!

  37. Paige


    Dag sedan

    I bought this and it’s so confusing, which is weird bc it seems like a very straight forward product. I didn’t look up videos until I got it. But I mostly got it for travel, seems like I’ll have to keep my usb charging pack on me to charge this since it won’t fully charge my 12 Pro. You would think apple would have just gone all out with the amount of charge you get for the price.

  38. sravan kumar kolasani

    sravan kumar kolasani

    Dag sedan

    It’s supports 11

  39. Carrissa Renteria

    Carrissa Renteria

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    Can we charge our apple watches on this

  40. Lone Star Bulldogs

    Lone Star Bulldogs

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  41. Redimier Austria

    Redimier Austria

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    Don't skip ads it's help to grow your channel.

  42. Ram Gonzales

    Ram Gonzales

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    Apple with another gimmick to rip people off

  43. Joseph Williams

    Joseph Williams

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    A battery pack lol like it's not enough paying 800xollars for the phone

  44. Joseph Williams

    Joseph Williams

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    That's so ugly

  45. Lumia Türkiye🇹🇷

    Lumia Türkiye🇹🇷

    Dag sedan

    This flash problem my opinion: It takes some energy to fire the flash, you can't do it while charging it, for example, you can't turn on the light when it gets hot.

  46. Isaac Saideh

    Isaac Saideh

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    Can you wirelessly charge a none Apple product ? On it.

  47. Chad U

    Chad U

    Dag sedan

    Can’t wait to get one

  48. ajay suresh

    ajay suresh

    Dag sedan

    Wtf?? Apple started selling power banks… so cheap…



    Dag sedan

    Maybe the battery pack with cast a shadow when the flash goes off

  50. Eric Ting

    Eric Ting

    Dag sedan

    Cant even charge to full why would you ever get this

  51. TeqnoV2


    Dag sedan

    $99 for a 1500mah battery pack 😂 wtf

  52. Mateus Henrique

    Mateus Henrique

    Dag sedan

    for the first time i don’t wanna buy something made by apple…

  53. Mike Ruiz Esparza

    Mike Ruiz Esparza

    Dag sedan

    I will buy that batt pack for my XS and will e good for my next onr the 12S Pro Max

  54. Hype Wilkens

    Hype Wilkens

    Dag sedan

    I don't understand the market for this, except people who go hiking for a few days or somerthing

  55. Zerperior


    Dag sedan

    "To charge all ur iphones up " me looking at my Samsung 🥲😑

  56. UnBoxing Critic

    UnBoxing Critic

    Dag sedan

    Thanks for the info - good video, very informative!

  57. Mike Corvin

    Mike Corvin

    Dag sedan

    How does it work to though non-Apple cases? Like a Spiegen that allows wireless charging? I assume it will charge but not stick to the phone. Am I right?

  58. Fred Lemon

    Fred Lemon

    Dag sedan

    wonder if there is a specific iphone case for this

  59. Frost69


    Dag sedan

    why is it better than the powerbank which has 4x faster charging, 6x more capacity and cost 4x less??

  60. Biff


    Dag sedan

    Waiting for the Magsafe vibrator attachment, it costs $299 and stops 5 minutes in

  61. Galaxxico


    Dag sedan

    Other reviews say that it doesnt charge past 90% for battery lifespan. I want to know if you can change that limit

  62. Lasha Mumlauri

    Lasha Mumlauri

    Dag sedan

    respect for TFK song ‘Welcome To The Masquerade’ 🤘🏻

  63. Roger F

    Roger F

    Dag sedan

    New product, not USB-C. Disappointing.

  64. Saji K

    Saji K

    Dag sedan

    Only charge to 35 % on. iPhone 12 +

  65. Z A

    Z A

    2 dagar sedan

    Nice to see eid ul asha on your calendar at 7:41 😃

  66. sky sum

    sky sum

    2 dagar sedan

    Conclusion, is a piece of trash

  67. Yusri Abbas

    Yusri Abbas

    2 dagar sedan

    And then Apple releases a MagSafe Pro Battery Pack with colourful aluminum cases, higher capacity, faster charging, and extra port/s for $199.

  68. TyyChakel


    2 dagar sedan

    Great video! Honestly, I think I preferred the Smart Battery Case. Don’t know about this one yet….



    2 dagar sedan

    Wait for battery pack 12 for it to actually give 3x full charge

  70. MegasXLR


    2 dagar sedan

    1500mah battery pack for 100 dollars? I got a 30000mah battery pack which has an LED screen that shows percentage for 20 dollars. As with everything Apple it's just expensive and nothing more.

  71. Käse Krainer

    Käse Krainer

    2 dagar sedan

    It slows the drain in energy saving mode a bit but no charging at all (iPhone 12 Pro). It is just pollution. I cant understand how Apple can sell such a crap!

  72. IIXIXI Boy

    IIXIXI Boy

    2 dagar sedan

    why no iphone 8+? oh wait iphone 8+ dosent have Magnet? :P

  73. Journeys with Jess

    Journeys with Jess

    2 dagar sedan

    Does this work on the iPhone 11 Pro

  74. Effie Soleil

    Effie Soleil

    2 dagar sedan


  75. Areej Zafran

    Areej Zafran

    2 dagar sedan

    Hi. Is it applicable on all iPhones?

  76. Junito Punto Comm

    Junito Punto Comm

    2 dagar sedan

    I’m picking one up at the Apple store…but I’m not buying it !!

  77. Chong Peng How

    Chong Peng How

    2 dagar sedan

    Can the battery pack be charged by a MagSafe charger?

  78. assasinriki


    2 dagar sedan

    Does it work with android?

  79. missbutts85


    2 dagar sedan

    The battery pack comes dead in the box. It says on the box to charge before using it

  80. RP SAR

    RP SAR

    2 dagar sedan

    its just a overpriced wireless charging powerbank with apple logo.

  81. Eda Gökçek

    Eda Gökçek

    2 dagar sedan

    How Mah?

  82. asif meer

    asif meer

    2 dagar sedan

    What about 11 Pro Max also is charged

  83. Gagandeep Singh

    Gagandeep Singh

    2 dagar sedan

    Magsafe is the biggest mistake of Apple.

  84. ContMusic


    2 dagar sedan

    wow good 🖤

  85. ᏠᎧᏋ


    2 dagar sedan

    will the battery pack work with any type phone?

  86. James R Warzyniak

    James R Warzyniak

    2 dagar sedan

    If it cant hold the wallet I can only imagine how easily a battery pack will fall off.

  87. FuccDissShit


    2 dagar sedan

    You can get that size for $7 on amzon

  88. Ali Al-Qasim

    Ali Al-Qasim

    2 dagar sedan

    This is a great choice when your iPhone 12 battery starts to age instead of replacing the battery buy it

    • studivan


      23 timmar sedan

      It won’t charge an iPhone 12 fully or did you miss that part looking at the Apple logo.

  89. Eric Valle

    Eric Valle

    2 dagar sedan

    👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼 wish it was attached to a case, but it was a good review video so I left a like :)

  90. Nishit Er

    Nishit Er

    2 dagar sedan

    1460 mah power bank ??? 😂😂😂😂, Nokia 3300 had this battery size i guess

  91. Gzoe4real gameratheart

    Gzoe4real gameratheart

    2 dagar sedan

    99$. Smh

  92. Reyn Daisog

    Reyn Daisog

    2 dagar sedan

    I wish I could buy a phone like that.. Only budjet phone I have 😢😢😢

  93. Nikos Tzoganidis

    Nikos Tzoganidis

    2 dagar sedan

    Why don't you get the magsafe animation when it's connected to your device ?

  94. Vuyo Olwethu M’keys

    Vuyo Olwethu M’keys

    2 dagar sedan

    Can I have one iPhone 🥺

  95. Michel Russell

    Michel Russell

    2 dagar sedan

    I didn’t even know they made this

  96. Creeper Freak

    Creeper Freak

    2 dagar sedan

    I would say 99$ is overpriced because rechargeable battery packs are relatively cheap

  97. jayslay1000


    2 dagar sedan

    They should of made it for the iPhone 11

  98. Nketia Frempong

    Nketia Frempong

    2 dagar sedan

    *Here is the special one which fix all device, 24.7web v|a ¡ñstaG, the one I can trust*

  99. J. W.

    J. W.

    2 dagar sedan

    Mine arrive just in time for my vacation. But it doesn’t fully charge my iPhone 12 Pro Max. It only charge upto 67% and have 12% left in my magsafe battery pack.

  100. Xavier Yanez

    Xavier Yanez

    2 dagar sedan

    me still watching with my iPhone X: *oh that’s cool*