Making Ripped Jeans With Laser TikTok: mekinyolcu34

Making Ripped Jeans With Laser
video by: mekinyolcu34 (tiktok)
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  1. pajla poter

    pajla poter

    8 timmar sedan


  2. El Amani

    El Amani

    11 timmar sedan

    Yeah, cuz you can use a mdf knife/cutter

  3. Thanos' right eye

    Thanos' right eye

    14 timmar sedan

    If someone don't know than let me tell you actually he is controlling that laser with his legs Like we control Brake and accelerator I know because my Brother works in a Jeans factory

  4. A A K A S H

    A A K A S H

    15 timmar sedan

    300 rs pants to 2000rs 😂😂



    16 timmar sedan

    Beggars pant

  6. Pavan Kumar nani k.k.

    Pavan Kumar nani k.k.

    17 timmar sedan

    Which mechine adhi

  7. NKR creative studio

    NKR creative studio

    22 timmar sedan

  8. aamir hadi

    aamir hadi

    Dag sedan

    What if hand comes under it

  9. Igor Prado

    Igor Prado

    Dag sedan

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  10. Mansoor Ahmad

    Mansoor Ahmad

    Dag sedan


  11. CR 7

    CR 7

    Dag sedan

    For tearing a Jean they r using

  12. _titiu-_avo_


    Dag sedan

    Aí me deus máquina desgraçada

  13. Vinay Rajesh

    Vinay Rajesh

    Dag sedan

    Wear the jeans for 1 year. Why this laser?

  14. FameKil1


    Dag sedan

    Why the heck PEOPLE KEEP DOING THESE JEANS. They are literally look like they were taken from trash can.

  15. Bradlee Johnston

    Bradlee Johnston

    Dag sedan

    Why she do that to the end of the pants?

  16. Ironwolf225 Hi

    Ironwolf225 Hi

    Dag sedan

    What a shit kind of jean is that

  17. Grady Meier

    Grady Meier

    Dag sedan

    “ Did you pay extra for those?”

  18. Richard Alfaro

    Richard Alfaro

    Dag sedan

    Huh? Why would you damage pants ??

  19. icrivel florfeliz

    icrivel florfeliz

    Dag sedan

    oh men, creeper

  20. Six Forks

    Six Forks

    Dag sedan

    This some cyberpunk tattoo shit right here

  21. Greeyard Malkova

    Greeyard Malkova

    Dag sedan

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  22. lazyatbeinglazy games

    lazyatbeinglazy games

    Dag sedan

    Why. Why did you ruin pants.

  23. Satine Kryze

    Satine Kryze

    Dag sedan

    Honestly ripped jeans are soooo stupid because they can be more expensive than not ripped jeans

  24. Eddie Avinashi

    Eddie Avinashi

    Dag sedan

    *Normal Jeans:* $25 *Normal Jeans Ripped:* $225 *'murica*

  25. Reda Benz

    Reda Benz

    Dag sedan

    الله لا يتربحكم ضيعتو شباب بسروال شطان

  26. Bob Kowalski

    Bob Kowalski

    Dag sedan

    If you put your hand in there, you would be fine unless you have dark skin. "You see, lasers are kinda racist" -Styropyro

  27. Rapin4S04


    Dag sedan

    Dude if u want to record tiktok videos, record it IN TIKTOK AND NOT IN SE-one

  28. cattin


    Dag sedan

    Who are you tearing apart such a good pair of jeans

  29. Yashvanth M

    Yashvanth M

    Dag sedan

    Be careful with hands

  30. tankgirl00x


    Dag sedan

    I'm offended.

  31. Mågïcâl Màyhém

    Mågïcâl Màyhém

    Dag sedan

    let's just pretend that it didn't give us all anxiety

  32. ShamikSaren


    Dag sedan

    so creepy machine 😱

  33. Naura Elena

    Naura Elena

    Dag sedan

    THE CASUAL GIRLS ARE CU46.UNO SE-one: THIS ID FINE SOMEONE: SyAYS "HECK" SE-one: BE GONE #однако #я #люблю #таких #рыбаков #垃圾,

  34. Ali Long Silver

    Ali Long Silver

    Dag sedan

    😐 تسخير التكنولوجيا في صناعة البياخه والسفالة

  35. fataldorito far

    fataldorito far

    Dag sedan

    Ripped jeans aren't cool

  36. Theo Wee

    Theo Wee

    Dag sedan

    Imagine. If the laser into your hand... Very dangerous

  37. Mayura BT

    Mayura BT

    Dag sedan

    Unsafe working place.. no protective gloves

  38. Sushma Maheshwari

    Sushma Maheshwari

    2 dagar sedan

    I don't no why but this makes me remember star wars 😮

  39. Arthur Morgan

    Arthur Morgan

    2 dagar sedan

    This person clearly has some extra fingers to spare

  40. Paul ANNHEL

    Paul ANNHEL

    2 dagar sedan

    Руки совсем не жалко

  41. JinPang J

    JinPang J

    2 dagar sedan

    띠익! 쁫! 픕 ...... 푸슉! 푸슉!

  42. Valentino Bambino

    Valentino Bambino

    2 dagar sedan

    Louis Vuitton be like: that'll cost a year of minimum wage.

  43. Bakr FM

    Bakr FM

    2 dagar sedan

    My vedeos it verey nice 👍👌🥰

  44. fox rain

    fox rain

    2 dagar sedan


  45. • Bakus •

    • Bakus •

    2 dagar sedan

    Beep pap pap.

  46. Eudy De los santos Ferreras

    Eudy De los santos Ferreras

    2 dagar sedan

    Cáncer ocular y de piel saliendo del chat

  47. Chaib Boujmil

    Chaib Boujmil

    2 dagar sedan


  48. Stoner Strains

    Stoner Strains

    2 dagar sedan

    Those are the ugliest pants ever.

  49. Mr. Opera オペラさん

    Mr. Opera オペラさん

    2 dagar sedan

    So that's how they make ripped jeans

  50. CarryMinati FanClub (NAFIS)

    CarryMinati FanClub (NAFIS)

    2 dagar sedan

    That's how modern beggar outfits made

    • 090 Ss Karthik

      090 Ss Karthik

      2 dagar sedan

      This is how modern youtubers beg for views

  51. CarryMinati FanClub (NAFIS)

    CarryMinati FanClub (NAFIS)

    2 dagar sedan

    Imagine putting you hand in this machine by mistake... :/

    • Sadid


      16 timmar sedan

      can't 😩

    • fan of Winner Institute ❤️

      fan of Winner Institute ❤️

      23 timmar sedan

      Bro I am seeing you second comment 😅. First one in Muscle video there I saw your Gyan on that video 😅😅

    • Adhine Syifa Widayati

      Adhine Syifa Widayati

      23 timmar sedan

      Don't jinx it

    • Mansoor Ahmad

      Mansoor Ahmad

      Dag sedan




      Dag sedan

      I see you everywhere..

  52. Vanish Stain Remover

    Vanish Stain Remover

    2 dagar sedan

    I wanna know what that room smells like now

  53. kwanTV 44

    kwanTV 44

    2 dagar sedan




    2 dagar sedan

    🤣🤣 এমন প্যান্ট কোন মানে হয়? ফালতু ডিজাইন

  55. Selvam Saravanan

    Selvam Saravanan

    2 dagar sedan

    My eyes only on his hand..poor workers.. without safety

  56. Md Aashik 786

    Md Aashik 786

    2 dagar sedan


  57. Arcanecide


    2 dagar sedan

    Why do people WANT rips in their jeans? It looks awful

  58. Fave YT

    Fave YT

    2 dagar sedan

    Can cut your finger?

  59. このアカウントは神聖です


    2 dagar sedan

    Maki it sound like Giorno theme



    2 dagar sedan

    That's risky at least wear gloves

  61. Raghavendra Lessons

    Raghavendra Lessons

    2 dagar sedan

    Fashion Rip

  62. Noor Alfiah

    Noor Alfiah

    2 dagar sedan

    Bayangin g sengaja kena tangan🗿🙂💔

  63. Xavier


    2 dagar sedan

    I did this once wearing pant to fix chain. Now i don't need to wear pant.

  64. raj kitchen

    raj kitchen

    2 dagar sedan

    Employing few dogs could have saved the money and time ,also it would have been even more natural

  65. Meister Mueller

    Meister Mueller

    2 dagar sedan

    After that… right into the garbage

  66. Super Bobr

    Super Bobr

    2 dagar sedan

    Джинсы Джордан их носила вся Америка, а затем эти джинцы привезли в СНГ и там носят до сих пор.

  67. dhiraj kumar jha

    dhiraj kumar jha

    2 dagar sedan

    What's happening to the world! I wish I could be born again but in the year 1975

  68. Punisher


    3 dagar sedan

  69. CallMePAOLO


    3 dagar sedan

    One wrong moves and his fingers are gone

  70. Krishna Reddy

    Krishna Reddy

    3 dagar sedan

    Don't waste jeans because For jeans we will waste 6 liters of water did you know guys

  71. Souvik Santra

    Souvik Santra

    3 dagar sedan

    Oh these jeans are for tiktokers. Not for us

  72. Ajay Budek

    Ajay Budek

    3 dagar sedan


  73. Aiendril Das

    Aiendril Das

    3 dagar sedan

    If the laser touched the hands it will be ripped too

  74. はる


    3 dagar sedan


  75. Vikas Malhotra

    Vikas Malhotra

    3 dagar sedan

    I never thought the jeans I am wearing is made like this

  76. Nisa kumari

    Nisa kumari

    3 dagar sedan


  77. Alex Hohstadt

    Alex Hohstadt

    3 dagar sedan

    That is cOOOOOOoo0ool

  78. Garo Rica Official

    Garo Rica Official

    3 dagar sedan

    Bisa buat tatto nih🤗

  79. 0Z1EL


    3 dagar sedan


  80. Giorgi nadiradze

    Giorgi nadiradze

    3 dagar sedan

    Coolest thing I've seen all day

  81. JKANEKI20


    3 dagar sedan

    Imaginate poner mal el dedo :v

  82. Tauileva T.

    Tauileva T.

    3 dagar sedan

    So you put a mouse hole at the bottom?

  83. Leidy Munguía García

    Leidy Munguía García

    3 dagar sedan

    La moda de hoy en día v:



    3 dagar sedan

    If that laser hit on his hands he will lifetime tattoo 🤣

  85. Muhammad Musa Suprayogie

    Muhammad Musa Suprayogie

    3 dagar sedan

    Kenapa ada yang mau beli celana robek?

  86. Did you see my dog!

    Did you see my dog!

    3 dagar sedan

    Laser hits in the ordinary jeans and made it to ripped jeans Laser hits in the hand and made it to *RIP*

  87. Sikh Gaming

    Sikh Gaming

    3 dagar sedan

    I would not trust my hands any where near there

  88. ウィード


    3 dagar sedan


  89. Jany’s_Brother_Official


    3 dagar sedan

    They made a laser to make jeans look bad. Everything is automated

  90. TheReborne


    3 dagar sedan

    thats no rips that cuts

  91. Jeff


    3 dagar sedan

    Já pensou se pega no olho

  92. Kelly Souza lly

    Kelly Souza lly

    3 dagar sedan

    Se erra e pega na mão?

  93. El Pana German

    El Pana German

    3 dagar sedan


  94. ihumankiller1


    3 dagar sedan

    He’s doing that with his eyes ?

  95. Generic Douchebag

    Generic Douchebag

    3 dagar sedan

    Doesn't anybody ever buy fucking jeans and rip them themselves? Why would you buy a pair of fucking pants with holes already in them?