1. Sarah Thorpe

    Sarah Thorpe

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    If you do not pay for Your milch Bill. I shall concrete you into a pallet and let Elliott, pay it for You. Unless you come back here with Four Girls. Matthew Ch6:9-12. Amen. Lot's of love, Ms Thorpe. XoX xxx??!!

  2. Ronald Jennings

    Ronald Jennings

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    Looking good Tom👍🚜

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  4. Mike Fortune

    Mike Fortune

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    It is looking good Tom nice video

  5. Sam Fisher

    Sam Fisher

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    Will you be putting in a milking parlour or robots

  6. James Everiss

    James Everiss

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    Looks like the lorry has made his mark in the new concrete shame really

  7. Dawn King

    Dawn King

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    You need to get your granddad friend memory on tape about farming

  8. Bill Jones

    Bill Jones

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    What does MOT stand for?

  9. Scottish Farmer

    Scottish Farmer

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    Nice vid tom good luck getting it done in time

  10. Rob Pooley

    Rob Pooley

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    That looks one mighty fine silage clamp massive asset to your business for years to come

  11. Cindy Connour

    Cindy Connour

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    Nice to be surrounded by people who know what they’re doing and are willing to explain what’s going on…

  12. Vivian Winford

    Vivian Winford

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    You really need to have the crew sign and date the Concrete.

  13. Tom Cleghorn

    Tom Cleghorn

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    Those guys sure make concrete look easy! I love pouring it hate finishing it

  14. cJ YouTube

    cJ YouTube

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    I can do that with an excavator!

  15. philip butler

    philip butler

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    Great video Tom silage clamp coming on well

  16. Sean Bishop

    Sean Bishop

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    Don't be afraid to leave your handprint in the concrete!! Little bit of memory for when you're older and start forgetting..

  17. Marie Marshall

    Marie Marshall

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    Love watching your farming videos and also love the music you put on, who’s the singer? Very busy farm life x

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    يوسف العدوي

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    very good 👍 جيد جدا

  19. Chas Trux

    Chas Trux

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    2021 on a UK building site, no hard hats, one reflective jacket, no goggles, no reflective tape, no banksmen, no masks. Only men who know what they are doing. HOORAYYYY!!.

  20. MrJaiimez


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    and now I feel far better for the 300quid I spent on concrete when I laid my shed base.

  21. Shannon Brazil

    Shannon Brazil

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    These are guys who know what they are doing 🥰 I'm excited to see the end result.

  22. Laura Weber

    Laura Weber

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    I can feel your excitement. Just wonder, your holding the camera, how are you getting so dirty.

  23. llttf


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    Would be great to see a video about your friend's 700 cow organic dairy farm.

  24. Charles Lynch

    Charles Lynch

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    Awesome video thanks for sharing with us of how they put the floor down very interesting and kool to see u gotta admire these works they work hard and there good at what they do and most importantly they let u film the process so we can see it lol

  25. Christopher Davies

    Christopher Davies

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    Tom will be renting out Industrial Units some time in the future 🙂 Before his newborn baby arrives in Spring 😉

  26. MADMAXB25


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    would be good to see a live video of how it looks after you get back from your honeymoon.

  27. Barney Harkin

    Barney Harkin

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    Hey Tom 👋 Have a look at your messenger I have sent you a message, you will probably not see this but if you do could you just spare 2 mins to have a look. You are my favourite SE-oner.😁🚜🚜

  28. Donna Fink

    Donna Fink

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    Great job!

  29. Graeme Moffat

    Graeme Moffat

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    Why did you leave the feed bin there at the end of the pit 🤔 can’t work that one out

  30. Peggy Lasswell

    Peggy Lasswell

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    Lookup operation lockstep

  31. Robert Hunter

    Robert Hunter

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    All taking shape 👍👍

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    Good progress on the build Mr Pemberton....!!!🇿🇲🇿🇲🇿🇲

  33. Philip Richardson

    Philip Richardson

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    Our usual experience was to pour the concrete, tamp down, smooth out then later on find a trail of dog or cat paw prints in it! Coming along well!

  34. Eric Trace

    Eric Trace

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    Excellent work Tom and Fellowship of helpers! I agree Tom always give praise where praise is due!

  35. Patrick Cormack

    Patrick Cormack

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    Are you putting up walls. Builders put in fondtion for walls walls next and flower last

  36. Patrick Aherne

    Patrick Aherne

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    Who are the 48 who gave thumbs down on this video? I'd hate to be that miserable.

  37. Mark Ellis

    Mark Ellis

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    What incredible neighbors you have Tom, I left the farm as a young child and missed it for over a decade, I see now why.

  38. thistleman5


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    What is the back ground music

  39. J & J Cactus and Succulents - Open by Appointment Only

    J & J Cactus and Succulents - Open by Appointment Only

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    That was Great Tom! Love seeing all the new improvements to the Farm. Thank you for sharing:-) Stay safe and healthy:-)

  40. Agri Market

    Agri Market

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    Thomas, we sent you an email, but we don't know if hotmail recognizes our email It is possible to arrive in the spam folder. Could you check it out?

  41. Archie Cairns

    Archie Cairns

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    Tom don't burn the rotting logs - put them in the hole in the ground cover with soil and plant some trees - The rotting logs produce fungi, adding nutrients to the soil. See Hügelkultur

  42. Stephen Webb Bowen

    Stephen Webb Bowen

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    The guy should not be sitting in the dumper when its being loaded

  43. Bryce James

    Bryce James

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    Didn’t put the helicopter on it or a bull float? Why not take the height chairs out, reverse the truck over the mesh. Less shoveling.

  44. Tom Antrobus

    Tom Antrobus

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    Concrete is the cheapest thing around if you make a good job of it

  45. Chris Glee

    Chris Glee

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    dumper driver no helmet and should not be sat on the dumper while being loaded haha should see health and safety in Thailand

  46. Simon Griggs

    Simon Griggs

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    Good job tom every one working together great video

  47. Joe Reid

    Joe Reid

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    Let me guess, your grandad was cheap and did not want to pay to have the proper amount of concrete poured?😂🤣😅🤣

  48. evelyn vega

    evelyn vega

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    Wow! that is going to last forever! Nice job! Can you have your own star by imprinting your name and hands on the cement?

    • Tom Pemberton Farm Life

      Tom Pemberton Farm Life

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      Should have done this 🙈

  49. ImpsMyPimp


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    You definitely hired the right company. They are doing an amazing job. No corners cut.

  50. Zoey S

    Zoey S

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    Don’t forget to write your name and date in the concrete guys !! 👍✌️✌️

  51. John Sebar

    John Sebar

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    old news is knew's to us so feel free to post it. hard to grasp how many upgrades you have made this year, just wow.

  52. Annette Hall

    Annette Hall

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    This is amazing to following! I hope that the Ginger and Tom leave hand prints in some concrete.

  53. loren golliher

    loren golliher

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    Again I love your videos super congratulations to you and yours may God bless your Union for all the days that the Sun shines on this Earth I would love it but Jeremy Clarkson came to your farm just so he could see how a dairy works

  54. MJB


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    This is a new era for the farm. Nobody will ever come to the farm for the first time and know what it looked like without that new construction.

  55. Walking Writer

    Walking Writer

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    That was cool to watch. A job well done! Were you tempted to put your handprints or initials in one corner? :D

    • Tom Pemberton Farm Life

      Tom Pemberton Farm Life

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      I forgot 🙈

  56. Jack Dillon

    Jack Dillon

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    Do you regret the location of the feed silo now?

  57. GrxmReaper


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    Hope your wedding goes really well and I hope you and Joanna (not sure if that's the right spelling but we'll go with it I suppose) have a really good day!

  58. LINDA Scott

    LINDA Scott

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    Beautiful job, everything is going great

  59. Peter O'Donnell

    Peter O'Donnell

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    congrats on the wedding and so good to see such progress being made...keep the videos coming :-)

  60. Avril Moxon

    Avril Moxon

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    I love how the guy asked if the cow was ok? Wholesome 💚

  61. Dallas L

    Dallas L

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    11:10 I swear I thought you were pissing on the concrete in front of the boys for a long minute lmao

  62. OnshoreBog 0

    OnshoreBog 0

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    Is it just me that finds concrete pouring satisfying?

  63. Steyer-CRMG


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    11.10 “I’ve practiced this” Tom takes celebratory pee on new concrete 😂 someone had to say it! Love your work 😎

    • Tom Pemberton Farm Life

      Tom Pemberton Farm Life

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  64. Stephen Thompson

    Stephen Thompson

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    Nice one tom

  65. Padraig Cunningham

    Padraig Cunningham

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    28 days for concrete to cure in a Silage apron before putting grass on it

  66. Rodney A Bailey

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    Kudos!! Way to go!!

  67. Sunshine Catcher

    Sunshine Catcher

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    its a skill for sure

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    Peter McGannon

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    Congratulations on your wedding I hope everything went well for both of yous ❤️❤️

  69. esparka


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    The efforts you have made during the events surrounding your wedding are so appreciated. This pour series has been satisfying to watch. OCD heaven was achieved as you thoughtfully completed the entire clamp area during this episode. Thank you for that…

  70. cooper moore

    cooper moore

    10 dagar sedan

    Question there Tom why didnt you guys move your cake silo and the concrete that it's sitting on to make it easier backing into. but looks great

    • Tom Pemberton Farm Life

      Tom Pemberton Farm Life

      10 dagar sedan

      It would just be a big and costly job for not a lot of gain. We will see how we get on, if it becomes an issue we will have to move it.

  71. Jim G

    Jim G

    10 dagar sedan

    Tom you keep saying we are going to do this and that. When someone keeps saying we say "Do you have a mouse in you pocket. " 😆

    • Tom Pemberton Farm Life

      Tom Pemberton Farm Life

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      I don’t get it 🙈😂

  72. Nick Bell

    Nick Bell

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    Curious as to how the panels will go in. Usually slid down the uprights but the cross supports will be in the way. 🤔🤔

    • Tom Pemberton Farm Life

      Tom Pemberton Farm Life

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      You’ll see 😊

  73. yossor


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    Making great progress Tom hope your are enjoying your break in ireland

  74. Erik Owren

    Erik Owren

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    What slump was that concrete?

  75. Callum Aus Flooring

    Callum Aus Flooring

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    Wheres your chairs for the mesh your using wood blocks!?

  76. A McD

    A McD

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    You can tell Mick grew up on a farm and remembers it fondly.

    • lukagiltrap77


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      Isn't he the Irish guy that owns the farm next door? Tom has mentioned quite a few times that Mick is always doing him favours. Good neighbours.

  77. Alex


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    Brilliant video Tom, thank you 👍

  78. michael muckian

    michael muckian

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    Any plans when in Ireland to visit Adrian ifarmwefarm ?

  79. Joshua Thorne

    Joshua Thorne

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    Tom please tell me the song around 7 mins- it’s immense

  80. Gareth Hall

    Gareth Hall

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    Great to see all the progress can’t wait to see it all finished the new clamp and buildings are going to be immense 👍🏻

  81. Jon Green

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    The music absolutely sucks!

  82. john perry

    john perry

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    they did a cracking good job on that concrete pouring

  83. Graeme McKay

    Graeme McKay

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    Wow, I now know why the mixer driver said my pour was a lot for a domestic garage. I got 8inch with rebar.

  84. Justin Meegan

    Justin Meegan

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    Don't put grass in it for four week ,we did in 2 week and the walls and floor proke

    • Justin Meegan

      Justin Meegan

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  85. Rick James

    Rick James

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    Concrete makes good filling!!

  86. Jesse Seeman

    Jesse Seeman

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    It's too bad you could write your yt name in concrete for future family,...

  87. Edward Connolly

    Edward Connolly

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    Tom if no room just rap it

  88. Rommel Saint

    Rommel Saint

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    Speculate to accumulate, Great investment Tom you can see your dad is well proud of you. The farm in years to come will benefit from your work now.

  89. Nick AF

    Nick AF

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    No membrane under concrete 🤔

  90. Thomas Cooper

    Thomas Cooper

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    Well done to all the boys doing a perfect job and you Tom we haven’t seen your dad for a while

  91. H Beer

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    It's gonna be a great building 🙂

  92. Tom Johns

    Tom Johns

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    Awesome team work 💪

  93. Donald Triumph

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    Looking good Tom 50% of the cost of the build you never see it’s in the ground 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  94. C S Agri

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    Nice one tom

  95. Kelly-Anne Jenner

    Kelly-Anne Jenner

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    Pigs! Did I miss something or is that for a future video? X

  96. Pat Kelly

    Pat Kelly

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    Great job Everybody, a lot of concrete, that is not moving any time soon:):)

  97. laura mckay

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    date as well 🥰

  98. laura mckay

    laura mckay

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    get your name on that concrete

  99. Chris Grathwohl

    Chris Grathwohl

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    Concrete is expensive and really it shouldn't be. Looks awesome Tom, so excited for you and your family.

  100. Thousand Watt Flower Pot

    Thousand Watt Flower Pot

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    Great progress Tom, Congrats. Your wedding went great by the way lol.....question, do they not put expansion joints in the concrete in the uk to avoid crack or contril cracks? Cant wait for the next video.