All Eyes On Me -- Bo Burnham (from "Inside" - album out now)


  1. ArcZeal Designs

    ArcZeal Designs

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    probably the best way to capture how most of world was feeling in 2020, he is right up there with Robin Williams with raw talent! Na-Nu Na-Nu brother!

  2. Lady B.tchface

    Lady B.tchface

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    This song is so soothing. I listen on repeat.

  3. Dom Doyle

    Dom Doyle

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    I can't get this song out of my head

  4. stevefrenchize


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  5. the forest & me

    the forest & me

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    your song has also entered Germany! I love it! 😎

  6. Tiergarten Records

    Tiergarten Records

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    The water might be fine, but you can hear that someone's still drowning.

  7. Jericho Clemente

    Jericho Clemente

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    *The Way this song was stuck in my head*

  8. FatherHood Music Group

    FatherHood Music Group

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    ah ha we love it so it back fired looooool luv bro xo

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    Single greatest piece of the whole production, top work!

  10. IT'S ME JONNi


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  11. Mathijs Luijten

    Mathijs Luijten

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    This song dude

  12. Skooma150


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    Bo burnham must be protected at all costs. I have never met this man but I would kill for him. We're all just hunkering down during the slow apocalypse, powerless to stop it and coping in our own ways. Bo might not be able to heal THE world with comedy, but he healed mine a bit. What a talented guy. I can't imagine the balls it takes to spill your guts as publicly as he did in this special but its so therapeutic for all the other struggling cynics out here. Thank you Bo

  13. Johnson adventures and gaming

    Johnson adventures and gaming

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  14. Peppa Pig Wannabe

    Peppa Pig Wannabe

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    that one guy who previously wasnt religious, now asking his religious friends to pray for him now hes faced with a possible terminal illness, also beginning to go slightly insane as a result of the illness oh and trying to convince his friends he isnt sick and being in denial because hes scared, and hating that they are too, "dont be scared, dont be shy, come on in the waters fine"

  15. Kyle Donnelly

    Kyle Donnelly

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    This is so amazing , I love this video and song

  16. Hailey Waybright

    Hailey Waybright

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    Thanks Bo. You got me to buy youtube premium

  17. XxWindyWeatherxX


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    this is a fucking mood. I love it.

  18. Pamolot Gaming

    Pamolot Gaming

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    Hopefully the panicked attacks don’t happen to bo ever again or anyone for the matter

  19. Maxje.04


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    Acoustics number! 🎶

  20. Steelwarrior1408 MD

    Steelwarrior1408 MD

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    Just got cheated on and this song has been my safe place thank u bo

  21. EMAN 225018

    EMAN 225018

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    Im not lying when i say this is genuinely genuinely one of my favorite songs simply because I can relate to this so much

  22. Apenvoet


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    I really need to be able to buy this as I DO NOT HAVE STREAMING SERVICES!

  23. Trippin


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    them discord days lol u right

  24. Koopa Kaper

    Koopa Kaper

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    God, seeing this special in theatres was probably one of the highlights of my life, especially this song. You could feel the wave of sadness wash over the crowd the second he rage quit that recording only for him to transition into this masterpiece of a song which made me shed a tear which it didn't on my first, like, 5 viewings of it. Something about watching something with a crowd heightens emotions... I heard people crying after this song. God, Inside is such a masterpiece. Thank you Bo

  25. Kieran Begley

    Kieran Begley

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    Beautiful, perfection, absolutely stunning thank you for this!!

  26. SamPNW


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    can I sit down yet?

  27. Laurel Lawson

    Laurel Lawson

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    You are my existential crush.

  28. Abdu Rashed

    Abdu Rashed

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    I keep coming back here very night.

  29. Definitely Joey

    Definitely Joey

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    Inside is a modern version of Pink Floyd’s the wall

  30. PLUTO


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    This man is a treasure

  31. Nate S

    Nate S

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    This song reminds me of having to talk myself out of an intense mushroom trip. Not just that, but this song hits home.

  32. Carlos D

    Carlos D

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    I love that you made it man. I remember seeing your videos on MySpace that were recorded from your room that looked like was a converted attic. And even some random videos where you were just messing around cracking jokes. It's a Hodessey. You deserve all the success you've gained

  33. Evan nunya

    Evan nunya

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    The older more viewed "all eyes on me" is like so weirdly different and the same at the same time.

  34. Jared Lackey

    Jared Lackey

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    Anyone else feel an inner conflict over this? Like, one part of me just loves it. Another part of me suspects that I'm finding an odd kind of pleasure in someone else's darkness, and in the waves of fatalistic assertion of the defeat of humanity. I'm feeding on it. I generally don't want to see a fellow human suffer, especially a highly sympathetic human, Bo in this case. And I don't want to accept the inevitability of humanity's failure to address global existential threats. Or do I? Someone I spoke with about this feeling suggested that the appeal is likely connected to a sense of shared experience and fears. In other words, it's relatable. Thoughts?

  35. Jared Lackey

    Jared Lackey

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    Who else loves it when he sings, 'Are you feeling nervous?', and later, 'look in my eye', as he shifts his gaze and makes eye contact with the second camera?

  36. Officially MEEN

    Officially MEEN

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    less than 20 years now till its all over........

    • Qusai Josh

      Qusai Josh

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  37. Rogue


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    That voice?? Is this Bo or Kylo Ren? Maybe he was actually working on Star Wars the last 5 years. 🤯

  38. Lucii Jane

    Lucii Jane

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    I really hope he has a concert, I would love to hear this song live its a vibe but tbh I know how he feels and music has always helped me mentally and this song helps believe it or not, because I have severe panic attacks (started at age 16, I’m currently 19 and still have them but not as much), it really messes with my life I can’t keep jobs due to me having my panic attacks, just to break it down for me personally I start freaking out because I just feel my heart racing and I really don’t know how to explain it but I can’t find a way to calm myself down sometimes if it’s really bad I pass out and stop breathing and from what my mother has told me I start shaking while unconscious, she has to shake me to wake me up and I start screaming from the pain from my chest and crying sometimes it takes them a minute to wake me up, when I do finally calm down I am VERY exhausted and I just sleep for the rest of the day, it’s so tiring because I can’t control it it’s very hard 😕

  39. Baptiste Puaud

    Baptiste Puaud

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  40. PJ Thomas

    PJ Thomas

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    This is my favorite song!!!!!!!! Love it!!! Great job!!!!

  41. Zackary Jensen

    Zackary Jensen

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    #Beause He's bo yo, he's the greatest rapper ever!

  42. Zackary Jensen

    Zackary Jensen

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    ive been watching and following bo since the beginning, his comedy and music moves me, and i will forever bo! love you bro keep up with your comedy!!

  43. nation's vocalist, kyungsoo!

    nation's vocalist, kyungsoo!

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    "you say the ocean's rising, like i give a shit" greta thunberg is gonna jump bo anytime now

    • aayesha


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      my opinion: ofc any sensible person looks at climate change and realises its an issue. but when you have a mental illness or just mentally are not in a good place, it becomes so much harder to like focus on anything. the world's ending? who gives a fuck you know. and the way bo shows that is so !!!!! because it's so hard to express what ur feeling mentally, but the entire special did just that for so many people.

  44. freshmccall1


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    His opus

  45. Isaac Hernandez

    Isaac Hernandez

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    Alright, I know we’re halfway done with 2021, but I’m considering this as “Song of the Year!”

  46. Lexie Jenne

    Lexie Jenne

    17 timmar sedan

    Those with real mental illness get this song. I can't explain to you just had depressingly comforting this song is... I know those eyes.

    • XthunderStoneX


      15 timmar sedan

      @Lexie Jenne sending love to you ❤️

    • Lexie Jenne

      Lexie Jenne

      17 timmar sedan

      I've suffered since I was a kid and got worse as adult trying to function in the world. And the feeling of thinking you're ok/doing better sometimes and suddenly remembering why you're not. The "smarter" you are the more painful it is. You just try to numb it with dumb jokes and fun shit, but it's always in the dark depths inside you, watching you, waiting for a bad day. I feel this song on such a personal level I can't explain. I feel every bit of the emotion put behind this song and its lyrics... I know those eyes...I'm just so sorry someone feels the same way I do.

  47. FactualDegree


    17 timmar sedan

    I was thinking, if depression or anxiety was cured in the future, kids in those days wouldn’t understand songs like this. They wouldn’t get what the lyrics meant. That’s deep…

  48. Adrian Chew

    Adrian Chew

    17 timmar sedan

    I actually came searching this song after watching a vid about some guy who stole a horse, commuted adultery and kicked a beggar. But he repented.

  49. kppelletier


    18 timmar sedan

    Yo Bo! Welcome to my reality! Glad to have you here! namaste... truely.

  50. Scrunt Bungle

    Scrunt Bungle

    18 timmar sedan

    In order to improve himself mentally, he became Keanu Reeves. Reddit moment

  51. Mackenzie Sims

    Mackenzie Sims

    18 timmar sedan

    His music heals Depression, anxiety,sadness etc... Highly recommend his music! Love you BO🥰

  52. Jaybyby


    18 timmar sedan

    "you say the oceans rising, like i give a shit. you say the whole worlds ending, honey it already did" are lyrics that a lot of people relate to but don't understand why. the reason is that you're experiencing passions burnout. it's the idea that you've cared so, _so_ much about something- for most of us, that something being the world- that you completely burn yourself out and suddenly it's incredibly difficult to pay any attention to or bring yourself to help the situation. this is being experienced especially by younger generations, but seeing how self aware bo is ("self aware" as in ACTUALLY self aware. it's kinda shocking seeing how genuine it is), i'm not surprised he's experiencing it too. my suggestion? take your time off of the internet. genuinely. get off of tiktok, twitter, tumblr, instagram, facebook, _whatever_ for a week or two. you gotta rest, and seeing all the bullshit that media is pumping out all the time leaves you hopeless and depressed

    • TimothyRedburn


      11 timmar sedan

      Those lines speak more to an anger about helplessness than anything else.

  53. Bublxx Lexxy

    Bublxx Lexxy

    18 timmar sedan

    Now I can't stop playing this song!!!

  54. TsukiAvocado


    18 timmar sedan

    I got a lot better with my phobia of going outside and my paranoia after a lifetime of being terrified right before 2020. I'm back to square one. This song hits hard.

  55. Circle of the Septagram

    Circle of the Septagram

    18 timmar sedan

    If this song had an extra verse or two and was a five minute banger, it'd be in the rotation for the long haul. Also I hope that, if Bo decides to tour with this, there's a choir singing the last chorus in lieu of the synth. Congrats on an amazing album and movie.

  56. Neon Ninja 14

    Neon Ninja 14

    18 timmar sedan

    Your a good soul Bo, whatever your dealing with i wish i was there to help you out, if you wish to find happiness maybe try out meditation?. the world we live in is a beautiful place, but there is alot of things pushing us down. im afraid you might not be able to handle this pressures i wish to help you in any way i can as soon as i can, even if its helps your situation a little. its better than sitting and doing nothing. you have made alot of growth in this life. you have battled alot of your demons, and alot of us are here to help you through it, so if things ever get too tough, you got a community of helpers who will stand by you.

  57. hateful2216


    19 timmar sedan


    • hateful2216


      19 timmar sedan

      I've been watching you since Bo Yo came across the screen over a decade ago.. Everyone feels the same.. Even if they pretend they don't. I torrented your shit because I'm poor, but for some reason I think you of all people would understand. Thanks for literally changing my life for the better as an individual person.

  58. J Kelley

    J Kelley

    19 timmar sedan

    Atheists: Jesus? is that you?

  59. CIP Alley

    CIP Alley

    19 timmar sedan

    Well at least someone thought to write humankind's epilogue.

  60. Nate's Outdoor Adventures

    Nate's Outdoor Adventures

    19 timmar sedan

    bo looks like jeasus

  61. Elias Mortimer

    Elias Mortimer

    19 timmar sedan

    “You say the oceans rising like I give a shit” this was totally me whenever someone tried telling me the world was ending or that climate change was killing us. I seriously think that unless death is imminent, dont fucking tell people that they’re gonna die or some shit. Let people be happy and live while they can.

  62. Christophe Ducas

    Christophe Ducas

    19 timmar sedan

    I wanna see a collab between Bo and Joji

  63. moh foh

    moh foh

    20 timmar sedan

    i was literally sitting on the toilet seat when he came at me saying GET THE FUCK UP... got so scared for a second there🙂

  64. Dustin Is Driving

    Dustin Is Driving

    20 timmar sedan

    We all won the lotto having Bo come back!!

    • Joshua Hunter

      Joshua Hunter

      Timme sedan

      And I listen to his other songs in between listening to this song

    • Joshua Hunter

      Joshua Hunter

      Timme sedan

      I listen to this song, probably 10-15 times a day

    • Martin Aaved

      Martin Aaved

      7 timmar sedan

      thats a great way to describe it! :D

  65. Michael Ciotta

    Michael Ciotta

    20 timmar sedan

    Yeah, I was like "This is the year that I'm gonna stop being a shut-in..." And then I got really sick... And then the world got really sick lmao.

  66. Adam Williams

    Adam Williams

    20 timmar sedan

    Makes my heart want to explode out of my chest

  67. J. C.

    J. C.

    20 timmar sedan

    Bro we need more of this!!!!!!

  68. It’s a me hope

    It’s a me hope

    21 timme sedan

    Hello depressed lgbt teens

  69. Chris Jones

    Chris Jones

    21 timme sedan

    I love it Bo!

  70. steviecbf


    21 timme sedan

    This is what Shia LaBeouf would be like if he had tallent.

    • TimothyRedburn


      11 timmar sedan


    • Insert name Here

      Insert name Here

      12 timmar sedan

      He does have talent though. Dudes a genuinely great and very committed actor and he’s even surprisingly a really really good writer.

  71. Leonie ́s turtle

    Leonie ́s turtle

    21 timme sedan

    Dude i haven’t felt like this in WEEKS

  72. Elio Bonelli

    Elio Bonelli

    22 timmar sedan

    This is eerily addicting and disturbing at the same time

  73. Annkams


    22 timmar sedan

    Then the funniest thing happened, You pushed your self to get better and when you made it and felt like you're ready to perform again, the pandemic hits. Ironic

  74. Brandon P

    Brandon P

    22 timmar sedan

    I thought this was amazing and then when he grabbed the camera it was so fucking perfect I nearly shit my pants X D

  75. Van Vuong

    Van Vuong

    22 timmar sedan

    Other artists take the camera and spin it around to show all the people around them, having fun, and putting you in the middle of the party. Bo spins the camera around to show himself alone in a dark room, highlighting his own isolation and possibly our own.

  76. Ward Huyskes

    Ward Huyskes

    23 timmar sedan

    I'm going to convince my kids that this is from passion of the christ.

  77. Erica Tremblay

    Erica Tremblay

    23 timmar sedan

    I think this is the most beautiful thing that has ever happened

  78. JWellNoFine


    23 timmar sedan

    Gives me runaway Kanye vibes

  79. Ralsei


    Dag sedan

    Bo can stab me and i would thank him and say sorry for getting his knife dirty.

  80. suchi thosecan

    suchi thosecan

    Dag sedan


  81. Nicholas Singarella

    Nicholas Singarella

    Dag sedan

    Got goosebumps on like my 10th listen of the song and it hit me that the "audience" laughing is just a sound effect.

  82. gacha sonic

    gacha sonic

    Dag sedan

    good song

  83. Dan Zucuma

    Dan Zucuma

    Dag sedan

    When I watched Inside and heard this I interpret it as people comforting each other before dying on the end of the world and it hit me...... First it starts slowly and peacefully. then: ''You say the ocean's rising like I give a shit You say the whole world's ending, honey, it already did'' You're not gonna slow it, Heaven knows you tried'' ''We're goin' to go where everybody knows'' I took it as a reference to ''heaven/hell'' and going to the place where everybody knows everybody. I was just imagining a group of people drowning (as the ark of Noah type of thing) slowly in a room with no escape and one of them telling the others as comfort ''get your hands up, all eyes on me'' as ''look at me and ignore all this, look! the water is fine!, pray for each other, let's sing and die peacefully, there is nothing we can do''. And the more the song progresses around min 4:00 Bo sounds more blurry/agitated and anxious, and the camera movements are more erratic, I imagined all the people who were trying to not panic, panicking but singing what bo is singing bc there is nothing they can do to escape the inevitable and then the abrupt cut in the end as ''they died already'' as a death in the water is. I am an atheist btw but I think it's fitting, although I like all interpretations given so far

    • Dan Zucuma

      Dan Zucuma

      22 timmar sedan

      @well FUCK IT I thought so too! i was going to say actually '' people were drowning from to a tsunami due to global warming'' but the Noahs ark sounded less mainstream and more aligned with the also religious references Bo makes on the videos shjdncsjs xDD haha♥

    • well FUCK IT

      well FUCK IT

      22 timmar sedan

      I agree with you but when he said the world already ended i think he meant global warming

  84. zarah fae

    zarah fae

    Dag sedan

    I literally got up out of my seat and put my hands up, danced and let all the anxiety and past pain just release out up through my hands. So powerful. I watched the special Inside and felt so many emotions then it got to this song and all the emotions just poured out. Absolutely brilliant!

  85. Jesse


    Dag sedan

    i watched this in the theater yesterday and no one got up til he shouted lmao

  86. voltron hamburger

    voltron hamburger

    Dag sedan

    Watching this special gave me more insight to how he is feeling than all the interviews I've ever seen. It makes it hard watching his old specials. Always questioning; "is he suffering during this recording?" Am I benefiting from his pain? Idk I just can't watch them the same anymore.

  87. byiringiro ephraim

    byiringiro ephraim

    Dag sedan

    idk what this feeling is, but damn this song is depressingly awsome

  88. Christopher Young

    Christopher Young

    Dag sedan

    I can never make it through this song without breaking down.

  89. Chungs


    Dag sedan

    Jesus christ this song is so emotionally loaded I feel like I just listened to Elliott Smith. Bo continues to be a goddamn legend. Thanks for saying what we've been feeling with this album.

  90. Marty05 !

    Marty05 !

    Dag sedan

    The whole special is a fucking masterpiece

  91. Megan Moone

    Megan Moone

    Dag sedan

    the part in the beginning where he looks right into the camera and says "are you feeling nervous?" just made me pregnant

  92. First Name Last Name

    First Name Last Name

    Dag sedan

    “You say the whole world’s ending, darling it already did” :/

  93. Card Sharks

    Card Sharks

    Dag sedan

    The production quality is insane, i know the editing was done by someone else but his home production value is incredible

  94. AnthonyVP0


    Dag sedan

    “I want to be a slave owner” - bob

  95. Jerri Ann Johnson

    Jerri Ann Johnson

    Dag sedan

    This song is really great and it really speaks to everyone and their struggles , everyone can find something in this song that speaks to them. This song is AMAZING

  96. A_weeb2.o hehe

    A_weeb2.o hehe

    Dag sedan

    I'm about to start watching bo Burnham inside movie on Netflix right now but I had to come here and listen to this first..

  97. Zorcore Music

    Zorcore Music

    Dag sedan

    You know I've been studying music non-professional way with out a degree for it and it came to the conclusion that people just aren't as creative anymore. You know I look at these artists online and I see the same stuff like they're all categorized and and basically sign a contract versus us independence who do everything ourselves. And I look at their music and I see such potential but they don't use it. Another one of the reasons why it's taking me so long to release my second album, it's due to the fact that I don't want my music to sound the same and I want to be consistent with the variety that I compose. As somebody who has made music for 9 years it's a big deal to sound unique and to remind people that creativity still exists when in the music industry. I've seen this guy's music and it had so much potential and character, but this song is playing it's like drinking a diluted black coffee and expecting there to be a pungent rich flavor but really it's just watered down. I know there's people looking out there who are in the same boat as me, especially those who make instrumental music because you can take the same song that's been recorded several times and mix it around and say a bunch of words in it but to create a unique sound that nobody's ever done before once you find that chances are somebody else is probably going to copy it down the road.

  98. Zorcore Music

    Zorcore Music

    Dag sedan

    His older songs for better

  99. Peter's Art

    Peter's Art

    Dag sedan

    I think I'm seriously addicted to this song...