The IMPOSSIBLE Chocolate Illusion!!😦

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  1. devvrat tomar

    devvrat tomar

    41 minut sedan

    "Tiktokers are evolving"

  2. Slunky


    47 minuter sedan

    Dude said he made chocolate out of nothing

  3. Darrel Evander

    Darrel Evander

    Timme sedan

    The bonus is for u eat itt

  4. The Airsoft Boi

    The Airsoft Boi

    Timme sedan

    How to steal some of your siblings chocolate without being noticed

  5. prestonzi


    Timme sedan

    God be like that's my son!!!



    2 timmar sedan

    A glitch in the factory

  7. Tj Hay

    Tj Hay

    4 timmar sedan

    We were doing this s*** back in 1999 at Papa John's when the pizza managers wouldn't let us make ourselves pizza. Lmmfao. God damn if we only had the technology today that we had 20 years ago some of us would be so famous right now

  8. Mr White Wolf

    Mr White Wolf

    6 timmar sedan

    Repeat it and unlimited chocolate

  9. Vishal Nune

    Vishal Nune

    8 timmar sedan

    It's just a trick I know it when I am kid .

  10. Thatha Pa

    Thatha Pa

    9 timmar sedan

    ok...but was it good?

  11. Arctic_Fur


    9 timmar sedan

    I remember doing this with caramilk

  12. m.s.


    10 timmar sedan

    I want it

  13. Hookah


    10 timmar sedan

    People who wanted even slices: aww man why they gotta do it?

  14. Kacper Jacewicz

    Kacper Jacewicz

    17 timmar sedan


  15. ron9ist


    17 timmar sedan

    Like the bonus piece that your local pizzeria takes from your pizza.

  16. Shikhant Saini

    Shikhant Saini

    18 timmar sedan


  17. ACG box

    ACG box

    18 timmar sedan

    This is not only a waste of money but a stupidity

  18. no name

    no name

    19 timmar sedan

    How is possible 😲

  19. Kothuri Tulasinag

    Kothuri Tulasinag

    20 timmar sedan

    Do you think i am stupid the box has changed

  20. MessyJesse


    21 timme sedan

    Its an illusion



    22 timmar sedan

    Tiktokers shit.... This is not a illusion

  22. skelly cube

    skelly cube

    22 timmar sedan

    No it doesnt just work on that chocolate it works on every chocolate

  23. Aleeka Narendra

    Aleeka Narendra

    Dag sedan

    Its because its flipped i think

  24. Daniel Larsen

    Daniel Larsen

    Dag sedan

    Simpel it dosn't fit perfect li in ther

  25. Krungkrung


    Dag sedan

    look at the gap at the edges

  26. gan jenson

    gan jenson

    Dag sedan

    just so simple

  27. Radhika


    Dag sedan

    Tumblr: I can't do this again, I'm not strong enough

  28. GNARF IV


    Dag sedan

    It's still the same amount! God how I hate this video's

  29. typetronic2


    Dag sedan

    Он просто меньше объёмом становится:(((( фу таким быть

  30. elkor101


    Dag sedan

    I remember when there was a meme of how to do this. So as a kid I got a bar of chocolate. Cut it. Then rearranged it. Then again. And again and again. Ended up with an infinite supply I used to start a company. Now I’m a multi millionaire

  31. Snipercat 100

    Snipercat 100

    Dag sedan

    Weigh it

  32. vikingmetaldragon


    Dag sedan

    I don't like TikTube.

  33. PinkPandaWafflez !

    PinkPandaWafflez !

    Dag sedan


  34. Damjan Berak

    Damjan Berak

    Dag sedan

    Can you eat it?im just consirned cuz im hugry and dont have snacks

  35. Christopher Scott

    Christopher Scott

    Dag sedan

    it’s smaller

  36. Christian Bru

    Christian Bru

    Dag sedan

    This can be fine with anything

  37. Fl1mZm4nG0


    Dag sedan

    Pfffft what a drag :[

  38. College English Teacher

    College English Teacher

    Dag sedan

    So he proved it wrong "matter can neither be created nor destroyed"

  39. Liz Mastroianni

    Liz Mastroianni

    Dag sedan

    you started with 6 and ended with 5 in the box count the chocolate pieces

  40. jiasenwan2008


    2 dagar sedan

    I'm losing more and more braincells due to these videos thx

  41. MrBuTtErSkEt


    2 dagar sedan

    Because that's how it's designed

  42. kayla1245768


    2 dagar sedan

    Yeah you can see that the foil is like almost an inch longer than the paper box.

  43. Down2Hell Beatbox

    Down2Hell Beatbox

    2 dagar sedan

    It was a bit over extending in the beginning but it became a bit short after taking the bonus piece off if you look carefully

  44. Nihad plays

    Nihad plays

    2 dagar sedan

    Him: I use chocolate to make chocolate

  45. Scavenger


    2 dagar sedan

    It's not the same, it's shorter

  46. Rukimi Chikarinariku

    Rukimi Chikarinariku

    2 dagar sedan

    its actually connected Different the first time you opened it and when you recreated it, it became smaller which gives you a bonus chocolate(not trying to ruin the fun i know the joke but im just gonna do this incase some dudes doesnt know how it works)

  47. 05-XIV [05 COUNCIL]

    05-XIV [05 COUNCIL]

    2 dagar sedan

    Its actualy Banach Tarski paradoz

  48. Redentor Matibag

    Redentor Matibag

    2 dagar sedan

    Messure it bro it alot different

  49. Anna Rubesh

    Anna Rubesh

    2 dagar sedan

    All I have to say is ... AHHHH WHAT THE FRICKEN HECK

  50. HĪM_YT - max retardation

    HĪM_YT - max retardation

    2 dagar sedan

    The guy: asking how it fits perfectly The smol gaps: HALO

  51. Agmit Mandal

    Agmit Mandal

    2 dagar sedan

    Banach-Tarski paradox but in this case it was given by manufacturer.

  52. That’s It

    That’s It

    2 dagar sedan

    I know it’s an illusion, but this one is particularly good



    2 dagar sedan


  54. Kekked


    2 dagar sedan

    And now do it again with that bar in the box

  55. thatspineappletastic


    2 dagar sedan

    That second chocolate bar is shorter, that simple

  56. I like memes

    I like memes

    2 dagar sedan


  57. CubbyClaw


    2 dagar sedan

    Because you need to arrange it differently when you it spell it chocolate. But when you got it it was flipped over and did not spell chocolate therefore it was arranged differently to fit.

  58. Daniel Lopez

    Daniel Lopez

    2 dagar sedan

    Its just that u put it in another setup

  59. gaming'n stuff

    gaming'n stuff

    2 dagar sedan

    You didn't make chocolate out of nowhere. it was put upside down in a certain way

  60. Addison L

    Addison L

    2 dagar sedan

    Well the chocolate is the same amount smaller as the bonus

  61. Steven cat

    Steven cat

    2 dagar sedan

    Rearrange them

  62. vapor station online

    vapor station online

    2 dagar sedan

    i see, never heard of vsauce i guess

  63. Bappinator 0

    Bappinator 0

    2 dagar sedan

    Let’s just ignore the fact that the final piece of chocolate is considerably smaller than the original

  64. foxlet dose gacha

    foxlet dose gacha

    2 dagar sedan

    The gaps add up

  65. pro1leo


    2 dagar sedan

    There's a gap tho so it's not a perfect fit

  66. Spyridon Spanopoulos

    Spyridon Spanopoulos

    3 dagar sedan

    A Avada Kedavra Tattoo?? Love iittttt !! And I love Harry Potter toooo

  67. Chevaughn Bennett

    Chevaughn Bennett

    3 dagar sedan

    This is how we end world hunger

  68. A9 Ahmad

    A9 Ahmad

    3 dagar sedan

    This is a proof, that we can still use less space for more density of something

  69. Bernardino Buñag IV

    Bernardino Buñag IV

    3 dagar sedan

    Me:how My braim:loading........................ 20 years later loading.....

  70. GREN!BOY Gaming

    GREN!BOY Gaming

    3 dagar sedan

    Bro did u hear rombus?

  71. Charlie Yap

    Charlie Yap

    3 dagar sedan

    When you start youtubing without passing elementary math

  72. Aaron castillo

    Aaron castillo

    3 dagar sedan

    Why are kids becoming smarter than most people

  73. Frmr Christian

    Frmr Christian

    3 dagar sedan

    It's not as big a rectangle as it was at first.

  74. HEIWA


    3 dagar sedan

    Similar to the time when I was messing around with my friends and then said ima attack you with a chair but then picked up a chair and didn't know where I got the chair from I'm still convinced I spawned in a chair

  75. Lodzikill2


    3 dagar sedan

    See those white thingies on each end? Thats how

  76. The1stNathan


    3 dagar sedan

    Bonus was in the middle he did it differently.

  77. sugawithacupoftae 116

    sugawithacupoftae 116

    3 dagar sedan

    “hey v sauce Michael here” if you got that reference, you are now my new friend

  78. Jacobw9


    3 dagar sedan

    Well you put it in definitely

  79. Joann Catibod

    Joann Catibod

    3 dagar sedan

    U can eat the BONUS ig

  80. magicorthodoxy


    3 dagar sedan

    Love these shorts! The Liberty Mutual advertisement before this was L O N G E R than this video! LOL

  81. Fealous


    4 dagar sedan

    This is like trying to solve a math problem

  82. Hi


    4 dagar sedan

    now put it back

  83. shoemaker


    4 dagar sedan

    If you've been on tumblr long enough, this video will get a whole different kind of reaction

    • Aisuluu Mamatova

      Aisuluu Mamatova

      4 dagar sedan

      Like wha?

  84. b bof

    b bof

    5 dagar sedan

    fq u science!!!!

  85. PMThang Paite

    PMThang Paite

    5 dagar sedan

    Editing skills :0

  86. shanker joshi

    shanker joshi

    5 dagar sedan

    We all see the gapes on the sides and thats the bonus, the volume remains constant including the bonus piece and excluding it the surface area you see changes but its not ideal illusion. Can be just one time trick

  87. B


    5 dagar sedan

    Morons on tik tok

  88. Aiden Ayers

    Aiden Ayers

    5 dagar sedan

    Its way to obvious what happened chris try harder

  89. Devon Hunt

    Devon Hunt

    5 dagar sedan

    The mass is actually a little bit smaller that what is was when you took it out and you can see the because the pieces were spread out when you first opened it

  90. Masked Sky

    Masked Sky

    5 dagar sedan

    Its the same size ppl stop thinking the other thing is smaller

  91. Royy Griffin

    Royy Griffin

    5 dagar sedan

    Bruh what you chewing,CB gum

  92. Reality check

    Reality check

    6 dagar sedan

    I wonder why everyone starts acting retarded on these kinds of platforms. don't get me wrong, there's some pretty stupid people on yt. but tik tok and yt shorts seem to really degrade someone's mind. idk what's so funny about people acting like they dropped out of preschool?

  93. Don


    6 dagar sedan

    If you'll notice there is about half an inch of space all around the base after its rearranged.

  94. Alex Hunter

    Alex Hunter

    6 dagar sedan

    Then keep doing it.

  95. Viddle Rage

    Viddle Rage

    6 dagar sedan

    The reconstructed bar is smaller than when you 1st got it, if you look around if you look around the edges there is a gap.

  96. AnxieTzy


    6 dagar sedan

    Just wraped it up and shake the box

  97. senpai aubtor

    senpai aubtor

    6 dagar sedan

    Dudes in word world

  98. Yeetlord7474


    6 dagar sedan

    Could you keep doing this over and over?!?

  99. James Clark Panganiban

    James Clark Panganiban

    6 dagar sedan

    Can you eat that chocolate

  100. Big F.

    Big F.

    6 dagar sedan

    That is one hell of a smart product to design