Using a Gummy Bear instead of Thermal Paste

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  1. Gitartha Kaushik

    Gitartha Kaushik

    55 minuter sedan

    Please use superglue instead of thermal paste next time

  2. Artem Wright [Ace Attorney]

    Artem Wright [Ace Attorney]

    Timme sedan

    buy new cpu

  3. Odd Is Out

    Odd Is Out

    3 timmar sedan

    Can I get one 😔 CPU please

  4. Haneteru Joseon

    Haneteru Joseon

    4 timmar sedan

    JoJo Noises intensifies 😎💪

  5. Dova Tun

    Dova Tun

    10 timmar sedan

    now using gum

  6. māngo


    18 timmar sedan

    Please try gunpowder next

  7. Miguel Henríquez

    Miguel Henríquez

    19 timmar sedan


  8. FaKeAslap_Off


    21 timme sedan

    Did you use a Dell G5 motherboard and cpu fan?

  9. reviewer


    23 timmar sedan

    How to fuck up your cpu and motherboard 101

  10. Chawey Flora

    Chawey Flora

    Dag sedan

    Oh cool. Now, *eat* it. *EAT* that Gummy Bear flavored CPU.

  11. Залупий Фёдорыч

    Залупий Фёдорыч

    Dag sedan

    Краткий гайд как убить свой ПК за считанные минуты😂😂😂

  12. WAOE


    Dag sedan

    Cheese Edit, real chees from a block not plastic cheese

  13. pattonkeith


    Dag sedan

    Gummy CPU, million dollar candy idea

  14. Abderrahmane Turqui

    Abderrahmane Turqui

    Dag sedan

    Why wasting food?

  15. Diona Romulo

    Diona Romulo

    Dag sedan


  16. mohammed furkhan Kadar

    mohammed furkhan Kadar

    2 dagar sedan

    Use marshmallows

  17. Roger Romero

    Roger Romero

    2 dagar sedan

    Loving the JoJo theme

  18. Stuart Morgan

    Stuart Morgan

    2 dagar sedan

    This kills the gummy bear... Also possibly the computer.

  19. Cecil McDonald

    Cecil McDonald

    2 dagar sedan

    (\'O'/) 0:23

  20. Pedro Pascal

    Pedro Pascal

    2 dagar sedan


  21. Исламбек Proger

    Исламбек Proger

    2 dagar sedan

    Мне больно на это смотреть

  22. Pigeon


    3 dagar sedan

    Please dont tell me you ate the gummy bear

  23. Sat. Wiraningyudha

    Sat. Wiraningyudha

    3 dagar sedan

    use peanut butter instead

  24. Scrxpts _TV

    Scrxpts _TV

    3 dagar sedan

    Let’s not talk about he jojo music in the background

  25. Pabunan Clark

    Pabunan Clark

    3 dagar sedan


  26. Pabunan Clark

    Pabunan Clark

    3 dagar sedan


  27. Tabsony Xperia

    Tabsony Xperia

    3 dagar sedan

    What happens if you use glue/rice instead of thermal paste?

  28. Queued4


    3 dagar sedan

    I hate when people to things like this to cpus

  29. ChrisK


    3 dagar sedan

    What happens? Some dumb shit that's what.

  30. Casual Tyrus

    Casual Tyrus

    3 dagar sedan


  31. Yujin The Kid

    Yujin The Kid

    3 dagar sedan

    Can you try tootpaste

  32. Jason Blankenship

    Jason Blankenship

    4 dagar sedan

    You Should stop expiramenting on your friends pc lol.

  33. big hats supremacy

    big hats supremacy

    4 dagar sedan

    I'm just vibin to the music

  34. folko1


    4 dagar sedan

    Congratulations! You have committed a war crime!

  35. Cody Brown

    Cody Brown

    4 dagar sedan

    No, god no

  36. anythingorz


    4 dagar sedan

    No. Algorithm, *STOP!!*

  37. GLaDOS


    4 dagar sedan

    What happens if you use mercury instead of toothpaste on your toothbrush? My gums are melting, but on the plus side, it does look delicious. What's with these just smooth brain "experiments" on yt/TikTok lately?

  38. Faith in Christ

    Faith in Christ

    4 dagar sedan

    Repent from your sins before its to late.

  39. galapagoensis


    4 dagar sedan

    What happens if I throw feces in a waffle maker and heat it up? ... oh yeah.. that happens... this video in a nutshell. 🤮

  40. Quartz Block

    Quartz Block

    4 dagar sedan

    How to clean the gummy bear?

  41. Land Burner

    Land Burner

    4 dagar sedan

    It's a gummy processor now

  42. Tricky Guy

    Tricky Guy

    4 dagar sedan

    let's make some omlet next

  43. Ashmuryode


    4 dagar sedan

    use durex lubricant instead thermal paste

  44. designamk1


    5 dagar sedan

    So how much money do you make from a pointless video like this one?

  45. David Snyder

    David Snyder

    5 dagar sedan

    Just why?

  46. Bakamatsu - GojiFan1993 Archive

    Bakamatsu - GojiFan1993 Archive

    5 dagar sedan

    Try hot glue

  47. Pizzagui2 Pizza

    Pizzagui2 Pizza

    5 dagar sedan

    Just why lol

  48. Cert. Worthless

    Cert. Worthless

    5 dagar sedan

    My laptop on average runs at 60°C idle and 90°C under any load.

    • Cert. Worthless

      Cert. Worthless

      5 dagar sedan


  49. Mustache Merlin

    Mustache Merlin

    5 dagar sedan

    giorno's theme makes the video 👌

  50. SL PUNK


    5 dagar sedan

    Dell optiplex

  51. zijuiy wttuy

    zijuiy wttuy

    5 dagar sedan

    "Don't try this at home" Homeless people: "ITS SHOW TIMEEE"

    • Dale


      4 dagar sedan

      You literally copied and pasted this comment that somebody made 2 days before. Fail 👎🏻

  52. Thethethe


    5 dagar sedan

    Jojo music, disliked

  53. Vadim Yaremenko

    Vadim Yaremenko

    5 dagar sedan


  54. Creemzy


    5 dagar sedan

    99 degrees celsius? My 2 year old acer nitro 5 can heat up to 110 degrees celsius. (Not even joking, i think something's wrong)

  55. H.E.S Company

    H.E.S Company

    5 dagar sedan

    i still choose mayonez as my thermal paste.

  56. RTX 3090 Graphics Card

    RTX 3090 Graphics Card

    5 dagar sedan

    wait, did you post this on tiktok?

  57. BrainyacBeast UltimateBe4st

    BrainyacBeast UltimateBe4st

    5 dagar sedan

    Il vento doro love it

  58. aridogg2


    5 dagar sedan

    Now deep fry it and see if it works

  59. Ocarina654


    6 dagar sedan

    Dude wtf

  60. Shane Kräuchi

    Shane Kräuchi

    6 dagar sedan

    Is that Giorno's theme?

  61. Der Muri

    Der Muri

    6 dagar sedan

    You just made me curl up my toes because I saw what you did to the cpu. (Please get this menace away from any technology)

  62. Battle of memes

    Battle of memes

    6 dagar sedan

    Me whose cpu temp stays at 104 all the time

  63. Arcademan09


    6 dagar sedan

    What happens when you put a gummy bear on a thing that gets so hot you need a cooling system? Gee I don't know... It melts? Gummies can melt when you leave them outside on a hot day

  64. Geipnir


    6 dagar sedan

    Next time lets find out what gonna happen if u put plugged hair dryer into bathtube while ure taking a bath. 🤔

  65. David Durkee

    David Durkee

    6 dagar sedan

    Something something JoJo reference

  66. DryerLynnt


    6 dagar sedan

    Is... is he planning on eating it?

  67. James Sm

    James Sm

    6 dagar sedan

    Ahh yes answering the question that no one asked.

  68. Shirtless64s


    6 dagar sedan


  69. mohamed hafed

    mohamed hafed

    6 dagar sedan

    music pls!

  70. ToshaBel -_-

    ToshaBel -_-

    6 dagar sedan

    Yes, it is a jojo reference

  71. bob the bob

    bob the bob

    6 dagar sedan

    Eat it



    6 dagar sedan

    I’m surprised it didn’t burn the sugar

  73. Aphex


    6 dagar sedan

    Im selling everything i own to be able to purchase a pc THIS GUY *LETS REPLACE EVERYTHING IN THE SYSTEM WITH FOOD AND SEE HOW IT DIES YES*

  74. niduoe stre

    niduoe stre

    6 dagar sedan

    Everyone: that's cool! Me: * chilling to the jojo music *

  75. The Germanic fanatic

    The Germanic fanatic

    6 dagar sedan

    Gummy bear thermal paste eh basically no diffrencr

  76. Harsh Raj

    Harsh Raj

    7 dagar sedan


  77. Johnny Matos

    Johnny Matos

    7 dagar sedan

    This is exaxtly what anyone would expect

  78. Qrn_death_runner_yt


    7 dagar sedan

    What’s the sound called

    • niduoe stre

      niduoe stre

      6 dagar sedan

      what happens if you use mayo?

  79. smg11


    7 dagar sedan

    Over 3.7K; interesting

  80. Cristina Rodriguez

    Cristina Rodriguez

    7 dagar sedan

    I don’t think that’s the smartest ideo

  81. ItzMoonFire


    7 dagar sedan


  82. deadSkrilla s•k•r•i•t••

    deadSkrilla s•k•r•i•t••

    7 dagar sedan

    What if you use a fender off a 1997 Corvette?

  83. William Mv

    William Mv

    7 dagar sedan


  84. Michael Brown

    Michael Brown

    7 dagar sedan

    You smooshed it cold. Then didnt retighten once melted. Phony.

  85. Lord of Cinder

    Lord of Cinder

    7 dagar sedan

    what happens if you use mayo?

  86. Monsuco


    7 dagar sedan

    My train of thought was going "Oh no... Wait what are temps like?... Oh no."

  87. SelfBlumpkin


    7 dagar sedan

    This is the dumbest fucking SE-one video I’ve ever seen. We are all a bit more stupid for having watched it. I award you zero points and may god have mercy on your soul

  88. Selim Nazar

    Selim Nazar

    7 dagar sedan

    That poor CPU: "Just kill me already"

  89. Varsitelle


    7 dagar sedan

    That's disgusting.

  90. Emily An

    Emily An

    7 dagar sedan

    "Don't try this at home" Homeless people: "ITS SHOW TIMEEE"

    • SonicMaster 519

      SonicMaster 519

      4 dagar sedan


  91. Brickle Your Frickle

    Brickle Your Frickle

    7 dagar sedan

    But why?

  92. bleu channel

    bleu channel

    7 dagar sedan

    Wrong information -_-

  93. Ask to seduce Miss

    Ask to seduce Miss

    7 dagar sedan

    "Don't try this at home" Homeless people: "ITS SHOW TIMEEE"

    • Dale


      4 dagar sedan

      Your comment was copied and pasted from somebody else in the comments who typed it first. Fail 👎🏻

  94. Abhinandh Rajeev

    Abhinandh Rajeev

    7 dagar sedan

    If anyone is wondering, the background music is "Giorno's theme"

    • Emily An

      Emily An

      7 dagar sedan

      Nobody: Me: Thicc gummy bear

  95. Batman's Justice

    Batman's Justice

    8 dagar sedan

    The Giorno's Theme in the background is a nice touch.

  96. DaVontae


    8 dagar sedan


  97. typo's archive

    typo's archive

    8 dagar sedan

    Gummy bear heating device

    • Ask to seduce Miss

      Ask to seduce Miss

      7 dagar sedan

      Man, I can’t even afford a pc and this dude is out here ruining a perfectly fine one

  98. MegaEmeraldMan


    8 dagar sedan

    If he leaves it, he can just peel it off

  99. NPC#967216


    8 dagar sedan

    Somewhere at The Verge: “Write that down write that down!”

  100. Victor Mancuso

    Victor Mancuso

    8 dagar sedan

    My soul left my body watching this