How to ACTUALLY get rid of spiders 🕷

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    Mrwhosetheboss Shorts

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    • Prahlad NARAYANAN

      Prahlad NARAYANAN

      2 timmar sedan

      do a review on alcatel 1s 2019

    • lito burrito

      lito burrito

      Dag sedan

      What if we want to hurt it

    • Froggy


      3 dagar sedan

      Why not just kill it

    • Matt D

      Matt D

      4 dagar sedan

      I always put spiders outside too. May only good come your way. Cheers from Oklahoma.

    • arabisk El-souki

      arabisk El-souki

      4 dagar sedan

      @*IrishAmeerah* 0

  2. Eleazar Waid

    Eleazar Waid

    2 minuter sedan

    This exact same spider came to my house and bit me and it was all because you had to let it go!!! 🙃😐

  3. kevin kersensap

    kevin kersensap

    31 minut sedan

    Me: just smashes it dead with the speed of light.

  4. Klee


    54 minuter sedan

    "They don't hurt it" Well i guess my slipper is getting back to work

  5. Necwos The Demonic furret

    Necwos The Demonic furret

    Timme sedan

    Just take a tissue and heap that spider unless it's a dangerous one

  6. Sulaiman


    2 timmar sedan

    "I can never meet my family on the couch ever again😢" ~Spider

  7. T A H S I N

    T A H S I N

    2 timmar sedan

    I have a big spider pet

  8. Cliff • 5 Hours ago • 8 Years ago

    Cliff • 5 Hours ago • 8 Years ago

    2 timmar sedan

    Idk if it can catch spiders a little bit bigger than that

  9. mrSquid100


    3 timmar sedan

    the most incredible thing here is how close you got the thing to the spider before it getting away

  10. Jonathan DEP

    Jonathan DEP

    3 timmar sedan

    I thought it says "spider cancer"

  11. Ellie K

    Ellie K

    3 timmar sedan

    I wouldn’t be able to use this... if I saw a spider I would run off screaming and demand for it to be executed

  12. Farhan Scarce

    Farhan Scarce

    3 timmar sedan

    i thought the emoji was a spider that got on my phone god damn did that stop my heart

  13. Izawa


    4 timmar sedan

    This guy acts like he thinks this spider aint gonna go back to your house whan spider is gonna see the rain

  14. Jonas


    4 timmar sedan

    Omg I need this gadget.

  15. Unknown


    4 timmar sedan


  16. Spefle


    4 timmar sedan

    Ummmm if a spider is living in your house throwing it outside will almost certainly kill it due to the fact that it's a completely different environment

  17. Omar Hamad

    Omar Hamad

    5 timmar sedan

    Or just keep it as a pet Lmao

  18. pizzas burgers shop

    pizzas burgers shop

    7 timmar sedan

    Sends it to me

  19. Republic Reds

    Republic Reds

    7 timmar sedan

    is that spider a False widow

  20. The little mad cat

    The little mad cat

    7 timmar sedan

    I never trust thease spider videos I'm too used to the jumpscare to where every spider video I cover my eyes

  21. OSMAM THE Legend

    OSMAM THE Legend

    7 timmar sedan

    As a Muslim this will be helpful for me

  22. hULa mEnyu!??

    hULa mEnyu!??

    7 timmar sedan

    him: this is a spider catcher khaby: *Grab the spider with his bare hands* and then *🤲*

  23. Lighty Dash

    Lighty Dash

    7 timmar sedan

    Just shoot the spider. It's fast and very effective. As well the spider gets an free trip to the shadow realm. It's an win-win senerio with hardly any drawbacks.

  24. Bundle of Nonsense

    Bundle of Nonsense

    8 timmar sedan

    “It’s kinda big” Australians: pathetic

  25. Distracting Dude

    Distracting Dude

    8 timmar sedan

    Dude Australian and Indian spiders are so big they have health bars unlike these small guys

  26. FlightSauce LLC

    FlightSauce LLC

    8 timmar sedan

    "It's kinda big".... That's what she said....

  27. rajon ramos

    rajon ramos

    9 timmar sedan

    It's way too short the huntsmin spider is big I even don't want to get in the room 😅

  28. human_eye_SnAkE


    9 timmar sedan

    The inventor of this product came from future

  29. ICantBridge


    9 timmar sedan

    Ha fairly big that is small compared to the ones in Australia

  30. radiah abd.kadir

    radiah abd.kadir

    9 timmar sedan

    I actually thought that it's a toy at the beginning...

  31. Shake_E


    10 timmar sedan

    If I got that whenever I take it outside I would YEET the thing across the yard.

  32. Ananth Sairam

    Ananth Sairam

    10 timmar sedan

    Indian as me:there are no worry about spider cuz ther are 100s of spiders in my house

  33. x⃟♡𝓹𝓮𝓪𝓷𝓾𝓽♡x⃟


    10 timmar sedan

    Him:off into the sunset buddy The spider:sorry but no I’m going right back in yo house unless u want ME the most popular celeb in the world to get MELTED to 🔥DEATH🔥 im ✨NOT✨ going to the sunset

  34. Mic-key TwT

    Mic-key TwT

    10 timmar sedan

    I need one of these

  35. D


    10 timmar sedan

    Just use a book and squash it against the wall

  36. Eskimopride07


    10 timmar sedan

    Or just kill them like anyone else

  37. Anthony Santana

    Anthony Santana

    11 timmar sedan

    But you should kill them too

  38. Anthony Santana

    Anthony Santana

    11 timmar sedan

    I’m sold the second I saw the title

  39. Isaías Rodriguez

    Isaías Rodriguez

    11 timmar sedan

    It's so funny how you missed

  40. Grafton Gazaway

    Grafton Gazaway

    11 timmar sedan

    I love that it doesn’t hurt it because some people don’t know spiders reduce the mosquitoe population.

  41. Just a duck

    Just a duck

    11 timmar sedan


  42. inazacks


    12 timmar sedan

    I come from Australia, and that is not big.

  43. xXShadow Night81Xx

    xXShadow Night81Xx

    13 timmar sedan

    so where can I find one of these? it takes me about 5-10 minutes to build confidence to kill a spider 😂

  44. Asami


    14 timmar sedan

    Hmmm I wonder how many phones do this guy have 🤔🤔🤔

  45. logain kenawy

    logain kenawy

    14 timmar sedan

    HIM : share this with someone who is afraid of spiders 🕷 ME **IMMEDIATELY THINKING OF rRo0n WeAsLEY**

  46. Sasha Stutter Narbutt

    Sasha Stutter Narbutt

    14 timmar sedan

    Spiders actually go into your home to keep warm so by putting them outside you basically kill them :)

  47. Club Sillyness

    Club Sillyness

    14 timmar sedan

    Bruh I though you and nas daily were the same

  48. Hayden Gaming

    Hayden Gaming

    15 timmar sedan


  49. Bananas Bananas

    Bananas Bananas

    15 timmar sedan

    Yea I just murder it and clean the evidence

  50. Obi-Wan Kenobi

    Obi-Wan Kenobi

    16 timmar sedan

    I keep them

  51. Kie Djffchtnf f

    Kie Djffchtnf f

    16 timmar sedan

    I prefer spider spray killers

  52. Pistachio Cat

    Pistachio Cat

    16 timmar sedan

    That's actually a critter catcher

  53. Over heaven dio

    Over heaven dio

    16 timmar sedan

    when i see a spider in my room i just open a window and he leaves in a day if he doesnt S A N D A L IS GOING TO BE USED

  54. Zakkukarp


    18 timmar sedan

    No thanks, I'm ok with burning the building down instead

  55. The main Poptart

    The main Poptart

    18 timmar sedan

    “Kinda big for England” Arachnaphobics: I’m listening

  56. Bohunka


    18 timmar sedan

    Spider 😞😞😞😭😭

  57. vishnu Narayan

    vishnu Narayan

    18 timmar sedan

    Hurt them I don't care

  58. Wonderland Nuggets

    Wonderland Nuggets

    19 timmar sedan

    I have arachnophobia so i just grab and yeeet the spider

  59. Reiko


    19 timmar sedan

    That spider was pretty big but my Aussie cousin would just laugh

  60. Ekar Lopez

    Ekar Lopez

    19 timmar sedan

    Love your content

  61. Galactical Boba

    Galactical Boba

    20 timmar sedan

    i have a better tool. Gun.

  62. Cameron


    21 timme sedan

    cute puppy what breed?

  63. GamingForALaugh


    21 timme sedan

    My mom with the hoover 😈😈😈

  64. Sussy•Baka🧚


    21 timme sedan

    I wish I had this because my dad always kills the spiders in my house 😭

  65. CivelHero


    23 timmar sedan

    My family just squish em

  66. MightyMc


    Dag sedan

    Killing Them Is Wayyyyy Better

  67. unknown_gamer


    Dag sedan

    Or you can just call doctor Boot

  68. KlaraDeHuevo 874

    KlaraDeHuevo 874

    Dag sedan


  69. #Triple Threat's Tutorials

    #Triple Threat's Tutorials

    Dag sedan


  70. TheWinningGoogle


    Dag sedan

    I’ve never seen a spider this.......MEDIUM😂😂😂

  71. Joen Pascua

    Joen Pascua

    Dag sedan

    I know where spiders go is in the webs

  72. kathy wagyok

    kathy wagyok

    Dag sedan

    I have it

  73. foxylia playz

    foxylia playz

    Dag sedan

    Australia :..... That's not even big we have spiders floating on the sky.



    Dag sedan

    Just let it bite you and become....the spiderman!!🕷️🕸️

  75. _.æ§Davide§æ._


    Dag sedan

    Me:i need that gadget All bigger spider than GESUS:im gonna end this mans whole career Me: -SHIT-

  76. ∞︎︎ッZochiconic_Saraッ∞︎︎


    Dag sedan

    *Sir im eating*

  77. Burst E

    Burst E

    Dag sedan

    It's kinda big Australians: *p a t h e t i c*

  78. Smokey Dev.

    Smokey Dev.

    Dag sedan

    I have a spider catcher kinda useful

  79. RAMINT 26

    RAMINT 26

    Dag sedan

    Me realizing is first is a fake spider

  80. Fatima and Ibraheem

    Fatima and Ibraheem

    Dag sedan

    Arun: we have only got one chance at this Also Arun: gives so many shots

  81. aliya


    Dag sedan

    I Love them so much

  82. S6AD0W BL1ZZ4RD


    Dag sedan

    *proceeds to share this video to myself*

  83. commander pootis

    commander pootis

    Dag sedan

    The slipper does a better job

  84. All Things On Earth

    All Things On Earth

    Dag sedan

    Imagine aurtalian people trying to use these lol

  85. ferdex


    Dag sedan

    "Where did the spider go?" *moment before disaster*

  86. jkpoper


    Dag sedan

    Just get a vaccum

  87. JMPlayx


    Dag sedan

    "where should the spider go" Me:idk home??holes??markets??U.S.A???

  88. Adolf hitler

    Adolf hitler

    Dag sedan

    In our country, that size of a spider is really REALLY small

  89. aria playz YT

    aria playz YT

    Dag sedan

    He said just one shot O_0

  90. Isaac Taylor

    Isaac Taylor

    Dag sedan

    As a Aussie I've seen ants bigger the that

  91. CaptinCupcake


    Dag sedan

    Aussies: “You need a stick?”

  92. Asherkhan KOZHABEKOV

    Asherkhan KOZHABEKOV

    Dag sedan

    And WHY exactly am I need to buy this? Catch spider with a cup is MUCH easier, than try to catch spider with that thing.

  93. Belen Borabo

    Belen Borabo

    Dag sedan

    One word to getting rid of spiders: minigun

  94. ♡𝙸𝚝𝚣𖤐𝙰𝚒𝚔𝚘♡


    Dag sedan

    Bro that’s not even big I saw a spider that is big like a dog

  95. Masi Karimi

    Masi Karimi

    Dag sedan

    Appreciate the info!

  96. Inosuke ModTester

    Inosuke ModTester

    Dag sedan

    After the video:*STOMP*

  97. Anthony 209

    Anthony 209

    Dag sedan

    Jumping huntsmans is the biggest enemy of this.