Gingerbread Obsessed Grandma Is Keeping A Dark Secret From Her Family

Me and Pewdiepie are watching My Crazy Obsession with this Grandma who is all about Gingerbread. She has gingerbread everything. And like most of these videos...she harbors a dark secret hidden away in her freezer and the rest of her house.
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  1. Andrew Macias

    Andrew Macias

    10 minuter sedan

    yes brotoast

  2. Colleen Mikesell

    Colleen Mikesell

    16 minuter sedan

    I hate when people try to logic trypophobia away. Like why are you scared? They’re just holes. It’s a phobia. I can’t help it! You think I want my kryptonite to be holes?!! 🤦🏽‍♀️🤣

  3. james fernandez

    james fernandez

    19 minuter sedan

    pewdiepie: i don’t like people that are obsessed with christmas filipinos who start celebrating christmas at september: 👁👄👁

  4. Marcell Máté

    Marcell Máté

    37 minuter sedan

    Am I the only one who thinks the girl looks like Carson's long lost twin sister even the names match 👀

  5. Duffy (◍•ᴗ•◍)

    Duffy (◍•ᴗ•◍)

    Timme sedan

    Does she play Cookie Run?? I bet she'll love it

  6. Mette


    2 timmar sedan

    Would love for the BroKen podcast to come back lol. Or that the episodes were realised to podcast apps, because yes, the energy you two have when talking is very entertaining.

  7. Corinna Denise

    Corinna Denise

    2 timmar sedan

    when they spoke about Bo and his special and didn't relate to it at all 😅

  8. Shamus Mcreary

    Shamus Mcreary

    4 timmar sedan

    12:45 water boy x Forrest Gump

  9. Orion Gomez

    Orion Gomez

    5 timmar sedan

    ken doesn’t know sh*t it wasn’t the pilgrims that gave the diseased blankets is was the cowboys in the 1800s

  10. scatlar2


    5 timmar sedan

    wait other countries dont put butter on everything? is it only NZ/Aus thing?

  11. Lauren Lala

    Lauren Lala

    6 timmar sedan

    Ken and Pewds is the best combo of people ever I swear

  12. Pcssfc


    8 timmar sedan

    Some say she was behind the Kennedy assassination

  13. Jag Girl

    Jag Girl

    8 timmar sedan

    I agree with Pewdie. Christmas shouldn't be on display too early. Keep it in December. And what's with Christmas in July? In Australia we never really had Halloween except for the last 15 years or soo. When it snuck in...

  14. MiloApianCat099 Gamer

    MiloApianCat099 Gamer

    8 timmar sedan

    BEST THING PEWDIEPIE EVER SAID Pancakes arnt supposed to be thick so true

  15. Jenny A

    Jenny A

    9 timmar sedan

    💀💀💀 still better than the lady who ate ashes lol

  16. Alien Queen 👽❤😍

    Alien Queen 👽❤😍

    11 timmar sedan

    Toasty bros podcast.

  17. Timothy Blotzke

    Timothy Blotzke

    12 timmar sedan

    Why is Pewdiepie always hating Americans? Doesn't he know thin pan cakes are just French crepes? Unsubscribe to Pewdiepie because people are allowed to have different opinions and Ikea furniture is pure crap.

  18. Sage Rob

    Sage Rob

    13 timmar sedan

    Come to the Philippines in September, Pewds. 🤣 you'll be seeing the christmas decorations and music popping up everywhere

  19. Samuel Bunch

    Samuel Bunch

    14 timmar sedan

    I would listen to the podcast

  20. Muhammad Fathurrahman

    Muhammad Fathurrahman

    14 timmar sedan

    “BroKen podcast? I haven’t heard that name in years” *smoke a cigarette *

  21. Leendert Duyn

    Leendert Duyn

    15 timmar sedan

    Best Video ever!

  22. Deborah Dobbie

    Deborah Dobbie

    16 timmar sedan

    She’s so adorable. Let her be happy 😆

  23. Kani G

    Kani G

    18 timmar sedan

    The podcast should be called: Get canceled or go home

  24. vcness


    18 timmar sedan

    finally figured out the pillow hands issue xD

  25. CrAzy Wolf

    CrAzy Wolf

    19 timmar sedan

    Anyone thinking about Hansel and Gretel while watching this

  26. Annaxaguilar


    19 timmar sedan

    Love watching you guys but casually ignoring a whole genocide blaming it on blankets, making a joke about a suffering people deserving to die and using ”indians” in 2021 - and after massgraves just being found on top of that, is just NOT it. Just please read some before speaking on it. Otherwise great video as always!👊🏽

  27. kayla gelderblom

    kayla gelderblom

    20 timmar sedan

    The most wholesome Christmas memory I’ve ever had was when me and my family went to Jerusalem and went to the Christ Church. There were a lot of Americans and they were all so friendly and chatty, and there were free gingerbread cookies and hot chocolate, so we ate cookies and drank the hot chocolate while my sister and I watched the people perform Christmas carols. The lead singer randomly came up to us before the performance and randomly told us his whole life’s story. So soo wholesome

  28. Sylvain Drabbe

    Sylvain Drabbe

    20 timmar sedan

    +18 stuff. Well, ginger is used as punishment in sadomasichist intercourse. (Really spicy, don't experiment a big chunk when you start and NOT in the genital area).

  29. aporue 589

    aporue 589

    20 timmar sedan


  30. aporue 589

    aporue 589

    20 timmar sedan

    ''miss ginger'' sounds like a character from one of those old tv specials that Tiny tim was in.I can't stop laughing.

  31. YØU KNØW


    20 timmar sedan

    She is definitely The Witch from Hansel and Gretel

  32. Chris 74

    Chris 74

    21 timme sedan

    Wait till grandma starts snorting ginger. Lol

  33. Allison Raines

    Allison Raines

    22 timmar sedan

    this lady lives 1 hour from my hometown... pls save my family

  34. Cody Cobb

    Cody Cobb

    23 timmar sedan

    I am waiting for cat episodes to come back because I didn’t say no

  35. Miles Ratliff

    Miles Ratliff

    23 timmar sedan

    Damn Ken shots fired

  36. Gaute Lundekvam

    Gaute Lundekvam

    Dag sedan

    0:20 WEre bouta get raided by the tuskans

  37. Chica


    Dag sedan

    *camera cuts to a freezer full of gingerbread cookies* Felix: *angry swedish noises*

  38. Hailey Strait

    Hailey Strait

    Dag sedan

    Me being allergic to ginger almost died just from watching the video 😭😂

  39. YoruCold


    Dag sedan

    Those gingerbreads in the freezer is the gingerbread morgue

  40. Mina Lee

    Mina Lee

    Dag sedan

    i think i finally realized why ive been enjoying these Ken and Felix collabs so much. Their conversations are so relatable to the point that i either agree or already had my own formed opinion like them about the topic they're discussing. It's literally like deep talk with friends lol. :')

  41. Rui Vera

    Rui Vera

    Dag sedan

    Ken collabs with Pewdiepie are 73% rambling 12% arguing/yelling 5% talking abt the wives and 10% reacting to wtv they are watching

  42. Johnna


    Dag sedan

    At 21:49 Felix has booger

  43. Qla Hood

    Qla Hood

    Dag sedan

    I'd still watch you guys when you reach your 50s lol I think you guys would just get funnier with age lol

  44. Gingerninja 2543

    Gingerninja 2543

    Dag sedan

    I literally commented about the water boy on the hillbilly cheapskate episode with you two earlier 😂

  45. sleepy Eevee

    sleepy Eevee

    Dag sedan

    TOASTIE BRO’S !!!!

  46. Fahad S

    Fahad S

    Dag sedan

    Yeah you better remove the blanket section

  47. Bobby Rosken

    Bobby Rosken

    Dag sedan

    We are all VERY upset about kens take on hunting 😡😡🤢.

  48. B K

    B K

    Dag sedan

    Settlers cured more diseases than they brought. The disease thing is as false as the plymoth rock tale.

  49. Melloniche


    Dag sedan

    I like that noise suppression thing on discord cause I snack a lot while I game and that way no one has to listen to me crunching on some Doritos.

  50. SoundsOfSushi


    Dag sedan

    Amateur smoker. There wasn’t even any smoke that came out of it!

  51. Rylee Nolan

    Rylee Nolan

    Dag sedan

    I absolutely lost it when she smoked the freaking ginger 😭😭😭😂

  52. M̶o̷n̶S̷t̴e̸R̵ ̸MaN̡gL͡eR̢

    M̶o̷n̶S̷t̴e̸R̵ ̸MaN̡gL͡eR̢

    Dag sedan

    Yay, there was nothing sexual about her obsession!

  53. M̶o̷n̶S̷t̴e̸R̵ ̸MaN̡gL͡eR̢

    M̶o̷n̶S̷t̴e̸R̵ ̸MaN̡gL͡eR̢

    Dag sedan

    Pewds: This is why you say _no._ It's husband's job to say _no._ Marzia: * _has an army of toy-mutants like Sid from Toy Story_ *

  54. M̶o̷n̶S̷t̴e̸R̵ ̸MaN̡gL͡eR̢

    M̶o̷n̶S̷t̴e̸R̵ ̸MaN̡gL͡eR̢

    Dag sedan

    10:48 I thought the narrator said, "...when one very special gingerbread lady *ended her life."* 😱😱😱😱

  55. M̶o̷n̶S̷t̴e̸R̵ ̸MaN̡gL͡eR̢

    M̶o̷n̶S̷t̴e̸R̵ ̸MaN̡gL͡eR̢

    Dag sedan

    I've always wanted to try hunting. I think if I did, and I bagged _that_ many deer, I'd probably hang them on my walls, too~

  56. 楊宇帆Justin Yang

    楊宇帆Justin Yang

    Dag sedan

    ngl, the colour actually looks p nice

  57. Jude Foster

    Jude Foster

    Dag sedan

    7:00 leggo

  58. Peter Burman

    Peter Burman

    Dag sedan

    Thanksgiving was a rare moment of peace between the Indians and pilgrims. Stop pretending everything is evil all the time.

  59. メリエル


    Dag sedan

    Why do you always show the funniest part of the video at the beginning? I always have to fast forward.

  60. M P

    M P

    Dag sedan

    Ken and Pewds should create their own episodes of TLCs and have us vote on who created the weirdest character 😂

  61. Black Hood

    Black Hood

    Dag sedan

    I normally hate podcasts but if it was of cinnamon toast and pewdiepie I would totally listen to every episode

  62. xLotsFanx


    Dag sedan

    yes, please bring the BroKen Podcast back!

  63. Sanders


    Dag sedan

    Mike pizza needs to have a pizza place named Mike pizza’s pizza Or Mike pizza’s

  64. LamestHobbies


    Dag sedan

    Ken saying "we" like we were the British in 1692 trying to conquer everything lmfao. Sorry, Ken. Just saying lol.

  65. David Higgins

    David Higgins

    Dag sedan

    How do these two see the video at the same time if they are across the world…. or am i dumb

    • Axel W ➋

      Axel W ➋

      Dag sedan

      PCs that cost thousands

  66. Zachariah Brown

    Zachariah Brown

    Dag sedan

    Pewds should see japanese souffle pancakes

  67. Ricky Spanish

    Ricky Spanish

    Dag sedan

    She looks like a grayed ginge

  68. Simon


    Dag sedan

    This is so damn funny! They definitely should just do these half hour vids.

  69. Louie Jackson

    Louie Jackson

    Dag sedan


    • Louie Jackson

      Louie Jackson

      22 timmar sedan

      @Axel W ➋ same here fam i love them both, but they should’ve said NDNS 😆

    • Axel W ➋

      Axel W ➋

      Dag sedan

      As a native, I don’t really care man. I know what they mean and they aren’t saying it in a harmful way.

    • Lickady Clit

      Lickady Clit

      Dag sedan

      Stfu 😂

  70. KitMellow


    Dag sedan

    8:18 An entire hobby collection worth only $3,000? That is a damn fine virtuous and humble hobby. At least you're not scamming people to feed an expensive hobby like real estate or expensive cars and whatnot...

  71. Grace Stanley

    Grace Stanley

    Dag sedan

    I'm sorry but the daughter looks like CallMeCarson

  72. TheOneAboveAll


    Dag sedan

    Ken said BroKen, meaning he has already had ideas of making a podcast with Pewds

  73. timor redclif

    timor redclif

    Dag sedan

    I want that podcast on my spotify

  74. Grace C

    Grace C

    Dag sedan

    My mom has spent more money on Snowmans

  75. Erica twin

    Erica twin

    Dag sedan

    Ken! You could honestly just talk all by yourself about literally any topic, and I would be entertained. Just unscripted monologues. You could speak for an hour about pimento cheese, and I would listen 😂🙌👍 Please never stop making videos!

  76. FatTonyTV


    Dag sedan

    I'm with Pewdiepie on this one, I get annoyed whenever I see decorations or whatever for another holiday when it's still another month away, like can we slow down a minute, we just had Saint Patrick's Day lol

  77. Aarial LittleCoyote

    Aarial LittleCoyote

    Dag sedan

    As a indigenous Woman kinda hurt hearing Felix say that even if it was a “joke” it’s okay ig no one really knows our history and the ones that do always say get over it but it was happening to my grandpa when he was a little boy that’s not to long ago……

    • Axel W ➋

      Axel W ➋

      Dag sedan

      I don’t think he was saying get over it. And yeah I can relate my great grandmother was in a Christian boarding school where they basically tried to erase all native culture

    • Axel W ➋

      Axel W ➋

      Dag sedan

      Well i am glad ken educated him that most natives were wiped out by sickness and not just losing in a fair fight

    • Lickady Clit

      Lickady Clit

      Dag sedan

      Someone gave your grandpa a small pox blanket?

  78. Brendan Grimes

    Brendan Grimes

    Dag sedan

    3:27 I saw that stealth edit 🧐

  79. Gin Chan

    Gin Chan

    Dag sedan

    Ken on Cold Ones when?

  80. Nonstop YA 77

    Nonstop YA 77

    Dag sedan

    October 2nd 2001, Grandma walks into an old antic store where she finds no one inside, except for a doll, a wierd looking one. The doll starts laughing, mysteriously. grandma tries to escape, but all doors were locked, the doll starts walking towards her, slowly. The doll (Ms Ginger) is now In the body of Grandma, and the soul of grandma is locked inside the doll, Ms Ginger is a witch that has an obsession with gingerbread and is now using grandpa's money to fulfill her dream of a Ginger Bread house.

  81. thatone slimeballmax

    thatone slimeballmax

    Dag sedan

    Shed play cookie run hands down

  82. Simply The Best

    Simply The Best

    Dag sedan

    3:58 Don't worry Pewds, I'm also One Of "Those" People😂😋 Christmas should be on Christmas😂😂

  83. Trident Protective Services

    Trident Protective Services

    Dag sedan

    Toast and pie lol

  84. Eltrew


    Dag sedan

    i'm so naïve that when i thought that when she said "smoke ginger" i genuinely thought she meant smoking like smoked paprika or something

  85. Mousy Eidolon

    Mousy Eidolon

    Dag sedan

    At my store, Christmas starts before Halloween :) Christmas starts in late August, Halloween starts in late September. I think it's the idea that the earlier it's out, the most time people have to shop. Meaning less last minute, asshole shoppers. But it really doesn't prevent that. lol

  86. Jj Vawter

    Jj Vawter

    Dag sedan

    All the stoners mad at that flat ass ginger joint

  87. Dahmsy


    Dag sedan

    24:29 she sounds like that vine

  88. Cara HR

    Cara HR

    Dag sedan

    Felix forgetting about bonfire night even though he said he loves setting fireworks off

  89. dogg01-chan


    Dag sedan

    6:33 omg female callmecarson wtf

  90. james waters

    james waters

    Dag sedan

    mmmm.... bro toes 6:10

  91. ♡beetch♡


    Dag sedan

    Pewds: i dont like people whos obsses with christmass. Filipinos:🙃

  92. Jessica L.A. McLean

    Jessica L.A. McLean

    Dag sedan

    I live in VA and when they said she was from VA I wish I could say I was surprised

  93. Holly Jagoe

    Holly Jagoe

    2 dagar sedan

    Im sorry... this is the most wholesome obsession yet. Remember the girl that drank the gas.... damn bruh

  94. Real Sam

    Real Sam

    2 dagar sedan

    The Anna Doll is SO scary! *Enter Ms.Ginger* []_[]

  95. CherishLaRain


    2 dagar sedan

    am I the only one annoyed because its MOLLASAS in ginigerbread cookies and not ginger?

  96. Pumu Pumunkee

    Pumu Pumunkee

    2 dagar sedan

    Ken: try this Felix: …….wait….. Us: OMG he CAN clap!

  97. Sarah Lynn

    Sarah Lynn

    2 dagar sedan

    She could do Hookah that's Ginger flavored right?

  98. Nick Vernon

    Nick Vernon

    2 dagar sedan

    'We have our bubbly personalities' Sure that's what that's called lmaoo