WHAT BROKE On My Sleeper's 700HP Turbo LS? *Knock* *knock*

Today we tear into the Turbo LS that was making 700HP in my Volvo Sleeper. Yesterday we confirmed that it wasn't anything in the top end, so we had to pull the motor and tear it apart. The answer was disappointing.

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  1. Matt Waller

    Matt Waller

    31 minut sedan

    Shout out to the JMR guys coming in clutch

  2. Matt Waller

    Matt Waller

    40 minuter sedan

    Gingium gettin swole af. Vin Diesel mode activated.

  3. Christopher Head

    Christopher Head

    2 dagar sedan

    this is common among ls motors. saw this failure many times working for chevy

  4. AaronBonBarron


    3 dagar sedan

    Pro tip: loop the straps around your lifting points and hook the strap hooks onto the engine crane hook to keep it stable!

  5. ZardoJ


    3 dagar sedan

    They make a tool to lift LS engines that goes in place of the valley cover. Will change your life man.

  6. Korruptionen


    4 dagar sedan

    Much love for the driveway motor pull... but you are asking for trouble with that rachet strap style. Go to harbor freight and acquire an engine leveler.



    4 dagar sedan

    Perfect opportunity to do a proper rebuild. Check your clearances and assemble EVERYTHING to torque specs. It'll be ready for some abuse after that. Now, go and play...

  8. Jared Musick

    Jared Musick

    5 dagar sedan

    you should try to hook up a/c!

  9. Evan Ulickey

    Evan Ulickey

    5 dagar sedan

    ive been watching sense you built the drift truck and i love your videos

  10. Space Naught

    Space Naught

    7 dagar sedan

    Me sitting here like, issa lifter buddy, few years working for chevrolet as a heavyline apprentice has really made me knowledgeable of that exact sound

    • Space Naught

      Space Naught

      7 dagar sedan

      But I was shocked to see it was the bolt

  11. Urmas Slow

    Urmas Slow

    8 dagar sedan

    Haha the Volvo is just pissed you swapped in an american v8

  12. Ryley Verbeek

    Ryley Verbeek

    8 dagar sedan

    It makes me really happy to see parts sitting in the dirt

  13. Mac Craig

    Mac Craig

    8 dagar sedan

    You by far are the most over looked youtuber. Your content is actually fun to watch and your so humble and doesn’t flaunt his money

  14. Nst 25

    Nst 25

    8 dagar sedan

    I dropped a lifter in my lq9 junkyard motor. I pulled the eBay spray cam from BTR I put in like ah year before this and it was perfect still. I procrastinated a trunion kit to long though and a rocker came apart and junkyarded the motor like two months ago. I got a hell of ah deal on a 5.3l out of a totaled 2015 Tahoe and am learning the LT shit and having fun doing it. The wiring is ah little wild but I’m 25% more sold on the new lt motors. Boost sounds cool but bumper exit nitrous motors are buttcheeks bro. Lol

  15. Brady Marsh

    Brady Marsh

    8 dagar sedan

    paint the engine bay!! once the hood is lifted its not stock so make the the whole engine bay perfect

  16. Build Auto T.

    Build Auto T.

    8 dagar sedan

    Cam bearing could be bad to that could babe caused vibration in it

  17. Bingaloo Bangaloo

    Bingaloo Bangaloo

    8 dagar sedan

    You can run gingium, and you can hide... You will never escape lifter tick This post was brought to you by NA Miata gang

  18. Rune Rafell

    Rune Rafell

    9 dagar sedan

    What came lose ? THIS CAME LOSE ,ahhhhhhhhhhhrggh😂

  19. Kevin Zamora

    Kevin Zamora

    9 dagar sedan

    that same thing happened to my Miata... except my whole harmonic balancer fell off while driving because the bolts backed out. I later found out the weird feeling in the clutch was that harmonic balancer shaking. It's replaced now and all is well but man, never not using Loctite again.

  20. Faithful


    9 dagar sedan

    Tbh best that you took it out and went through it. Atleast now you'll know what's in it and you now know how to work on it. Always look at the plus when trying to find problems. Just think now you know

  21. Carlos Eduardo Varela Félix de Almeida Junior

    Carlos Eduardo Varela Félix de Almeida Junior

    9 dagar sedan

    it was time to dismout everything, now just a refresh its what it needs.

  22. Alex Przysiecki

    Alex Przysiecki

    9 dagar sedan

    Get wiseco pistons and a bigger cam and maybe port and polish the head🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

  23. Al Schneider

    Al Schneider

    9 dagar sedan

    That motor was on borrowed time anyways with hose ungapped rings...Look at it this way...At least you still have a good block without gouged out cylinders from broken ringlands. Now you can build it properly for high boost and have WAY more fun!

  24. corolla1995


    10 dagar sedan

    thats what i was thinking a bolt backed out rubbing. it sounded rotational

  25. harley de beer

    harley de beer

    10 dagar sedan

    Always a silver lining when life goes balls deep,the Volvo will come back stronger!

  26. Home Grown Customs and Auto Repair

    Home Grown Customs and Auto Repair

    10 dagar sedan

    Need solid trunions for rockers too... The stock bearings explode

  27. snakezulu7


    10 dagar sedan

    Two words: Engine leveler. Please purchase one. For all of us, baby.

  28. savas


    10 dagar sedan

    Always raining there? Wtf!!! 🤣🤣🤣

  29. Mick Anon

    Mick Anon

    10 dagar sedan

    Maximum respect for doing this DIY under a gazebo out in the weather! Surely your oil pressure was normal, so it would have kinda ruled out a main or conrod bearing issue?

  30. AbundantCat


    10 dagar sedan

    rod knockium

  31. Furness Prime

    Furness Prime

    10 dagar sedan

    Dude talks through his nose; holy cow.

  32. Daniel Hoffman

    Daniel Hoffman

    10 dagar sedan

    Man I bet you really feel like the horses putoot on that one

  33. M Fr

    M Fr

    10 dagar sedan

    At least you found something wrong.

  34. Sidney


    11 dagar sedan

    Good way to look at things man

  35. Dyne Hammer

    Dyne Hammer

    11 dagar sedan

    After doing 2-3 V8 engine swaps in my driveway over the years in GA, I was really curious to see his reactions. At least you got a tarp! =P

    • Gingium


      10 dagar sedan

      The tarp was a huge key!

  36. Scott


    11 dagar sedan

    You leave a great shop with a lift that fit all your cars for a poorly paved driveway with a tent? Ever heard of the term “ work smarter not harder”?

  37. Shay Blakeley

    Shay Blakeley

    11 dagar sedan

    I know things aren’t going great for you right now gingium, but things will get much better! You are just pushing through your challenges!

  38. Aaron Cable

    Aaron Cable

    11 dagar sedan

    Tho just saying caleb atleast now you know what that sound is so if it happens again you'll know also I've got a feeling after doing cars on youtube you've become strongium or something sorry tho I thought of a name or two for the volvo I guess turbo shitbox as a kind of sleeper ish name or grandad/dad on energy drinks as the Volvo's like the age of some dads tho some are grandads tho or Volvo's are owned by grandads also atleast you have an idea what condition your engines in

  39. Ynnel?!


    11 dagar sedan

    "engine machine broke, pls fix" Also maybe do timing gears for maximum WHINE

  40. bramsilverbug


    11 dagar sedan

    It looks so easy in this 15 mins of film but i know this is really hard work. Respect for you

  41. Luka Magić

    Luka Magić

    11 dagar sedan

    10:15 Hahaha fuck the motor ...Good videos dude :D

  42. atsnokki


    11 dagar sedan

    Only in America old Volvo is considered sleeper. Here we have saying that old Volvo's don't die, they just get faster

  43. Trent Lewis

    Trent Lewis

    11 dagar sedan

    Really wanna see Gingium on Vinwiki, just for the exposure he's earned it.

  44. Oil Field Moto

    Oil Field Moto

    11 dagar sedan

    Love the honesty in this video of showing mistakes like dropping the engine, great video.

  45. Oil Field Moto

    Oil Field Moto

    11 dagar sedan

    Purchase a $35 dolly the next time you’re at harbor freight, your back will thank you later.

  46. AutoMotivate


    11 dagar sedan

    Just replaced my LS. Man, get an LS Lift plate... Youll never have an issue with dropping a motor. I used the Dirty Dingo off amazon for around $35. Small Price to pay for no headaches.

  47. Skinny Pedal Motorsports

    Skinny Pedal Motorsports

    11 dagar sedan

    Idk if you set it before but when ya put it back together it’d be a good time to mark TDC so you can verify the timing in the software 🤘🏼

  48. kevin k

    kevin k

    11 dagar sedan

    Buy enclosed party tent, will help with the elements.

  49. Eric Hall

    Eric Hall

    11 dagar sedan

    the clock is a nice touch, never seen that one before

  50. Mike Forager

    Mike Forager

    11 dagar sedan

    Kinda lucky you got it when you did, you are a very hard worker! keep it up

  51. Mark Storer

    Mark Storer

    11 dagar sedan

    Great to see you so positive Caleb 👍

  52. ebrahim khalil

    ebrahim khalil

    11 dagar sedan

    Gingium get your garage ready! You working in the driveway looks sketchy

  53. tarun


    11 dagar sedan

    hats off to you for taking the whole situation in a positive way man! keep up the good work



    11 dagar sedan

    The Volvo V8 is cool but I miss your other builds :((((((

  55. Colby Renger

    Colby Renger

    11 dagar sedan

    Be carefully trying to break the fall of a V8

  56. parker bethke

    parker bethke

    11 dagar sedan

    I forgot he hasn't done a cam yet. In a boosted application a cam can get you up to 100 horse if you chose the right one

  57. Moto Gamz

    Moto Gamz

    11 dagar sedan

    Questions for you Caleb why didn’t you check the timing chain before you did the full pull?

  58. Graham


    11 dagar sedan

    song at 8:15 ?

  59. Izhla Yukio

    Izhla Yukio

    11 dagar sedan

    Hey, it got you to tear apart the motor and gave you a chance to refresh things, that's good!

  60. Kevin Johnson

    Kevin Johnson

    11 dagar sedan

    Invest in a load leveler. They make pulling and installing engines so much easier.

  61. Vincent Valla

    Vincent Valla

    11 dagar sedan

    Somebody get this man a motion lift plate

  62. Ryan Wollum

    Ryan Wollum

    11 dagar sedan

    *engine starts to fall* Caleb: *puts hand in front of engine*

  63. Fabio Bologna

    Fabio Bologna

    11 dagar sedan

    Lets stand together for a Texas Speed support for the channel! 427 swap the world!! 🤟

  64. xXIBON3ZIXx


    11 dagar sedan

    Don't use those lifters after magnetized them. Then they will really mess up.

  65. Daniel Fritscher

    Daniel Fritscher

    11 dagar sedan

    Love your vids, vatched the whole volvo series in a week, rallye miata here i go :D

  66. Joseph Bugaj

    Joseph Bugaj

    11 dagar sedan

    At least it’s a positive thing that it was just backed out bolts in the timing set, instead of a lot of serious damage that would have required professional machining.

  67. Dillen Armstrong

    Dillen Armstrong

    11 dagar sedan

    bro i felt his pain on another level and i feel so sad

  68. trdcelica


    11 dagar sedan

    Get how you feel dawg worked on getting my license for 6 months because I failed my drive once an covid barely 2 weeks into driving my celica got Rodknock an it was my great grandfathers car do i cant just get rid of it oh an i also rolled into the back of a lifted truck going like 5 mph an fucked up my trd bumper an possibly bent my hood hopefully it's just the brackets but long story short life sucks balls an everything usally works out in the end in im buying my homies is300 for a smoking deal an the celica will end up forged an manual sooner then thought it all just takes time 🙏🙏🙏

  69. Abraham Aldagesh

    Abraham Aldagesh

    11 dagar sedan

    Gingium failure after failure at least you’re not sinking!

  70. jesus galvan

    jesus galvan

    11 dagar sedan

    You really should get that shop until you can find something better

  71. jesus galvan

    jesus galvan

    11 dagar sedan

    Thumbnail makes you look the the cheese guy from goofy movie🤣😂😂

  72. BL00D H4ND

    BL00D H4ND

    11 dagar sedan

    This is a blessing in disguise IMO, nothing really broke an the block is in 1 piece

  73. baijanwelding


    11 dagar sedan

    Hi mate. I really love watching your channel. A question what Av set up are you using? Like 2cameras? Are they action cameras? As these vids come out awesome. Thanks again.

  74. Jake Moritz

    Jake Moritz

    11 dagar sedan

    Omg those tackle boxes for storing parts is so genius why haven’t I thought of this before 🤦‍♂️🤯

    • Kyle Mcweeny

      Kyle Mcweeny

      7 dagar sedan

      The rods and the lifters should be stored together if he's gonna use them again

  75. 802 Garage

    802 Garage

    11 dagar sedan

    LOL bro that clock during the time lapse is like the classiest thing ever. Jumbo Guinness a good choice as well. Really sucks about the freak failure, but hey, you're now way more familiar with the LS!

  76. CubanoBuilt


    11 dagar sedan

    Man I applaud you for keeping on pushing after moving. I’m sure it’s hard going backwards and not having a lift or work space. I haven’t had the Luxury yet so I feel your pain

  77. Luke Gomillion

    Luke Gomillion

    11 dagar sedan

    At least my man Gingium has some concrete he can work on, I've just got dirt to do a v8 swap into my s10. Concrete makes working a lot easier lol

  78. KrownlessKing


    11 dagar sedan

    Huuuuuge props to you for doing all this work in the rain and without a garage 👍🏼

  79. MikeOrkid


    11 dagar sedan

    Do rods while you're in there. Get it all done while she's apart.

  80. Conman0320


    11 dagar sedan

    Gingium….please get a shop

  81. Donovan Piko

    Donovan Piko

    11 dagar sedan

    While you're at it, you should go for upgraded internals, gapped rings, and upgraded oil pump

  82. robmanueb2


    11 dagar sedan

    Rebuild it to stock as most of the parts are ok for a low power build, then sell/trade to something that can take boost.

  83. jason black

    jason black

    11 dagar sedan

    Love your content. It would be cool if you told us how long something to you. Like right after the montage. Would be intresting. Thanks for the awesome videos

  84. Road Warrior

    Road Warrior

    11 dagar sedan

    HYPE FOR A TRUNYON UPGRADE!!!!! ( .........Because I'm not doing the work lol...............)

  85. Damien Osborne

    Damien Osborne

    11 dagar sedan

    Don’t sweat it. Good thing you went as far as you did before finding the real issue. How bad would’ve it suck to “fix” the issue only to destroy your engine with the debris that was in there. Clean everything up, roll some new bearings in, gap the rings and go run the shit out of it!

  86. David Polak

    David Polak

    11 dagar sedan


  87. Brock Hendi

    Brock Hendi

    11 dagar sedan

    Hey you are you running an ATI super damper? If not that will help keep the vibrations in check and possibly help to not break bolts like that. 👍

  88. Bri


    11 dagar sedan

    Wow I guessed spun bearing, now we know what a loose gear in the timing cover sounds like. HA

  89. XOZ Industries

    XOZ Industries

    11 dagar sedan

    Now you can gap the rings and put new bearings and cam in it. Make sure you put new lifter trays in that motor, old ones can let the lifters spin in the trays and wreck the motor.

  90. Kenny Workman

    Kenny Workman

    11 dagar sedan

    All of your builds are so dope. I would love to be able to see your stuff in person. Keep up the great work! I enjoy all of your content!

  91. Mihail Petrovici

    Mihail Petrovici

    11 dagar sedan

    This situation is 100% relatable. Broken car, driveway, raining, shit falling

  92. Shelby McCaul

    Shelby McCaul

    11 dagar sedan

    My handle was missing, too. I took I picture of my parts to HF and they gave me one. I thankfully bought it on my account and I could pull up the receipt online. Don’t let them win!

    • Shelby McCaul

      Shelby McCaul

      11 dagar sedan

      Also, shorten up the chain on your hoist, you’ll get a higher lifting clearance to get over the core support easier. Just feed it up into the hoist a little more.

  93. Nathanael Rodriguez

    Nathanael Rodriguez

    11 dagar sedan

    Yeah I know you probably won’t see this but next time you can disconnect one coilat a time and which ever is the piston knocking will go quiet when you disconnect it.

  94. Joshua Nicolai

    Joshua Nicolai

    11 dagar sedan

    They do make floor trans jacks I think that’d help a lot. It was WAY easier that way when I was doing it on my back

  95. hondaatcfreak420


    11 dagar sedan

    Just a reason to built it betterment

  96. wheelsonbus27


    11 dagar sedan

    Pulling it was for the best. Tons of goodies to buy to really help see the full potential of the turbo kit. Longevity wise, oil pump, lifters, and head studs should help.

  97. Dimitri Akrum

    Dimitri Akrum

    11 dagar sedan

    Now the ls can make 1000hp

  98. H Miller

    H Miller

    11 dagar sedan

    SMH.... SAD.

  99. Raul Deu

    Raul Deu

    11 dagar sedan


  100. Carl Martin

    Carl Martin

    11 dagar sedan

    Damn, dude, you need a spotter for that engine hoist.