He's Punished to Deliver Dead Souls to Heaven for 500 Years Before Reincarnation |HEART AND SOULS

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  1. cool doge

    cool doge

    15 timmar sedan

    I didn't expect that but i expected that I would expect something so it doesn't count right?

  2. ucruci2


    Dag sedan

    I remember this movie. Geez, this was a long time ago.

  3. ChoJun


    Dag sedan

    praise the restorarion of hormonity \[T]/

  4. ZA C

    ZA C

    Dag sedan

    Those ghosts should have went to hell for putting a kid through all that crap

  5. Lore Master Floofer

    Lore Master Floofer

    Dag sedan

    Hey its RDJ!

  6. Todaywefly


    Dag sedan


  7. the of Earvin with Nivrae Lacanlale

    the of Earvin with Nivrae Lacanlale

    Dag sedan

    This made me wanna check it

  8. X Trader and Investor

    X Trader and Investor

    Dag sedan

    1:53 Sent to heaven for his boiling hormone 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  9. miss Vivian

    miss Vivian

    Dag sedan

    This movie is old and was good and sweet...not scary

  10. Castor Troy

    Castor Troy

    2 dagar sedan

    You sold this movie perfectly sir...

  11. Scott Stewart

    Scott Stewart

    2 dagar sedan

    Whoever writes the dialogue for these videos has no grasp of the language.

  12. Anthony Bondoc

    Anthony Bondoc

    2 dagar sedan

    iron man was really rich

  13. Gary A. Valenzuela

    Gary A. Valenzuela

    2 dagar sedan

    Thanks, I will watch this movie.

  14. Pallavi Alai

    Pallavi Alai

    2 dagar sedan

    Very traditional Hindu story it for it revolves around the concept called KARMA what a beautiful Indian based storyline 😃

  15. lovemoviesful2


    2 dagar sedan

    Is that Iron man?! Saw this film years ago, didn't realize Iron man was in this too. 🤣😂

  16. Hernan Hernandez

    Hernan Hernandez

    2 dagar sedan

    This is the same content style as another channel with similar subs. Sus

  17. CAK's Dad !

    CAK's Dad !

    2 dagar sedan

    what movie is this?

  18. Damian Reyes Avila

    Damian Reyes Avila

    2 dagar sedan

    .Welcome to The Ghost Bus in History Come in Side Young Man and Woman Take a Seat on Heaven City. .Did you Know There are Famous Ghost Story About it How to Listen to The Land Owner From Past Life. .Marvel Studio Movie Action Character Who Play Iron Man Red and Gold With Blue Technology Lights.

  19. Twilight Zone

    Twilight Zone

    3 dagar sedan


  20. Léonide Desrosiers

    Léonide Desrosiers

    3 dagar sedan

    Robert Downey Jr. ??

  21. Fuza Kenna

    Fuza Kenna

    3 dagar sedan

    Hormonity wins at the end! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  22. Admortem Inimicus

    Admortem Inimicus

    3 dagar sedan

    Alt title: 4 ghost try to ruin Robert Downey jr.'s life but fail.

  23. Frivolous Beatnik

    Frivolous Beatnik

    3 dagar sedan

    Holy crap I remember seeing this movie a real long time ago

  24. Ronald Reagan

    Ronald Reagan

    4 dagar sedan

    honestly not a bad job, what's the salary?

  25. TradeUp by DEE

    TradeUp by DEE

    4 dagar sedan

    what is the intro music called??

  26. Amanda Ball

    Amanda Ball

    4 dagar sedan

    I always liked that film since was a kid

  27. Sandra Kleinschmit

    Sandra Kleinschmit

    4 dagar sedan

    Souls arent dead.

  28. Hyper Void Gaming

    Hyper Void Gaming

    5 dagar sedan

    Then Thomas also die after many times and take birth as Tony Stark

  29. Пётр Добрынин

    Пётр Добрынин

    5 dagar sedan

    Are they even making these kind of good kind-hearted movies anymore?

  30. Novalee Crawford

    Novalee Crawford

    5 dagar sedan

    I love this movie

  31. DrKampfpudding


    5 dagar sedan

    Am I the only one finding the background music really annoying ? Always this thriller / mysterious music even with happy movies .

  32. Drip Shaggy

    Drip Shaggy

    5 dagar sedan

    The movie is so sad yet wholesome at some point

  33. Jayvee Tabaniag

    Jayvee Tabaniag

    5 dagar sedan

    Iron Man x Dr Strange crossover

  34. rainy


    5 dagar sedan

    I'm glad one of them helped him. The 3 just bailed even tho they forcefully made him do their bidding. Let's also not forget that they traumatised Thomas when he was young.

  35. Someone Just

    Someone Just

    5 dagar sedan

    Hormonity must be another word for going out with a bang

  36. Suman Saha

    Suman Saha

    5 dagar sedan

    Daniel loves the word "Hormone"!!

  37. Cassidy Kaya

    Cassidy Kaya

    5 dagar sedan

    Did i just saw tony stark?

  38. nom chowski

    nom chowski

    5 dagar sedan

    Wow I almost watched 1 minute of whatever the hell this is supposed to be ?!?!

  39. Kat Genn-Winkler

    Kat Genn-Winkler

    5 dagar sedan

    I've watched this movie multiple times and can't recommend it highly enough. Funny, sweet and cute.

  40. Viari Helsing

    Viari Helsing

    5 dagar sedan

    Is that Robert Downey Jr., Holy shit!!!

  41. art by gav 🐉

    art by gav 🐉

    5 dagar sedan

    is that iron man???

  42. john kasich

    john kasich

    5 dagar sedan

    Iron man was so young back then

  43. Bargain Soul

    Bargain Soul

    5 dagar sedan

    really? hormonity. lol. come on!😄😎

  44. Cimegs5088


    5 dagar sedan

    And then he became Iron Man.

  45. Karl Pargas

    Karl Pargas

    5 dagar sedan

    This channel is gold 😂

  46. FilthY FilthY

    FilthY FilthY

    5 dagar sedan

    i love this movie

  47. Jan Wyman

    Jan Wyman

    5 dagar sedan

    Haven't seen that one in years. Loved it then. It still holds up well.

  48. lala land

    lala land

    5 dagar sedan

    wait isn't tom iron man from fortnite??😳

  49. Darius Moon

    Darius Moon

    5 dagar sedan

    Note to self, if you are going to be a ghost to a young child.... don't screw up the kid.

  50. Ana Maria Okropiridze

    Ana Maria Okropiridze

    5 dagar sedan

    Are we not going to mention that the single mom left a literal child by itself and probably died

  51. Ikelos


    5 dagar sedan


  52. Kaiyotee


    5 dagar sedan

    0:10 ART AND SOULS

  53. Soy


    6 dagar sedan

    poor boyfriend tho

  54. Silver


    6 dagar sedan

    Restore your hormone, and live happily ever after.

  55. Sam Rubinstein

    Sam Rubinstein

    6 dagar sedan

    The disturbed noodle disturbingly disappear because experience karyologically tire behind a earsplitting carp. talented, overt half-brother

  56. Filip van Ooijen

    Filip van Ooijen

    6 dagar sedan

    why was heart censored on the beginning

  57. Randall Myrick

    Randall Myrick

    6 dagar sedan

    This is a beautiful movie and I want to see it now

  58. HubbMU


    6 dagar sedan

    “Totally female hormone charming.” Is this Chinese? Lol

  59. Dean The Laughing Mann

    Dean The Laughing Mann

    6 dagar sedan

    This sounds like that one kind of movie that has so much going for it...and yet I'd still watch the heck out of it. We need movies like this again.

  60. Biorythym


    6 dagar sedan

    To be frank I think the driver got a good deal, reincarnation....the complete erasure of who you are and then "recycled" into something else..well, I would think being a bus driver for 500 years is almost a bargain

  61. Steven Joannidis

    Steven Joannidis

    6 dagar sedan

    5 days ago

  62. JustJeff23


    6 dagar sedan

    Why do you have music playing in the background? take that dumb sh1t out

  63. ECLECTIC 361

    ECLECTIC 361

    6 dagar sedan

    Watch it on Hulu

  64. Monkey Slasher

    Monkey Slasher

    6 dagar sedan

    This was a great movie. One of Robert Downey Jr.'s best.

  65. cyn_mis_nih


    6 dagar sedan

    This movie still makes cry. v_v

  66. Pegasus


    6 dagar sedan

    A double treat: We get to hear the story AND have a good laugh over the English. No shade intended, Daniel CC. I love what you do for us. Thank you for it.

  67. Pegasus


    6 dagar sedan

    7:26 -- "her three children are adopted by three different families" 7:43 -- "Mom's two daughters are adopted by the same family." Hmmmmm.

  68. Pegasus


    6 dagar sedan

    "The driver has ascended to heaven." Say WHAT? He just killed all his passengers because he was lasciviously and surreptitiously checking out a woman in another vehicle ... and he goes STRAIGHT TO HEAVEN? Maybe there's hope for me after all.

    • Joe Bloggs

      Joe Bloggs

      6 dagar sedan

      He comes back and is condemned to 500 years of bus driving. Presumably he went to heaven to be told off by god and given the punishment

  69. dieselscience


    6 dagar sedan

    That moment Danielbot calls BB King "the jazz musician."

  70. Isac Joseph

    Isac Joseph

    6 dagar sedan

    Hormonity restored

  71. No Context

    No Context

    6 dagar sedan

    You know what's funny? I was trying to find this movie for a week. I could not remember the name. Only that there were ghosts on a bus who followed this one guy around to help them with unfinished business or something. Now I found it. I forgot rdj was in it

  72. Gino Lorenzo

    Gino Lorenzo

    6 dagar sedan

    Fun fact: Bus driver was actually Davy Jones before they gave him a ship

  73. Heru- deshet

    Heru- deshet

    6 dagar sedan

    When I saw this movie I found it truly irritating.

  74. Jose Coss

    Jose Coss

    6 dagar sedan

    Fastest way to watch some good films..

  75. Bukl Borisov

    Bukl Borisov

    6 dagar sedan

    The only thing I think about is the long years they have seen him masturbate...

  76. Anuke Grey

    Anuke Grey

    6 dagar sedan

    Prepare to restore their hormonity 😂🤣

  77. lostchild14000


    6 dagar sedan

    The boy says, "you stink mister, you stink"

  78. Fish N Steve

    Fish N Steve

    6 dagar sedan

    I love how you want us to watch out and take care for art n souls

  79. squall


    6 dagar sedan

    Tf is this movie bruh

  80. Jen Knight

    Jen Knight

    6 dagar sedan

    I remember this brilliant and voice over was perfect 👌 x

  81. Don Winslow

    Don Winslow

    6 dagar sedan

    The young actor that played Thomas also played Tim Allen's son in 'The Santa Claus'.

  82. zyzz syss

    zyzz syss

    6 dagar sedan

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  83. Mikevdog


    7 dagar sedan

    B.B. King is a blues player, not jazz.

  84. Duffy


    7 dagar sedan

    after countless therapy, thomas decided that only the avengers can save him now

  85. David Webb

    David Webb

    7 dagar sedan

    Lifes is NOT a word it is lives.

  86. Alejandro Diaz

    Alejandro Diaz

    7 dagar sedan

    After that he became Tony Stark and saved the world.

  87. Kevin Johnson

    Kevin Johnson

    7 dagar sedan

    Totally female hormone charming

  88. Evelyn Waugh

    Evelyn Waugh

    7 dagar sedan

    Plot hole: starts taking advice from a hospitalized schizophrenic; what could go wrong?

  89. Darth Serenity

    Darth Serenity

    7 dagar sedan

    the single mom with her 3 kids is such a touching story 😭

  90. richard Chase Jr.

    richard Chase Jr.

    7 dagar sedan

    What's the name of this movie? Looks good

  91. jefthereaper


    7 dagar sedan

    Wait wait wait, so my punishment is 500 years of this and then I get reincarnated? "yup" So my 'reward' is a new life doing all that all over again from zero? "pretty much" and If I refuse to do this job? "we oblitherate your soul and you stop existing" ... Ok, just obliterate my soul then, sounds way better then doing a loop for all infinity. "No wait!"

  92. Demon Under Sheets

    Demon Under Sheets

    7 dagar sedan

    How you get more views than me using same voice narrator? lmao

  93. NCR Veteran Ranger

    NCR Veteran Ranger

    7 dagar sedan

    Thomas looks kinda like Iron Man

    • NCR Veteran Ranger

      NCR Veteran Ranger

      7 dagar sedan

      I know the name of the actor but I didn’t say it because you all would bully me for wrong spelling

  94. enchance


    7 dagar sedan

    What movie is this?

  95. al fatcat

    al fatcat

    7 dagar sedan

    You are like Movies recapped. Even using his line in the beginning.

  96. William


    7 dagar sedan

    I remember seeing this on the hallmark channel when I was a kid and cried when I saw it

  97. shawn reynolds

    shawn reynolds

    7 dagar sedan

    love these vids id never watched this movie and now i dont have to

  98. A average free draw enthusiast

    A average free draw enthusiast

    7 dagar sedan

    This is a great movie I love it